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  1. Bananas, proof that god exists

    I'm not watching 28 minutes of propaganda to hear them talk about bananas. When do they do that?
  2. Highway 17

    I don't really think he has a point anyway. There isn't detail in games these days? To what do we make a comparison to come to that conclusion? If you pick shit games released in the last few years and then compare them to a great game from yesteryear, say A Link to the Past, then of course they will look bad. What you have to do though, is compare them to an old worthless game instead. In my mind, I would think that the detail level is still better in the new bad game than in the old bad game. No matter the quality of a new game, it is still built with a level of complexity that surpasses an old game most of the time, especially when you compare on a "quality basis". Chosing HL2 as an example just breaks his argument in every possible way. It is, objectively, a good game and most would even say a great game. The detail is astounding, with individually placed props to be found in every part of the game and fantastic art direction abound.
  3. Great Gaming Quotes

    I just love that there is specific dialog in the off chance that someone would bring Mr. Pokeylope back to camp instead of going up the tower straight away. Yeah, I brought him over too...
  4. Highway 17

    What confuses me, other than that he tracks the state of games in an arbitrary percentage based on old review scores, is why he starts off by claiming to like it a lot, then goes off to bash some of the very basics of what actually made HL2 good. I'm actually not sure what is point is, or if he has one at all. Also, he does some nice work throwing the utterly mediocre Quake 4 in there to bring out a negative association, when actually they have very little in common besides guns and viewing-perspective.
  5. Prince Of Persia

    I thought EA had pretty much disproved karma singlehandedly.
  6. Headsmiley poll, round four!

    Just try it out, I bet you'll be hooked in no time!
  7. Prince Of Persia

    Aww, come on man, your first post was pretty good you know. You even used proper grammar! You clod! It's narcissistic! You're first on the ban-list when I take over this place. Really though, I'm just looking for excuses to post "clod".
  8. Prince Of Persia

    A bit paranoid are we? Here's how it works: [ spoiler ] Important things [ /spoiler ], but without the spaces in the tags. Also, welcome to the forums.
  9. Headsmiley poll, round three!

    Ah, I interpreted you as saying that hands never work. I was only half serious anyway
  10. Headsmiley poll, round three!

    Have you even seen the Molyneux ones?
  11. Headsmiley poll, round four!

    I'm- I'm so, so sorry. I wish I was sorry enough to make up an excuse, but that's clearly not happening.
  12. Futurama

    That's hard to say, given how many things they've managed to pack in to all the seasons. My favorite episode, overall, is probably Roswell that Ends Well. The animation and 3D-work on that episode is so good, and the writing isn't too shabby either.
  13. Headsmiley poll, round four!

    He's a toad damnit!
  14. Headsmiley poll, round three!

    These plebs don't understand art at all, ugh. I didn't vote for it, in an ironic fashion, just to show my contempt of them. Shitty Photoshop work.
  15. Headsmiley poll, round four!

    Nah, you vote for the smileys you'd like to have and you think you would use. I voted for 2 out of the 3 heads I made and didn't feel any remorse, since they are what I'd like to see on the site.
  16. Futurama

    What about that episode where they go to his homeplanet, Decapod 9 I think, in time for mating-season? He even amputates Fry's arm (I might be mixing up episodes here) and then performs the quite successful post-battle surgery! That's quite Zoidberg-centric, right? The Hollywood episode is, together with the Leela-plays-Blurnsball, one of the worst. Objectively speaking.
  17. Dreamfall gone gold

    IGN just recently adopted the practice of giving scores lower than 9.1, so maybe they just haven't learned how that works yet.
  18. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    Both the US and Japan are at 110V to 127V I believe, but perhaps that wasn't what you were asking. Maybe you just learned something, while trying to read about games... the horror... We need a ghost smiley or something.
  19. Headsmiley poll, round four!

    I wish there was a way to have the Hypnohead trigger a looping .wav-file, every time... That'd be sweet!
  20. The Neo Double Games

    Wow, that's... uh... classy, indeed. Also, "Mike" hates the English. Who could have guessed?
  21. Another World Windows

    Not that I can guarantee that it will work for this, but if you have an ATI card I would say that ATI Tray Tools will help. It's been able to capture everything I've tried so far, but keep in mind that I don't have Another World. Otherwise, no idea, and I don't know of an equivalent for nVidia cards if that's the problem.
  22. I Want to Play Condemned, but I Can't

    List of things in games that are terrifying: Drowning in Sonic.
  23. I Want to Play Condemned, but I Can't

    No, you're not alone. I usually find something in most first person games to become frightened off. It's not really on an extreme level, but it's like I just pick something out and then become terrified over it. Having a third person camera helps, but I usually work my way through the game in any case if it's worth it. The latest example is the dungeons in Oblivion. I dread going into them, but manage to force myself a lot of the time. I think it's the fact that it's pitch black, besides the tiny little ring of light around you, and then monsters lunge at you from around corners. So cheap, yet so effective... I didn't manage to play all the way through Resident Evil 4, and Silent Hill I haven't even tried since the first one which scared the living shit out of me.
  24. Another World Windows

    Oh, about 17 minutes and 20 seconds... I'd love to see something similar done to Flashback, but I doubt that's ever going to happen... I mean an enhanced version, but a speedrun would be cool too I guess. I spent so many hours trying to make my way through it as a kid, but never managed completely.