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  1. Cursing in Oblivion

    To move away from the horrors of localization; what mods are you using, if any? I just decided to install a few and it's a great way to get more enjoyment from the game. My favorite ones are probably Call Steed + Saddlebags, Quest Award Leveling and the BTmod which greatly improves the UI. Edit: Right, I thought I was in the main Oblivion thread. Sorry for posting this here. Having two active threads on the same game makes things a bit confusing at times (like when you don't concentrate).
  2. Cursing in Oblivion

    Besides a few characters, the english dub isn't all that great either, if that's any comfort.
  3. Highway 17

    Yeah, it'd be nice to just run around and see what the Combine had done since the war. I especially wish there would have been more time spent in the Citadel crater. Just some closeups of what was happening around the edges of the tower and stuff like that, perhaps seeing how animals (such as the birds you can see fly around down there) have adapted, like where they nest and stuff.
  4. Cursing in Oblivion

    It's become yet another shitty (PUN !) internet meme. The crapping of pants is all about excitement, so I guess that's what many are trying to convey using that particular form of exaggeration.
  5. Cursing in Oblivion

    That's kind of the point though, isn't it? Telling him what's going down... dawg.
  6. Cursing in Oblivion

    Fuck yes man, it's all about the ride-by's with a bow and a couple of arrows. I just noticed that when you reach 100 Mercantile skill, you can do some rhymes about each item, and the shopkeep will help you by throwning down a beat! I mean, it doesn't really do anything, but it helps to immerse you in the world.
  7. Cursing in Oblivion

    "Curse the Nine" perhaps then? "Fucking Akatosh, not again"?
  8. Cursing in Oblivion

    I honestly feel like cursing is at home in a world such as that of Oblivion. Well, rather that it should be. The Elder Scrolls is pretty standard high fantasy, and I really wouldn't mind if it was a bit more lifelike. People in the middle ages swore, not on the same level as today though, so if it's done with some amount of caution I feel that it can be included succesfully and smoothly. But I guess you could argue that since not much else really is on the same level of "realism" as cursing, it is slightly out of place. Still, I prefer it to a world where everything is all sunshine and rainbows. I mean, there is a disturbing lack of "real" problems in the world of Oblivion and that feels really off.
  9. Why are developers held hostage by PR?

    I completely agree and might add that I'm feeling pretty rant-y myself. This could be sarcasm, but it's not... really!
  10. The big names in gaming

    I'm not really adding anything here, but I think hippies were reading Lord of the Rings during his lifetime too.
  11. Why are developers held hostage by PR?

    It doesn't help that many game journalists reinforce the ideas of those misguided developers that believe in PR-speak. Asking questions about the number of levels or how many shotguns there are is pointless. Those things can be gotten from a fact-sheet with more ease, and less reading for the consumer. But that's the level that many that cover games, both printed and net-based, place themselves on and seem quite happy with. For shame ! My point is that the problem is often augmented by "journalists". I know for sure that I'd really like deeper insights in the development of certain games as well as the thoughprocess behind them. It would perhaps be interesting to know what issues the writers (if there are any attached to the project) have decided to tackle or not tackle and why... If there aren't even any writers then I'd like to know why too, and what the people working on the game think about that lack of direction. I guess I could go on forever about what I'd like to see, which only further proves that there is a serious lack of decent interviews and insights.
  12. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    The machine is too small to house a Gameboy Advance cartridge, so it sticks out perhaps a centimeter or so.
  13. Crysis HD quality GDC 2006 trailer

    There is actual gameplay in there, pretty much. I mean, it's probably scripted, but it shows off the first person mode and some destruction of the forest (all buildings, and I guess vegetation too, will be destroyable). The story seems pretty bad at this point though... North Korea and the US teaming up to fighting aliens (who depend on ice), on a pacific island? I guess all the money EA's been paying them doesn't cover a writer. The faces all look great, even though the pupils are enourmous, but there is some serious lack of AA in that second picture, that Chepito posted. I know, I know, it still looks great, but when a game is this focused on graphics I expect them to squeeze as much as possible out of the engine at all times.
  14. Crysis HD quality GDC 2006 trailer

    That's no Metal Gear. Haven't you heard? Aliens invade earth, again! I think this time they rely on ice...
  15. Yup, it seems so. I'm pretty psyched, as Futurama is my favorite show ever. Hopefully all the writers will be back and everything will be in order. Edit: Damn, could someone change the thread title a bit? Next time I'll spellcheck, promise!
  16. Oblivion

    Just make sure you have the computer to run it (if you don't have a 360).
  17. Revolution at GDC thread

    While this is a valid train of thought, their respective pricepoints aren't going to be anywhere near each other. Featurewise though, you might be on to something. I sure hope so, because whatever they would be holding out on annoucing is bound to be good for us (whether it's Sony or Nintendo related).
  18. Revolution at GDC thread

    They really seemed to have put a lot of filler in the keynote. Even though it's pure speculation, one could say that this is because they were going to announce something, but then decided against it at a late moment. I hope they stick with Revolution, as it's a nice name that goes against the trend of just adding numbers at the end.
  19. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    Does anyone know the budget they're doing this with? I mean with marketing included...
  20. Revolution at GDC thread

    It's all going down at E3, or perhaps a day or so before. About two months from now is a good guess though.
  21. Oblivion

    Does that mean you don't like the game or you don't like long posts?
  22. Oblivion

    I'm having a blast too, playing as a thief; a female Redguard born under the Shadow. I haven't really gotten into robbing peoples homes yet, just petty theft when they look the other way. It's nice to visit some little town in the middle of the night and make off with a horse, without anyone noticing, then just riding around taking in the views. For some reason my thief also needs to pick every single flower and mushrooms I come across. I guess I'll be doing a lot of alchemy later on. I created another character too, a male Imperial warrior, but I didn't get too far as I died after not having saved for way too long. I don't feel like replaying that character again for a while, as long as my thief keeps me entertained. The only thing I dislike about the game is how poorly it seems to run for me. I've got a P4 3,4 GHz with HT, X800 (which also leads to the question as to why I can't use HDR, when Bethesda said it would work for PS2.0 cards) and a gig and a half of RAM. I keep fiddling with the settings, but it doesn't really seem to help. I get a constant 15-20 fps, even going from 1024x768 with no AA to 1600x1200 with 6xAA. Altering shadow settings and so on doesn't vary the framerate much either and I'm not about to turn down the texture detail. It feels a bit choppy when I go over the crests of hills and that sort of thing, when it has to load a lot, but otherwise it's perfectly playable and in most cases very fluid. I've added some tweaks for HT to work better but that didn't help very much either. If someone has any tips I'd like to hear them, both about framerates and also adding HDR through some hack (which I hope will become available). Moos, I've found that, in most cases, even hard locks don't yield much. Hard seems like the basic type everyone has in their homes, so getting through them won't be very difficult later on. Very hard hasn't been very fruitful for me either. I like the changes to the "thievery" system since Morrowind. In Morrowind I just snatched up whatever was laying around at the time and that took a lot of immersion away. I think it's great how being a thief is harder, like how shopkeepers follow you around to make sure you don't snatch anything, when in Morrowind you just went the basement or the second floor and looted everything. I feel like I could write a lot more about what I've done and what I think about it, but I doubt many would feel like going through a 3000 word post.
  23. Oblivion

    Well, I got the CE. Haven't really started playing yet, as I just got home. Put in a pre-order for Animal Crossing, so I'll be getting my t-shirt from that.
  24. Revolution at GDC thread

    I'm guessing it's for their downloadable content service. Not that I have any basis for that, it's just that it's a pretty cool name (better than Live!).
  25. Revolution at GDC thread

    Ok, so apparently, this is what the new Zelda looks like (yeah, not very good pictures): Looks a lot like Four Swords to me, but that's still great.