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  1. Dreamfall question

    It should be [ spoiler ] text [ /spoiler ], without the spacing.
  2. Dreamfall question

    Yeah, the eyes are bad and the animation overall is even worse. There's also a lack of gameplay and puzzles that aren't incredibly easy. At times it's just "move character forward and trigger the next cutscene". When a large point of the game seems to be to drive the story forward and not promote a decent gaming experience, I get sort of ticked off. I still mostly like it though...
  3. Another GameLife Thread...

    You've gone too far this time, Yufster. They are here!
  4. Dreamfall question

    Uh, I think it's been out here for almost two weeks or something now.
  5. Ubi Takes Charge of 'Lost' videogame

    Maybe David Cage should do it then. People seemed to want to die after playing Fahrenheit and it apparently didn't have a lot in common with gaming either.
  6. Why the DS Sucks

    Horrible. It doesn't matter how you spin it, it will never be good in any way.
  7. Final Fantasy for the PC

    Well, most games are still unplayable and it often crashes on cinematics etc. so it could take a while still. You'll also need the PS2 BIOS, which you would have to dump yourself or download illegally! Maybe it'll be worthwhile in a year or so.
  8. Since you spend that much money on additional hardware, you have a pretty large amount of secondary computers that can run as webservers or whatever, right? Or do you just buy a ton of gamepads? Because the PS3 is a pretty narrow piece of hardware, only being able to play games and movies, it is a slightly worse investment than PC hardware. What I'm trying to say is that the money spent on computers is a bit more versatile than that spent on consoles.
  9. ScummVM DS - Sam and max video

    Yeah, when I looked over the product page I became pretty damn excited. Finally an easy way to handle new media on the DS! The review broke my heart though. Figures it has to be some shady shit, instead of them actually delivering a decent product. Maybe it'll be functional in a few years or perhaps another company will present something that does what this offers.
  10. Bruckheimer's gamer movie

    EXPLOSIONS! Fuck off, Bruckheimer.
  11. possibly interesting e3 games

    I don't want to go out of my way to defend it, because maybe it isn't all that great, but clearly there are lots of people who don't mind monthly fees at all. I mean, if it gets slightly-above-lukewarm reviews I might still get it and play it for the free month or something like that, just to see if it fits me.
  12. New Super Mario Bros.

    Alright, even though nobody answered my question of whether it was worth importing, I went ahead and did just that. YesAsia really won me over with how fast they were at getting me Ouendan. Ordered on the the 9th, shipped on the 12th and I received it today, on the 18th. For $35 that's great value, and seeing as how the processing time on Super Mario Bros. seems to be lower, it should be here real soon.
  13. possibly interesting e3 games

    Yeah, I agree about the name being original, but the visual style is pretty much Unreal Tournament with trenchcoats and lots of brown, which brings it right back to titles like you mentioned. A zero-sum move really.
  14. Another GameLife Thread...

    Yup, he's fucking insane and she's quite an attention seeking idiot. Anxiously looking forward to naked pictures of the rest of the crew.
  15. possibly interesting e3 games

    Have you actually played all these games, especially Huxley which you say has bad gameplay? As for UT2007, it's the same old thing we got with 2003 and then again with 2004. Stale as hell at this point. Towards BF2142 I'm guessing a lot of people are a bit ambivalent, since the support for BF2 was terrible and now they're abandoning it completely after a very short time. QuakeWars is probably the most promising title out of all those and will most likely be very good, but it's still not a persistant world. Huxley actually has a lot to offer if it comes through, with good gameplay, which has not yet been proven or disproven. However, I will say that I think it's harder to ruin an FPS than, say, an RPG. Maybe they'll manage to do something good with it.
  16. Holy Uncanny Valley

    Sorry, I wasn't listening.
  17. Am I missing something?

    What I want to know is what happened to that link we were whining about just after the forums came back up? Jake said something about a solution being on the way, then he fled the scene. Clearly, it's important (look, I'm bringing it up again, that's proof)!
  18. New Super Mario Bros.

    Super Mario Bros. comes out June 30th in Sweden, so that's most likely the UK date as well. Lite is set for "June", so possibly at the same time?
  19. Final Fantasy for the PC

    Wow, that's great. I think last time I checked in on PS2-emulation they were maxing the framerate out in the single digits. I wonder how long it'll be until they get it to a stable level for most games.
  20. Holy Uncanny Valley

    As with all new toys, you tire after a while. Granted, we'll have to put up with some uncanny stuff for a few years, but I'm guessing that as the charm wears off we'll see less of it. I guess it'd be great if we got movie-level animation, but that costs money. Tons of it. Today, building something to a photorealistic level and then scaling it back a notch is just too expensive for most developers. Just getting to that high level of detail in the first place costs lots of money, but then subtracting from that is another big investment, and something that's probably just a waste of cash in the eyes of an accountant.
  21. Sony's conference in 1:40

    Features such as.... real-time weapon change! Also, giant crabs
  22. New Super Mario Bros.

    Would you say it's worth importing? It doesn't come out here in a month and a half, so I'm just curious if it's so good I'll want to hurt myself for not getting it earlier, when it hits the shelves here?
  23. Holy Uncanny Valley

    This thread turned out a lot better than I was expecting.
  24. Holy Uncanny Valley

    That's actually what the actress they used looks like, but they really should have toned it down a bit.
  25. Catching up

    I guess buying tons of games and never finishing them all is part of what takes you above casual gaming or something. I'm currently playing Dreamfall and I've got Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes on the back burner, since I bought it used but haven't really played much. Of course I've got a couple of games left over that I'll probably never take the time to finish, so I'll leave those out of this.