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  1. Revolution at GDC thread

    Ok, shit has officially happened at GDC. For the Revolution: Selection from the "best of" Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx titles to be downloadable. For the DS: Zelda DS, cel-shaded, by the Wind Waker team, heavy use of touch screen. 2D perspective, 3D content.
  2. Oblivion

    If I didn't have to wait for it to be delivered, I would, but I really don't feel like holding off playing for half a week.
  3. Revolution at GDC thread

    Nice pictues, but the Nintendo presentative IGN got to pose with the console really looks very uncomfortable. Slightly less here, but even more here. You almost feel bad for her, but then you remember she gets paid for that. I mostly felt bad for IGN, as they felt the need to include that last picture (you can barely see the console), which is obviously just there to "show her off". Lame as fuck.
  4. Oblivion

    I'm going to buy it in-store, as I don't want to wait for delivery. I haven't preordered, but the average price seems to be 399 SEK for the regular PC edition and 549 SEK for the special version. That's about 42€ and 58€. I think I'm going to get the more expensive one... Putting "Collector's Edition" on the box lures me in way too easily.
  5. Oblivion

    Damn, I hate having to wait for this. At least there's only 2 days left. Why not a simultaneous release, as I remember seeing screenshots taken by some German at the start of the week? It was obviously ready, but no... The draw distances look pretty horrendous without tweaks, any views on that from those playing it? I mean, does it distract you a lot when you play, or is it just that in the screenshots, when you pretty much only focus on that bit?
  6. Oblivion

    It's due here this friday, so hopefully I'll get my hands on it by then. I'm really looking forward to it quite a bit, I just hope it doesn't sell out (or that it does, only I manage to get hold of it first). I think I'm going for a thief/illusionist character, with a bit of alchemy. Does anyone know if you can make poisons to coat your blades with?
  7. V for Vendetta

    I liked it, a lot. Even though it didn't exactly follow the comic throughout, it didn't really feel very bothersome. The only thing that I feel was actually not excellent was how cheesy it got a few times towards the ending, but considering how great other parts were I'll be overlooking that.
  8. You'd think the guy would be sure about stuff like that before saying anything...
  9. Headsmiley contest, post 'em here

    I also felt strangly compelled to do this one... must obey...
  10. Headsmiley contest, post 'em here

    Because of this, I whipped a little something up. I'm not sure when it would be used, but hey, Zoidberg.
  11. V for Vendetta

  12. V for Vendetta

    I'll be seeing it tonight. Hopefully most of the comic will be intact, even though I've heard some bad things about how it's not really about anarchism versus fascism as much as it is about the American policitical climate today. I guess it could work that way too, seeing as how the original was made as a reaction to an active government, but I'm not sure. I also hope they lost some of the miraculous crime-solving wonderdrug, when the detective (or whatever he was, can't remember) visited the camp, as it felt a bit spaced out in the comics.
  13. Yuji Naka to leave Sega?

    Apparently, as the title might suggest, Yuji Naka could be leaving Sonic Team and thus Sega to form his own company. Next-Gen has the scoop, only uh... they don't know at all but still squeeze out a few lines about it. I'm not sure if him leaving would be a good or bad thing. Might be good if he distances himself from Sammy and gets a bit of creativity flowing, but who knows, it could be that all the mediocre and bad Sonic games are his fault. Here he is posing and mocking us for our lack of knowledge of his future. Look at that semi-smug grin!
  14. Yuji Naka to leave Sega?

    I tried using one from the awkward visit he did at some hedgehog reserve in Germany, but Imageshack wouldn't resize the pictures and I didn't feel like firing up Photoshop.
  15. Fuuuuuuuuck yeah! The offical site is also up, but doesn't really contain anything yet. Damn, it's really looking good. Oxygen mask snakes and giant fuck-off snake crashing from lamp are both awesome. Snakes speeding down the aisle in a cart is great too, but it would be better if they were chasing Jackson down in it.
  16. Sid Meier

    The new Pirates was a bit so-so. Some aspects were great, most of the mini-games were not. I'll agree about getting bored somewhat quickly, but I'll attribute that to the mini-games too.
  17. Sid Meier

    Well, I'd rather have the game focus on trains, for some reason. Even though this new Railroads!-thing looks a bit dated, it'll have to do.
  18. Sid Meier

    I'd like a new Railroad Tycoon, that doesn't look as shit as the last version did. Is it too much to ask ?
  19. Favorite Zelda

    Yeah, thirding that. Sailing didn't feel boring and then all of a sudden you learned how to teleport. I think the amount of traveling you had to do was reasonable, if you spread the Triforce hunt out a bit.
  20. Phoenix Wright re-stocked!

    Nintendo is launching it 31 March here in Sweden, along with Animal Crossing. So you should get it at the same time.
  21. Cars

    Well, I thought about that, but I think it's a bit borderline. Yes, they're inanimate objects and animals that talk, but the fish don't grow arms and in both those movies their actions are "realistic" and limited to the same things animals and toys are. Sort of. My theory is a bit shaky, especially concerning Finding Nemo. I think what I'm trying to say is more along the lines of "Pixar don't really go overboard with it" than "animals and plastic toys talking are perfectly natural things". I guess I should have written that instead of what I really posted.
  22. Cars

    Come on, it's not like that's what they fill every movie with. For example, their latest endeavors: The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Toy Story 2; none of those have had blenders with arms and baseball caps or shit like that. This movie just feels like something the old Disney made them do, and that they might stick to their previous methods in the future too.
  23. Cars

    A bit more like "Disney pays Pixar to stop Disney from obliterating themselves".
  24. Cars

    Wasn't there at least a rumor about Pixar setting up a traditional animation studio about half a year back? I vaguely remember something about that, but I'm really not in a position to say whether or not it really happened. Concerning Cars then; I'll definitely watch it, but I just can't over how annoying the whole "car with eyes on the windshield" thing is. So annoying! A bit disturbing too. It's feels like the Brave Little Toaster, done completely wrong. The environments are incredible though.
  25. Megaman vs Ghosts 'n Goblins

    I'll agree about the music, but damn, that was a bit too rough. Cool idea and well executed, but playing on the keyboard really feels off.