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  1. gold

    It.. It all makes sense now! Thanks Idle Thumbs, you've saved the day again!
  2. gold

    Hello internet-people, what's going on in this thread?
  3. Golf?

    I like it, a lot! Most fun I've ever had with golf, that's for sure. Doing a wheelie in the cart and then flipping it over was great, also the golfing itself feels perfect.
  4. Don't worry, they're taking stuff from other games too! Like the Marathon logo, which has magically turned in to the logo for one of the games factions.
  5. Dig up your shit!

    Rooms around the house are quite well organized and pedantically cleaned once or twice a week, so it's not that. It's just kind of hard keeping track of all the stuff that gets sent out into the mighty and vast spaces of the garage and attic, especially when you rarely to never use it. I still know where all my Lego is though (most of the games are under control as well, except for some elusive ones), and that's what counts in the end.
  6. Dig up your shit!

    Well, did you? No one here would hold it against you. Edit: Oh yeah, I decided to see if I had anything old lying around. I found all my Game Gear stuff, including the TV-tuner and the "Master Gear" (lets you play Master System games). Perhaps not the best system in the world, but I had fun with it when I was a kid, and being able to play games while in the car was the greatest thing ever, at the time. I guess there must be a bunch of old PC games lying around somewhere, but I'm not exactly sure where to being looking. I'd like to find the original Leisure Suit Larry, but I don't think that's going to happen. Who knows, maybe it's been thrown out...
  7. Why isn't Psychonauts selling well?

    I'm too lazy to check for stats myself, but how does Psychonauts hold up to other platform games that are not part of a franchise or just the first game in a series? We've seen the statistics you posted on PoP (by the way, I miss the GameCube-numbers on that) but that was already part of an existing franchise, even if it had been left unused for some time. My point is really just that a platformer, especially one like Psychonauts, is going to build a fan-base as it goes along - thus needing some time. I'm probably wrong though, as I'm really just guessing. I'll go weep for Double Fine instead, poor guys... (I'm in Sweden and we're still far, far away from any psychonautic love. It makes me sad inside)
  8. Games of your dreams

    The ambiguity is what makes it so dreamy.
  9. Games of your dreams

    That doesn't really sound healthy... Anyway, I'll still try to dream something. I might join your dream, disguised as a pancake wrapped in plastic, covered in cyanide. That's always nice, except for the cyanide maybe. I'm not talking about regular cyanide either, but the bad kind that didn't have a father and grew up in the streets dealing out crack and beatings. Better look out!
  10. Games of your dreams

    You're being very defensive you know... Maybe you were scarred by the dream in some remote and unlikely way (that sword looks a bit dangerous, for example). I'll try to have a dream about being a psychonaut and helping you tonight!
  11. Games of your dreams

    I'm not sure if something like that counts as a "game dream" really...
  12. Make your own game

    The "retro arcade" music gave me a headache...
  13. EA to get ANOTHER Exclusive License?

    They publish the stuff Will Wright forces them to though* *Not necessarily an accurate portrayal of the situation, but those games still manage to come out
  14. Star Wars vomit bags

    I finally went to see the movie last night, with some friends, and wow... the dialogue was absolutely vile. I could barely sit through some of the more "intimate" moments, and Portman's delivery was awful throughout. Lucas should NOT have written the actual lines himself. Everything, from the mangled up Yoda-speak to the angsty crap that Vader got to spew forth, was laughable to a degree where it just became painful. Overall, it was bearable (mostly because of the overall plot). Phew, glad I got that of my chest. Edit: Hahahahaha, yeah I remember that
  15. My first, very own, console was the Mega Drive. Seems to have been a popular choice, considering all the stories posted so far. Anyway, I didn't get mine at christmas, I bought it myself. Actually I only paid for half of it, but I was six years old damnit! Here's the condensed version of the purchase: In 1992 I had decided to stop buying Lego's and save up enough money to buy myself a console, which was probably for the best anyway. After a lot of waiting around I though that I had enough to buy something enjoyable. Even as my family arrived to the store, I didn't really know what I wanted. I had only ever played on three consoles before that; the NES (at a friend's house), the Fairchild Channel F System II (that my father had bought for himself in '79) and the Master System (at a relative's house). As I was gawking at all the fancy packaging, something called a "Sonic" caught my eye. So then and there I decided that I wanted a Mega Drive (even the name was cool!). My parents didn't do much to stop me and as a result I've been playing games for way too long (well, actually I was hooked by the tender age of four, playing Shufflepuck Café on the Macintosh Portable, but that's another story). wins again! Well, covers designed to attract kids win, but it's almost the same... I still have my Mega Drive hooked up to my TV, but I don't really play it since the controllers are reaching the end of their lifespan. Emulation doesn't do it justice either, even though I've collected most of the games I owned.
  16. Darren Brown amusing arcade nause

    I was just responding to LeChimp with the camera remark. But yeah, I agree about it seeming very fake. Still doesn't detract all the fun from it though.
  17. Battlefield 2 demo.

    I'm still downloading (Pirate Bay-torrent), so I doubt I'll get to play tonight. I liked the BF1942 demo a lot when it came out, but I never actually bought the game, even though friends told me that I should have. Hopefully it'll be as good, or better, this time.
  18. Darren Brown amusing arcade nause

    Everything posted on the internet and shown on TV could possibly be fake (well, mostly everything). I enjoy sometimes mixing my cyncism with pure gullibility, things always seem so much more fun that way. Trying to dissect every single thing I view is very tiring in the long run, after all. As a counter-argument; the cameras available today are getting pretty tiny, so it is plausible that they were hidden from view (it could also be hard to find hidden cameras when not actively looking for them). (Am I the only one who wanted to go into a long rant about the perception of reality, instead of answering the above question?)
  19. Darren Brown amusing arcade nause

    Yeah, I agree... They could at least chime in with "Hey there!" or something, when he just grabs the guy and drags him into the street, where the poor bastard is tied down. I couldn't stop giggling, just from thinking about the concept in itself, but man... that's is really a shitty thing to do to someone. Hopefully he won't be mentally scarred and subconsciously frightened of video games in the future. By the way, was anyone else reminded of Killer 7 when they showed you the game in question? Seemed pretty similar in both style and gameplay.
  20. Pac-Man of the future!

    Yeah I know, that's pretty bad. Actually, it's worse than bad, it's fucking horrible and a true rape of a lovable franchise. Not that anyone should be surprised, they've been messing the series for up a long time now. Anyway, how would Pac-Man hold a gun? I'm guessing they would give him psychic powers and possibly amnesia, just for the hell of it.
  21. Pac-Man of the future!

    Heh, the only word suiting for this is neat. I might add that I came to this thread expecting to see something very extreme, like Pac-Man with sunglasses and tribal tatoos or something similar. Luckily it hasn't come to that, yet...
  22. Any non-video gamers out there?

    Heh, I just started feeling like I should blow some cash on new Warhammer stuff, thanks to this thread... Maybe I should buy one of those Inquisitor-models, one of the larger ones, and paint it up. I'll probably never play it but to me it sounds like a fun project. An army is too big of an undertaking at this point though, so one rather large miniature sounds pretty good
  23. Any non-video gamers out there?

    I haven't played any Warhammer 40K in a while, even though I had a nice little Space Wolves army (probably about 800 points or so, not enough to really play anything serious) some time ago. I even subscribed to White Dwarf, the Games Workshop official magazine, for a year, which was very nerdy but still pretty fun. I don't mean to say I was a hardcore fanatic, but for some time I thought it was a great way to waste money and time. After a while I realized that I didn't play enough to warrant more purchases, even though the painting was probably the bit I liked the most. So I just stopped, right after the Tau were released. Not sure when that might have been, probably about two years ago. So yeah... uh, I'm currently not as nerdy, but I once was!
  24. Miyamoto controversy

    We could perform a test, perhaps using pastries and some degree of violence. Then we'll know for sure! Maybe...
  25. Katamari

    The amount of content during E3 probably sent you, as well as many others, into shock. I mean, it redefined the Thumb; some would even go as far as calling it extreme!