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  1. Virtua Tennis 3 - 360

    I thought about picking this up, but the original Virtua Tennis is still enough if I want to play a few sets. I guess it'll be the online that wins me over later on, but I'm holding out for now.
  2. Buying a new Mac/PC, advice?

    I somewhat agree. There were times when I felt the game sort of told me to go on and do things I didn't really want to, like going over to the island. I wanted to spend more time around camp, which of course I could but with a lessened reward. Of course, if we'd have stayed at camp the story wouldn't have moved on very much, but I just felt it was slightly premature.
  3. My turn to have a blog now.

    But there's nothing to give feedback on yet! Were only two posts in to this new adventure and it's hard to gauge how it's going to turn out. I hope for the best, as good blogs can be hard to come by, but there's no telling what's going to happen.
  4. My turn to have a blog now.

    Sort of, but it's more like someone hitting the Thumb Pinata with a shovel in addition to it being cannibalized.
  5. Okami

    I was going to reply, but my suggestion is Final Fantasy XII and I don't see that going over well, given it's length. I think it's great though, being around 15 hours in to it at the moment. The gambit system is really cool and the world has a great aesthetic to it, making me want to play on and on. It's slightly challenging, but just enough (very well balanced in all aspects so far).
  6. GTA IV trailer

    I agree that something that is manufactured to be fun and interesting is superior to the real thing, but there's also the fear that it'll just be landmark after landmark. I think what people are hoping for isn't total realism, just a step away from a too stylized city layout, which would go along well with the more realistic graphics. And yes, I think you can say that about city structures. It isn't the actual city that is concerned, just your interpretation of it.
  7. GTA IV trailer

    Upstate New York or northern New Jersey might suit those needs, and I'd guess they'll have something other than a metropolitan area in the game. And that Remo review? 9/10 for the concept alone, but the art is so last generation.
  8. GTA IV trailer

    I don't know what people were expecting, but this pleases me at least. Given the wide audience the series has, I was expecting someone more "mainstream" for the lead role. I don't really mind the setting either, as I'm sure Rockstar could make whatever locale they choose interesting.
  9. Looks like you're set for a while there, but make sure you keep Viva Piñata in mind for the future!
  10. Buying A Computer

    Come on, at least post the specs since you started a thread about it.
  11. PS3s Backwards Compatibility

    If that was directed at me: where did I state a contrary opinion to that? I'm quite aware that emulation is a general process and not something that is done on a game-by-game basis.
  12. Save us John Connor!

    More like "let's petition for it to be added to the smiley list"! It's been a while since we added anything to it.
  13. PS3s Backwards Compatibility

    Being (probably) the sole owner of a PS3 around here I think I have to stick up for it. Take FF12 for example: it's working flawlessly for me and I haven't seen a glitch yet, after a few hours of play. If you look at the requirements Sony put up for themselves with their hardware powered backwards compatibility, they were very strict. Stuff like "a row of pixels are out of place for 1/3 of a second after loading the game" would result in the title being called not fully compatible. While I don't think they've been that rigorous with software BC, they've still set the bar high. I'm also very happy that Vagrant Story works for the PS1, so that I'll finally be able to play it again.
  14. I gave it a seven. Right now I'm not very hyped about many games and not looking forward immensely to anything in particular but there's just so many quality titles coming out in 2007 that it's hard to be negative. I guess it's just that I'm satisfied with what I have right now and the onslaught of great stuff to play is a bit overwhelming.
  15. The first two quotes are well beyond retarded though.
  16. No, no, this actually sums up most of the thread nicely.
  17. Mother wins ban on violent porn

    That's censorship! The British are fucking us again!
  18. Engine licencing a good deal for ... ?

    Actually it probably isn't something they're pushing for the industry with the Doom 3 engine, since they're already working on their next generation of technology and have been for quite some time. Of course the MegaTexture-thingy will make it's return in their next engine iteration, but it will be much more useful in that revision, not only for landscape texturing. Check out Carmack's QuakeCon '06 keynote where he brings all of this up.
  19. 360 games seem very plain to me.

    The most positive thing with EEEE is that it proves that Q's cooperation with MGS wasn't a one-off and we'll probably see a few other of their games pop up on Live. Maybe they had a contract for several games from the start but I don't remember that, so I'm taking this as good news.
  20. Live blogging GDC '07

    I was thinking more along the lines of the GDC being a bit more restrictive with round-table stuff while lectures and keynotes would be fine, but maybe they don't even check that. I know for sure they don't like photography and video capture but that might be it, and I'm certain you know this stuff better than me, what with actually being there and all.
  21. Live blogging GDC '07

    I think at least 1up will be doing live coverage from the keynotes, as will probably Eurogamer. Other than that there's most likely not going to be any more live stuff since I reckon that the fine folk who run GDC will want to have something exclusive to offer those actually paying.
  22. Damn you EB Games, damn you Microsoft

    Damn, that sucks, but how can you not have a phone, either at home or at work? Don't use more money on subscription cards, go get a cellphone instead. If you call Microsoft they'll probably sort it out in no time. I guess this isn't the help you were hoping for though, but I couldn't find anything on Xbox.com either, sorry.
  23. Grindhouse (2007)

    Sin City was a fun watch, especially since they stayed so true to the comics. I honestly think it was better than From Dusk Till Dawn (which doesn't rank very highly for me personally, mind). Definitely not shit though.
  24. Post You Pic Thread

    What if you throw up or just digest them really poorly?
  25. Phil Harrison says their policy is to focus on popular titles and at times like these you have to have some faith. No doubt I'll be fucked over one way or the other, but I still hope for the best. When the 360 launched, Microsoft also promised to focus on popular titles but their original BC lineup was still terrible. Then, it's still pretty bad now and 1000 titles (which translates to 40% compatibility for Europe) is a lot. There's at least potential for my currently meager library to work.