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  1. Dreamfall gone gold

    The first two weeks are probably the worst time to hold off from playing it though, since everyone else will be posting about how awesome it is and discussing puzzles and stuff. Torment I tells ya.
  2. BS4....Hmmm

    Death in Sierra games comes from lockpicking your nose or forgetting to comb every screen for useless shit that might be important five hours later when you can't get it anymore.
  3. BS4....Hmmm

    Right, sorry, forgot about that rule. Well, uh, you've been able to die in the series this thread is about. It's not like you can't load a save a few seconds later, but you can still die.
  4. BS4....Hmmm

    You should pick it up, since you could probably find it for very little nowadays. You might have some objections to features in it, I know I did, but in the end many still find it to be enjoyable. At times it reminded me very much of why I loved Broken Sword in the first place, other times... not so much. Still, give it a shot. I'd attribute that to the pacing in the storytelling, which is neatly placable in Marek's second point about the non-competetive design which runs throughout the genre. At least that's what I would say gives me that "adventure" feeling.
  5. What Jake will look like when he's 40

    The framing does give it a certain air of high society though.
  6. BS4....Hmmm

    I agree with your points Marek, but I have no idea where this whole argument came from. Only way up on the first page were people saying anything about what control method was the best, after that there were only comments on how it worked for BS3, as far as I could tell. Oh well... Perhaps a bit passive-agressive?
  7. Magazines

    I subscribe only to RESET at the moment, which is a new and very well done gaming magazine here in Sweden. A bit like Edge, but I think it's better still. The staff are as close to legends you can come within the borders of swedish game journalism, featuring the best former editors from magazines like PC Gamer and Super Play. They do loads of, for the most part, good interviews and have some interesting features as well as an excellent Retro section. The layout is also fantastic and constantly feels fresh. Sadly, last month they announced they would merge with a rather shitty magazine called Player1, the staff of which all wish they were from Japan and can't stop fucking talking about how great Japan is. Did I mention they reference japanese culture all the time and feature shitty manga-style strips loosely related to gaming? Because they do... I hope the new magazine, LEVEL, doesn't turn out too bad since I have about 9 months left on my subscription and would hate to feel ripped off. I also buy Wired from time to time, much for the same reasons as Marek. It's actually cheaper buying it on import news stands than subscribing. The downside is that you have to wait for the issues to appear. I still haven't seen the Will Wright issue yet, but I'm looking.
  8. Oblivion

    The map that came with the Morrowind Collector's Edition was very nice though. Even though it was on paper it was nicely drawn and coloured and even featured small X's for some special equipment locations.
  9. Headsmiley poll, round one!

    How many polls are there going to be exactly? There is material for about one or two basic rounds left in the original thread, but then?
  10. Yeah I think I tried the patch, but I'm not sure. Next time I install the game I'll make sure to use it though.
  11. I never had this problem, but since this is now the Offical Beyond Good & Evil Support Thread I'll ask something too. When I move Jade around, the camera shakes violently up and down, as if being pulled along some uneven surface. This is present in both boating levels as well as when you're on foot. Any ideas? Ubisoft's support did nada.
  12. a newbie looking for a game

    C'mon, you guys are being way too nice. He came here looking for warez and was barely coherent. The shitty spelling alone should have been enough to close this thread.
  13. A few things worth noting: Tilting the remote changes how the weapon on screen is held. You throw grenades by simulating a throw or a roll with the remote. If you manage to defeat the "bosses" that are found throughout the game without killing them (by shooting the guns out of their hand for example) you get special rewards and perhaps support from their groups. There will be sword duels as well as stealthy options dependant on sword-use. You shoot stuff.
  14. I know, but they're still owned by Sammy and they've put out Sonic pachinko stuff, if I'm not mistaken. I didn't mean it seriously anyway, but still!
  15. People on other forums have been saying that it looks like it could be an on-rails type of arcade shooter, but the Ubisoft guy I mentioned in the first post also stated that it's free and that it is "not a rail shooter - that would be 100% NES and not Next-Gen". This is not Duck Hunt 2 people, do you hear me? Also, shooting up pachinko-machines is making a very anti-"current Sega" statement isn't it? Thanks for cleaning up my mess Marek.
  16. BS4....Hmmm

    That pretty much makes any adventure game point and click though. Grim was lacking the most base element, mouse input, for that. There can't be any pointing or clicking without that type of interaction, so I and many others would chose a more narrow definition and think of Grim as the standard for 3D adventure games instead.
  17. BS4....Hmmm

    I don't think he was saying that Grim was point and click, instead making a counter-point by referencing this bit: Thus making the point "Grim Fandango was good even though there wasn't any mouse-interaction". I might be reaching here, but that's my view.
  18. Half Life 2: Epsode 1 Trailer

    Wow, I was really impressed with the scale they seem to be going with. Huge set-pieces, like buildings collapsing, along with the same style as Half-Life 2 itself possessed should be great.
  19. favorite tv shows

    Instead, you sit and stare at the monitor for 7 hours as you have no self control and want to see what happens next on House, M.D... That was a nice day.
  20. Alcohol found in space.

    So we're living in a macro-brewery?
  21. RTS as you've always wanted to play it

    Did your fingers get tired typing that reply too? I don't think it looks very taxing at all, except for perhaps your triceps as you have to hold your arms slightly elevated at all times as to not disturb the table (I'm guessing here, maybe they worked that part out).
  22. RTS as you've always wanted to play it

    Although I'm quite content in playing my RTS games as I always have, that sure looks neat. It seems touchscreens are going to be the big thing in a few years, but you never know how those things turn out. Microsoft had some really cool touchscreen features to show off at their last conference, including a table-thingy that read and scanned things you placed on it as well as being receptive to touch input. What I'm getting at is that being able to either sketch out a quick battleplan with your fingers or drawing one in advance and then sharing that with your allies seems like a really cool thing to have in an RTS. Perhaps it'll never catch on though, and just turn into something like all that shitty force feedback technology companies tried to sell a few years back, like rumble-chairs etc. Maybe they still produce that stuff?
  23. French-speaking Idle Forumers!

    Only when the gag comes off. What a great smiley.
  24. I Love You, Idle Forumers

    Goddamn, people post some moronic videos... I held out hope for it being sarcasm, but then it just ended. Yeah, a burning wreck sounds fitting I guess.
  25. I Love You, Idle Forumers

    Aww, that's sweet... I think...