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  1. Headsmiley contest, post 'em here

    I think we'll do fine without one. Perfectly fine. Please don't make one.
  2. The Sims

    No it's just EA being moneygrubbing assholes as always. I mean, it shouldn't work. People should notice that what they're buying is stuff that, as you said, should have been released earlier, without an additional charge. But obviously a couple of dudes aren't that observant and keep giving their money away without question, so that's what keeps EA's method afloat. It's not like the expansions cost a lot to develop, when you look at the feature-list it seems like most of them are equivalent of patches for other games, so EA must be making some mean profit and are thus unlikely to stop. I don't really see that many downsides to it actually, other than the annoyance factor for those not interested at all. The people who pay seem to be satisfied, since they get each and every expansion, so it's not like anybody is getting hurt or scammed.
  3. Sequel-itis at IGN

    After I bought Psychonauts it seems the guy who handled the purchase got interested and has been promoting it to suitable customers. Last time I was there he said they'd sold quite a few actually. A few more anecdotes like this and we'll have proven that it was a massive success! But yeah, I really think it'll get an above average performance as it ages.
  4. Children of mana

    I hadn't really given this game any though before, but now it looks like I might get it. Thanks forums! Does anyone know a proper release date for it though?
  5. Hot titles you're waiting for

    Besides a lot of games that have already been mentioned (Spore, Metronome, Zelda), I'm quite interested in the new Warhammer Online (just because it might be a good Warhammer game) and The Witcher. I'm not a big fantasy buff, but there's just something that makes me want to play those games.
  6. Viral Market in this thread

    Do you have anything more contemporary? I'm thinking perhaps Kim Jong Il or maybe even daddy, Kim Il Sung?
  7. Game designing makes you go bald

    He could still finish big and make a huge comeback. With the hair I mean.
  8. Viral Market in this thread

    Listen man, I've looked and there just aren't any. This was pretty much the last chance I gave the internet, and once again I was let down. I'll start pushing nipples in real life instead, maybe then there'll be breasts abound.
  9. Viral Market in this thread

    I was, but now the mouse broke. I'll never get to see any internet tits
  10. Game designer publicity photos

    Molyneux's head looks like it's either ready to float off or just explode... so... big... so... spherical... so... ripe ! Of course the explosion wins. Also the LARP-ing outfit.
  11. Viral Market in this thread

    Too hot for forums! The link isn't working...
  12. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    Well, the original GBA is the same colour as the Gamecube, but beyond that I don't think there's much.
  13. Sonic X-treme demo!

    He's a big collector and has a few other "only copy left"-games too. Really cool, but it seems like an expensive hobby.
  14. Viral Market in this thread

    I'm pretty sure you're doing some kind of marketing here too. Subtle, but you can't escape my ever watchful eyes!
  15. Viral Market in this thread

    You're becoming drunk with power. It's a good thing!
  16. Contact

    According to Eurogamer, yes, he's the producer. I've been looking forward to a suitably original RPG for the DS, this might be it.
  17. Interactive hint games

    No man, that's the way to go. You're giving him a nudge in the right direction, but not spoiling the solution.
  18. Oscars

  19. Viral Market in this thread

    Bah, viral marketing is all about packing links in there, but not being to obvious about it. The more links you can cram into one post the better, people are more likely to at least click one. Here, let me show you: Readability and coherence are afterthoughts.
  20. Rockstar's Table Tennis

    Should they use the same renderer for the next GTA... well, it'll be sweaty at least. Table tennis isn't really the sport that translates the best to games, as it's all about precision so I don't really know what to think.
  21. Who are you and what have you become?

    The puppy orphanage.
  22. Oscars

    I'd like a highlight reel or something too. By the way, is there something I can do to switch off the automatic inclusion of my own sig? I really don't want it near my posts
  23. We measure in lux, how much light you radiate. The people above have no idea what they're talking about. Know those little plastic things that cinematographers and photographers have around their neck? Yup, total penis length in the scene.
  24. That, I didn't know. I'll blame it on the fact that inches and feet are a bit foreign around here.
  25. Other Gaming Sites [spam]

    I bet this is some sick kind of viral marketing too! Ban him!