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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog's week off

    Is that one supposed to be expressionistic? Because, if so, I totally get it. If not, then I don't really get it as much.
  2. Games Played

    Well, I bought my first handheld since the Game Gear so I've been very busy playing all the DS games that I've missed out on so far. Castlevania: DS Meteos Zoo Keeper Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Elektroplankton Advance Wars: DS I have a few other DS games, but those are the ones getting the most play. As for the other platforms, I've been pretty busy as well... Astro Boy: Omega Factor (GBA) GTA: San Andreas (PC) Resident Evil 4 (GC) Psychonauts (PC) :tup: And then I've played a few old favorites once again... Grim Fandango :tup: Jet Set Radio (DC) Crazy Taxi (DC)
  3. Strategy to Go

    Yes! Homeworld is godly, even if I never did finish the second one (I'll do it some time soon, honest) The new Warhammer strategy game (for PC) seems like it could turn in to something nice, but that might just be me liking the setting way too much. Hopefully it won't rip it's core gameplay straight out of some other game (usually Blizzard's).
  4. Why Games Suck:

    Saying that isn't right, I agree with you there. I just want to know if that was netmonkey's point or if there was more to it that I failed to grasp. I mean, I can see some validity in complaining about how games in some cases feel a bit too stale and generally not very artiscally free.
  5. Why Games Suck:

    I'm not sure I follow your point there netmonkey. Care to elaborate?
  6. Why Games Suck:

    Hey, we had an argument going here! Do you mind?
  7. Why Games Suck:

    What if I, you know, uh... like games? I'll agree that some things in gaming could be better if there was more artistry involved, but games have their foundation in computing and therefore logic which in turn means that knowing what is going on behind the scenes is useful for someone who is going to give form to an idea.
  8. Warsow, a free multiplayer FPS

    Just tried it out on my own to see if I liked the jumping, which I found that I really did. Feels like a smooth blend between UT2004 and the CPMA-physics. The weapons are basically Quake 3 all over again and that's a bit sad to see. If they'd just thought up something unique I might feel more for the game. If I wanted to play Quake 3 with a minimal community, I'd.. uhh.. go play in the Quake 3 community I guess. Anyway, thanks for the tip. Maybe someone should start a Thumb-server or something...
  9. XBOX 360 price and bundle pack a go go

    That depends on how much money you are willing to spend. The core version for $299 isn't going to have one but, the "deluxe" version for $399 does include one. The thing isn't that you have to pay more money for more features in your console (that's quite logical) but that developers will have to skip introducing content that relies on the HD for their games. Of course, some might say, they can still add extra features that does take advantage of the HD, but that would require a lot of extra work and that's something small developers can't afford. Thus, large companies will set the standard with dual-featured games while small companies will be left behind because they can't afford the extra time spent in development for something like that. Yay! Okay, maybe I got a bit cynical at the end, but still...
  10. Broken Sword 4 annouced!

    I too am a pretty big fan of the series. I didn't exactly love all of number 3, but I guess most of it was ok. Hopefully they'll manage something good, but I really hope they don't leave Nico out of this (as the press release hints at).
  11. XBOX 360 price and bundle pack a go go

    The main thing that sucks about this is that without a HD you won't be able to have any sort of backwards compatability, as was promised (for some games). It also leads to the developers having to cater to the lowest common denominator, in this case the cheap version, and thus removing features that might have utilized the HD. Man, I was getting all excited for the 360 too
  12. Suspect Advice from Suspect Characters

    Maybe it's time to abandon this thread, eh? Seems like most of the post are better off in Idle Banter instead of General Gaming.
  13. Suspect Advice from Suspect Characters

    No thread is wrong for erotic thumb stories.
  14. Suspect Advice from Suspect Characters

    Posting pictures of yourself so that someone can tell you just how ugly (on a scale from 3 to H, which means totally arbitrary) you are is probably not a very high priority for most people. Also, don't pretend that you aren't using the internet for getting materials in front of which you're going to touch yourself. IT'S WHAT IT'S THERE FOR!
  15. Capcom Figthing Evoltion/Jam

    I've only played about three or four hours of Tekken 5, but the impression it made on me during that time is that it is a game worth purchasing (sadly I don't have the right machinery for it). If you liked Tekken 3 then it's for you, since it feels like they've gone back and looked at what made that game fun in the first place. I'm not really sure how I would say it holds up to Soul Calibur 2, since I've played a lot more of that. But really, if you have a Playstation 2 then you should also have Tekken 5.
  16. That's David Belle, co-founder of Parkour or free-running. It's crazy as hell, but it still kicks ass. The clip is from the french movie Banlieue 13.
  17. Doom Movie Trailer Out

    Is it just me or is almost everything really dark in the trailer? As in not-enough-light dark, not the mood it tries to set. I couldn't see what was going on at all whenever a monster of some sort was on-screen. Feels really cheap. Also, hold the "Doom 3 is dark!!" puns.
  18. Now THIS is a DooM case!

    It's been a while since I saw anything from this casemod, but it's coming along really nicely. Incredible attention to detail and lots of nifty extras. Hopefully this won't turn into a Doom 3 hate-fest.
  19. Why isn't Psychonauts selling well?

    Can't say I disagree about the gameplay of Psychonauts itself, but people have been buying games with the same mechanics forever. I really can't imagine that the general public would be taken aback with the lack of variation compared to other games in the department of actual core gameplay. However, platformers aren't doing too hot at the moment (as has been discussed previously in this very thread). So, uh...
  20. Can't the fact that the band is small and unknown go hand in hand with the quality of the music though? That you, on some subconscious level, enjoy the music more if you feel more unique while listening to it? My point is really just what Duncan said, but I'm too afraid to show that I like his post.
  21. Why isn't Psychonauts selling well?

    If I'm interpreting this correctly, all games start getting bad reviews after a while? Psychonauts has nearly nothing in common with Doom 3 and not all games get lower scores as the late reviews are turned in. Or were you saying that Doom 3 was a bad game that got good reviews due to hype and that the same holds true for Psychonauts? I'm not buying that, if one of those two were your point. Also, a lot of people actually liked Doom 3 (I didn't though).
  22. This, and the rest of the post, got me thinking about Bill Hicks. Mostly in the sense of comedy-that-has-something-to-say-about-life-and-not-just-airline-peanuts. He was funny, as well as brutally honest, when he said what he felt about the way we lived life. I feel that he managed to embody the point that you were driving home in the first part of the rant, that comedy can be funny while still having a point that is actually is worth something. Another reason I'm reminded of Hicks is probably that he died an untimely death, much like Adams. Anyway, I liked the thread. Add some art and spruce up a few parts and it's fit for the front page, as it holds some significance concerning games as well.
  23. Why isn't Psychonauts selling well?

    Heresy! I'm sure you're just being sarcastic (you better be), but I'll just disprove that point while I'm at it. Just look up Psychonauts on Game Rankings. Of games that have come out in the last three months, it's ranked number four (with two versions of GTA:SA ahead, so it's really at third!). That's quite a good indicator that the game in fact kicks ass. Psychonauts for the Xbox has an average score of 91.3%, with the PC and PS2-versions trailing slightly. I'm not saying review scores are the most important thing in the world, just that they are of some use when compiled in the same manner as on Game Rankings.