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  1. Holy Uncanny Valley

    Yeah, it's a bit creepy, but man, those tears really gave an emotional impact. They do need to work on improving the facial animation, connecting it all together a bit more. Since I watched this the first time I've played a bit of Dreamfall, and now more than ever I'm getting really pissed of at the poor level of animation in that game. It has a bit of uncanny valley feel to it too, so maybe that's why I think that this isn't all that bad. If every game featured actors like this, I wouldn't complain very much, since it's leaps and bounds better than most content featured in today's games. HL2 got it all right in terms of animation, in my book. No creepy feelings or "wow, that looks so fake"-moments anywhere. They all need to get some pointers from Valve, I guess.
  2. New spore video

    Do any of his sons have Turok as a second name?
  3. Wii - Words from the developers ?

    That book seems very interesting, but tell me, is it very abstract? I was at a seminar at which a guy called Andy Chen, who works at a media strategy group in London called Carat, spoke and while his talk was very interesting, it was also very abstract for someone who's never looked into marketing at all before (the subject was "The Changing Communication Paradigm", which hurts just writing down). Sort of semi-related: At the same seminar Nicole Lazzaro also spoke, about games in particular. Probably my favorite part of the day, as she talked about "The 4 Fun Keys: Designing Player Emotions in Games". I think everyone really should check out her company's page, as it is very informative. It's game design theory, and if you were at GDC 2004 you've probably seen it already, but still very interesting for really anyone.
  4. Sony: hey why not buy a wii?

    Sony, always working with the food metaphor.
  5. That must be weird as hell. Did you actually help them? Will you be leaving the Thumb for a lucrative broadcasting deal? Also, please kill one of the group if you should meet them. Anyone will do.
  6. Hellgate: London

    I'm cautiously positive towards Hellgate. I really hope it turns out well, but I'm just desperate for a good persistent or semi-persistent online shooter or action game in general. Huxley might be just what I need, but so might this, so I'm keeping my options open.
  7. Wii - Words from the developers ?

    That's hard to say, since 3D Realms haven't really released anything in a while. What I meant to say was more along the lines of what Marek posted. He's just clamoring for attention at this point, trying to remind folks about 3DR and DNF. When I say he's trolling, it's because of that; his statements are designed to provoke a counter-reaction, by him claiming a negative view just for the sake of it.
  8. Wii - Words from the developers ?

    Scott Miller posts retarded shit on his blog and tries to raise drama. It's a way of trolling gaming forums remotely. Could be true, but someone else would have to say it first for it to have any weight.
  9. "Next-gen" Sonic info and screens

    I wonder how many coders and artists worked their hands to stumps to fashion Robotnik's Eggman's mustache. It's probably simulated with Havok physics!
  10. Oblivion

    The cold war of dinnerware has begun.
  11. Wii Wifi to suck

    Quote of the moment. Now.
  12. Whoah!

    For me, it's already resizable.
  13. Nintendo's E3 Conference Thread

    The graph was pretty funny, which is ever so slightly ironic.
  14. Captain August news

    The violin shows we have taste. Superior taste.
  15. Nintendo's E3 Conference Thread

    $200 would be a fantastic launch price, even though that might mean there will be little to no pack-ins. I'd really like if they bundled two controllers and perhaps even a game, but that perhaps isn't too viable these days. Seeing as how $199 has been the cost of every Nintendo (non-portable) console since the SNES (maybe even the NES?) at launch, it wouldn't be that much of a shock. It'll be an expensive launch for me either way. So many great games...
  16. New Smash Bros Game Displayed

    What, blocking? Yeah, that totally ruins the balance of a fighting game.
  17. New Smash Bros Game Displayed

    Whatever happens, Snake's box has to be used to it's full potential.
  18. New spore video

    Vortigaunt. And Lou Gosset Jr. did superbly in that part, so William's performance wasn't missed in the slightest. As for performances in games, IMDB only lists one; the Genie in Aladdin's Math Quest from 1998. Truly a benchmark in voice-acting.
  19. Aww, come on. This is most likely the absolute high point of their lives, so just let them enjoy it.
  20. New Smash Bros Game Displayed

    It is clearly my IP.
  21. New Smash Bros Game Displayed

    If I had known you were going to steal it, I would have watermarked my screenshot! I really can't wait to see what else they cram in this game. What fun is that it'll be great, whatever they decide on! I'm personally hoping for Phoenix Wright, with "Take That!" and "Hold It!" popping up during his specials.
  22. Nintendo's E3 Conference Thread

    Yeah, I guess so. I'm not sure about how useful those techniques could ever be when your brain has no way of knowing how to compensate for the weight. That's something that really needs training. I just thought how great it would be if they made a Bushido Blade title for the Wii, as that'd be a good blend of realism and fun. It's paced pretty much just right for a console like this.
  23. New Smash Bros Game Displayed

    You never know. They sounded like the were looking at which other characters to include and Sega is now a friend of Nintendo, with the new Sonic game and the VC.
  24. Nintendo's E3 Conference Thread

    Exactly. You can stop your strikes at any moment and easily twirl the blade around using your wrist, with little difficulty. It's pretty much just a removal of all the downsides of trying to wield a sword.
  25. Phoenix Wright sticks back!

    Aww man, almost a year of wait... it better be as good as the first one!