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  1. Heroes in a half shell

    Michelangelo was my favorite. Lampshade on his fucking head. How crazy is that?
  2. That's what import is for. Other than the machine (and perhaps some very cheap used games when available) there's no way I'm forking over money for something that can be had for almost half the price from overseas. Thank god for Sony at least having the sense not to implement region protection for games. Knowing them though, they'll probably patch that in with a firmware update a week after launch.
  3. 40 years in prison for porn pop-ups

    I'm with you, except that a year is an insane amount of time too and is well beyond a reasonable punishment for something like this. A fine and then some counseling would be apt, if it was done knowingly and with an intent to hurt or "corrupt", which likely isn't the case here. As one of the latter paragraphs on the first page in the Wired article points out, many of those kids have already seen this sort of stuff and aren't worse of for it, they just shrug it off. A normal child of 12 years should be able to cope with this stuff and the fact that people three, four or five times that age aren't able to is very saddening.
  4. Every Scandinavian country is paying more than that. Sucks though. I guess I anticipated getting shafted by Sony sooner or later, with my decision to get the PS3, but they could at least have let me get my hands on the thing first. I was fully aware of them planning to remove the chips later on, but I really don't think it's too much to ask that they at least treat the early adopters with some sort of respect. The emulation better fucking improve the resolution at least, with the few titles supposedly being supported. Oh and how about telling us what titles will and won't work?
  5. So what's Crackdown like?

    For me, Lost Planet wasn't exactly the game I was hoping it to be. I've had much more fun playing the Crackdown demo, honestly. I'd buy it right now if it wasn't for the fact that I still haven't finished the last batch of 360 titles I got my hands on. Crackdown is beginning to feel like a must-have title for me though.
  6. Play by Email games

    It's basically turn-based gameplay with really, really long turns. You don't send in orders for other people to do though, as that's automated.
  7. Must-play PlayStation 2 games

    Another post in the on-going "make the forums my diary"-series. I actually went in and took that PS3 deal today. A few good games had to go, MGS3 for example, but I think it was worth it. The guy forgot to charge the 300 SEK pre-order payment, so that almost makes up for my sacrifices (like having to wait a month to be able to play Final Fantasy XII after it's release). I feel really ambiguously towards the purchase though. On one hand I'll be getting a PS3 very cheaply, and with that comes a Blu-Ray player, but on the other hand I don't really feel I need one. The one game I'm very interested in 2007 is Motorstorm and that's not worth the cost of the machine no matter how you try to bend it. Right now I feel like I'm Sony's bitch.
  8. Indeed it does, and it looks like it could sync nicely with that green jumping thingy if they were both as tall.
  9. Holy shit, add this to the smiley list stat!
  10. DS Games

    Thirding Dawn of Sorrow over Portrait of Ruin. The latter felt short, even though both took me 10 hours to beat. They're great games, but even if you don't want to overlook the stylus things in Dawn of Sorrow, it still comes out on top. I think I prefer soul farming over having to grind skills, but you honestly don't have to do either to beat the games.
  11. I'm just pointing out the illegalities of others. I'm squeaky clean myself, and couldn't be happier to see some decent titles on Live Arcade.
  12. Must-play PlayStation 2 games

    I only want to keep Shadow of the Colossus and We Love Katamari for the PS2 so the 10 titles won't be a problem. I'm not really clear on what games they'll accept though, as some people say only games released in the past year, some say in two years and some say pretty much anything is ok. I'll definitely swing by during next week and see what they'll take. Maybe I can bait them with some 360 titles.
  13. Must-play PlayStation 2 games

    I'll post this here since we don't have a PS3 thread that's active anymore. So there's this deal that Game will doing up until the PS3 launch where you trade in your PS2 with 10 games (most seem to do) and get a 4000 SEK discount on the PS3 - that's over 570 USD. I'm honestly very tempted. A console that's covered by backwards compatibility and 10 games I'll never play again along with a moderate amount of cash for a next-gen console is a pretty decent deal. I'm not sure I need another console though. I'll be debating this in my head over the coming weeks, and probably go insane in the process. I'm not sure what I want to accomplish by posting this, but please, do reply with your opinions and similar deals so that I may become further enticed.
  14. I hope they get some funding without having to sign any exclusivity deals.
  15. Isn't there a rather hefty NDA for using the test version of the Live Marketplace? I mean "don't tell anyone or we'll kill you" sort of hefty. In any case, I'll probably buy it, again. Online co-op perhaps?
  16. I think these forums manage to stand out pretty well without relying on catchphrases and the likes of that.
  17. I'm playing Viva Piñata and Lost Planet, though the latter isn't very good so far. Also replaying Gears of War, but we've had threads on that before. I played the Crackdown demo a fair bit and would like to get the whole game, but I don't really want to pay anywhere near full price for something I'm certain I'll grow tired of within the first week. There are only so many buildings you can climb before you get restless.
  18. Been hoping for this thread for a few weeks. Finally!
  19. Supreme Commander demo out now!

    I haven't tried it since the beta, but it definitely wasn't very enjoyable then. I've been playing a lot of TA Spring with some friends and, since that game has slowly been stealing most things revealed about SupCom, nothing stood out to me. TA Spring might only be a hobbyist project but, except for graphics, it does everything better (with the right mods installed of course).
  20. Weird things

    Yeah, but I've perfected it! I can only do two fingers at that angle at once though, so there's room for improvement!
  21. Weird things

    Really? I've never met anyone that can do it. Not that I go around trying people all the time, but you'd think I would have found at least one by know. I'm talking a full 90 degree bend here! As for tongue-curling; hell yeah!
  22. Weird things

    On that note, I can stiffen my fingers and bend them at only the outer joint, keeping the rest straight and rigid. Also, when I was a kid I could make my jaw pop out of the "socket" where it's connected to the skull, just slightly, to make some disturbing, cracking noises. I guess I grew into my head later on though.
  23. Weird things

    If I get tired enough I'll start to trip out ever so slowly. I'll be dazzled and amazed by being able to move my hands and sound will become all distorted. Everything feels very distant and I get a feeling of falling very slowly. Maybe that's normal though please be normal, please ? Anyway, I love when it happens (very irregularly).
  24. 3D Desktops

    I like Ubuntu and I think I'll do a partition with it (and Beryl, since I love flashy presentation) next time I feel like cleaning my hard drive up. How bad would you say the performance with ATI cards is?