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  1. possibly interesting e3 games

    Undoubtedly, Wii will be what most people want to see and know more about. I think it's looking to be Nintendo's E3, unless Sony do something spectacular, which would be great too. Getting a look at any Wii game they might show will be nice, especially the new Super Smash Bros. That's been in development since last E3, so perhaps it'll even be playable! Will the Thumb be providing coverage this year too? Last year was great and gave a much better idea of what was going on than say Gamespot, which was getting hammered in the ass every way possible.
  2. Co-Op story-based games?

    Well, it's not really an RPG, but I've heard good things about playing Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Dark Alliance II in co-op. The first one is available for both Gamecube and PS2, so maybe check that out. Other than that... uh, Odama with supporting Donkey Konga-drums perhaps?
  3. Im steping out.

    I named my town Appleton, not knowing the irony then. Still don't have a friend-code either.
  4. Buy your own Video Game Development Team!

    They don't own that IP. Tribes 2 also sucked fiercely, so that's no selling point really.
  5. NWN2

    As previously mentioned in the Oblivion thread, Chris Avellone is the writer for this project and has done most if not all of the dialog. In case you don't know him, he is probably one of the best writer there is in RPG's, with titles such as Planescape Torment under his belt. So yeah, that's a good reason to get excited for this. Besides the credited writing, it's looking great so far.
  6. Oblivion

    From what I've heard, the writing is solid in NWN 2 too. With Chris Avellone writing, I don't really have any reason to doubt that either. So yeah, it's probably going to be quite good if they manage to straighten everything out before production ends.
  7. Happy 2nd Birthday, ThumbBot!

    That ain't gonna cut it ysbreker. What you need is a goose-cake! Needs more "mecha" though...
  8. I guess you could use a free Bugmenot.com login. I didn't try any of those, but they usually work.
  9. Contact for the DS

    Oh right, yeah, forgot about that, but it's definitely not a pure RPG so you'll have to take that as my excuse.
  10. Contact for the DS

    Déjà vu. But yes, I think a lot of people are looking forward to it, even if the last thread didn't exactly take of. There's really only 4 games I'm looking forward to on the DS front at the moment; Contact, Final Fantasy III, Children of Mana and New Super Mario Bros. Given that there aren't any good RPG's out yet I think there's quite a demand for games like this, so it will probably do rather well if it's good. Does anyone know how it has fared in Japan so far?
  11. Sad thing is, Andrew really does have Downs syndrome, which makes it just slightly harder to laugh at him. I think someone else on the show was slightly mentally deficient in some other way but I don't remember who. Aspergers is a good a guess as any. For whoever. Apparently though, everyone but Andrew has turned in to a bit of a dick since they got famous on the internet. Guess GOING TO E3 will help that... Oh, right...
  12. Oblivion

    I don't know about you, but I see sort of connection between the second and the first paragraph there.
  13. Oblivion

    Like I said, I think Morrowind had much better architecture all around. This time it just feels like it's all lifted out of our history and not like it's something that the cultures might have built up to over many centuries. Plus, Cyrodiil was supposedly a jungle in previous lore, which would have helped a lot for me. I guess it's just that "real" buildings isn't what I exclusively expect to find in a world such as that of Tamriel. I wouldn't say all the architecture is uninteresting, but I find a fair amount of it not to be very fascinating. Just to give a few examples of what I really liked in Morrowind that I haven't seen any counterpart of in Oblivion: I don't mean to come down too hard on Oblivion, since I like it a lot, but the voice acting barely qualifies as acceptable. Things like characters switching voices during your interaction with them, such as how beggars switch voices when you enter the persuasion mini game (which doesn't make a lot of sense either, but that's neither here nor there) or how there's only something like 3 or 4 voices at Cloud Ruler Temple when Martin arrives and they greet him. I really got a good laugh out of how the voices just sounded like they were looping really fast when the Blades cheered, but I don't really think that was what Bethesda meant that scene to do. Again, I wouldn't say that all of the voice content was bad, but it certainly isn't very good on average. Spread across a few more actors, the material could have been much better read than as is it is now. You get a feeling that they were under a lot of stress when they recorded their work and that really didn't help at all.
  14. Oblivion

    Yeah, The Witcher looks really good. I don't know how they do it, since it's pretty basic fantasy stuff and they certainly don't try to break much new ground with their visual style. Maybe it's just that it's good classic fantasy? I'm looking forward to it anyhow. Oblivion is pretty so-so overall, since they dumped the fantastic style they had going in Morrowind. Yeah, ok, not too many Dark Elves live in Cyrodiil, but damn if they don't have the best architecture. Instead of mushroom-houses and giant husk's we got a few stone towers and some cottages. Great. It all just feels very pulled back, like they didn't want to offend anyone, but now they've actually done that anyway, since it's all bland to and beyond the point of offense.
  15. Right, the scans/photos are shamelessly stolen from a post on Something Awful, but I thought I'd share anyway. They're pretty shitty anyway, but will give you an idea of the Revolution's capabilities. It seems the next issue of the Gameinformer magazine features an article on a Revolution game which is being developed by Ubisoft in France (the studio which was responsible for XIII if I'm not mistaken). The game is called Red Steel and has previously gone as Project Katana, or something. Anyway, it's basically an FPS where you can also wield a sword, besides all the standard shooty stuff. Anyway, here's what it looks like: A Ubisoft employee on the Gaming-Age forums has apparently also vouched for the validity of these screens and stated that the visuals are in-game. However you should probably note that there are no guarantees that they haven't been slightly enhanced in Photoshop or such, as that allegedly happens from time to time. If I'm way out of line by posting these images I'll remove them as soon as possible, or someone can just delete this thread and kick me in the head.
  16. Oblivion

    Yours ain't too shabby either. Glad you liked the review.
  17. Buy your own Video Game Development Team!

    Does that include coffee or do you track that on a seperate account?
  18. Oblivion

    Even though Oblivion is a very fun game, you should be aware that there is another side to the coin. RPG Codex has a pretty funny review that'll give you some much needed perspective, since every other site is basically only lavishing it with praise in their reviews and neglecting to mention or focus on several negative things. I still love the game, but keep in mind that it has flaws, some of which are more severe than they should be. Let's say quality voice acting and dialog are two of the most important aspects of a game to you; then you might sway towards Dreamfall instead. However, if a very high level of freedom is what you need then it's needless to say which game you will want to go for (hint: it's Oblivion). If I had the money I'd get both. Also: what Moos said.
  19. Bananas, proof that god exists

    I like how his hair sort of dances in your gif.
  20. Highway 17

    With a description such as that, I find it hard to disagree.
  21. Bananas, proof that god exists

    Snubs, where is your avatar from? I really like it for some reason...
  22. Highway 17

    I honestly think you're giving him too much credit. It's more along the lines of him failing to express valid thoughts on the gaming industry by giving terrible examples using two of the best FPS-games yet produced.
  23. Your Animal Crossing Town

    Right, I don't even have a friend code yet, but now I'm growing oranges!
  24. Bananas, proof that god exists

    I wouldn't even say that. "Behold the banana, the atheist's nightmare". What the fuck? He basically went through a list of reasons of why bananas and humans have evolved in the way they have but chose to attribute it to god's righteous hand and somehow tried make it look as proof against evolution... Also, gotta love the ol' eye argument. I guess I could recommend Richard Dawkins' "The Root of All Evil" documentary mini-series. Quite a counter-reaction to the kind of thinking presented in the original video here. Sadly it is a bit juvenile in that it has a very narrow and anti-religious bias, where he almost outright proclaims religion as a plague upon humankind. If you can stand a bit of somewhat motivated* intolerance then it is a very interesting view. * I say somewhat motivated as these people are very much against the theory of evolution, without any viable proof, and basically take a huge dump on Dawkins' life work.
  25. Marc Ecko's Getting Up

    After viewing Consolevania's review, I lost all interest. The fighting just looked way too boring and standard fare to motive looking at pretty pictures as well as the actual purchase. Pretty funny review though.