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  1. What DS games to buy

    No problem. Animal Crossing is ok I guess, but it takes a lot of time and isn't very intense. It depends on what type of game you're looking to play on a handheld. If it's action and quick kicks, then Animal Crossing isn't really well suited (Meteos on the other hand is perfect). If you know you don't mind spreading a game out over the course of weeks and months then it's all good.
  2. What DS games to buy

    In no particular order: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Meteos Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Advance Wars: Dual Strike There are of course others, but those are pretty much the best. Phoenix Wright is a great adventure game, Meteos is better than Tetris, Castlevania is just Castlevania and Advance Wars is a solid strategy game.
  3. Show Us Your Animation Skill0rz

    Let's just say it took way too long for what it is... http://www.thepartybasket.co.uk/flipbook/flip.oath.html If I could draw horses well I'd probably have done one too!
  4. Sonic Rivals Gameplay Trailer

    Complete shit. The camera seems terrible and the graphics are pathetic.
  5. Can We Save Planet Earth?

    I have now seen the truth, thank you!
  6. Can We Save Planet Earth?

    House is all about revealing cheating partners and guessing it's always the same disease, not the environment. It's pretty good though.
  7. Can We Save Planet Earth?

    Yes, caring about things other than ourselves and our present status is a terrible idea. Live in the now, man! Thinking about the environment makes me sad. It's not out yet, but Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth seems to be very interesting, if this interview about the film is anything to go by. The May issue of Wired also has some coverage about Gore's work, as well as a technological view on it.
  8. Half-life 2 - episode one

    If you're getting through the game that quickly, maybe you should consider the scenic route? I like just looking around after I clear some areas, viewing the small details that Valve place everywhere. I think it took me about 4½ hours on normal because of this. Also dying a few times helps.
  9. Dreamfall question

    I could pretend I knew that and that's what I meant by "poor compression", but I'll suppress that urge for now.
  10. Half-life 2 - episode one

    Remember to watch the episode two teaser that is unlocked when you finish the game. Cliffhangers ahoy! I'll replay episode one tomorrow with the commentary, most likely. Really great game, with everything I wanted (more HL2 content). Probably the most stunning scenes I've ever witnessed, mostly thanks to some great uses of shaders and fantastic art direction yet again. I hope they release another book in the vein of Raising the Bar, when all three episodes are done.
  11. Double Fine kitten & game leak

    It's a hero's death.
  12. It's amazing how much better all of that music becomes by being in Ouedan. Morning Masume are actually bearable with some whistles and a couple of barking cheerleaders!
  13. Dreamfall question

    A combination of poor compression and a lot of unique content that only shows up once.
  14. i found this in my local chemist...

    Do hedgehogs really have forked tongues or does he have a penis coming out of his mouth?
  15. Paul Barnett explains Warhammer Online

    Well, it's the truth...
  16. i found this in my local chemist...

    You're playing with the big boys now, Spaff.
  17. Paul Barnett explains Warhammer Online

    Best pitch I've seen, but then again I haven't witnessed too many. I really hope they pull it off, mainly because it's Warhammer and the orcs are a bit fun. Wouldn't mind if they went ahead and made a 40K game instead though.
  18. New Super Mario Bros.

    I just got New SMB today and frankly it's a slight disapointment. I still really like it and I've had some fun with it, but it's not as good as I was hoping. There are mainly two things that I feel take away from the game: the gravity based Mario feels pretty bad in combination with the dashing and the saving is too limited for a portable game. I really like the walljumping and the new power-ups, but it could have been better in my opinion, if they had only tweaked it a bit more. I wish you could have dashing on the shoulder buttons instead too.
  19. Most Dull Online game Ever

    Ah, finally, a good use for this... Besides, all the trolling so far has been pretty weak. We should have a big flame war some day!
  20. Microsoft: hey why not buy a Wii?

    That makes a lot more sense, but she still looks like Mrs. Gates though.
  21. My First Review (Gibbage related ¬¬)

    The loneliest number...
  22. Microsoft: hey why not buy a Wii?

    I think it's Melinda Gates. Besides her and Bill, they all look perfect for their respective characters, Gomez/Moore in particular.
  23. Another GameLife Thread...

    The miracles of severe autism.
  24. My First Review (Gibbage related ¬¬)

    Wow, that's great! Have they done reviews of independant games in the past or is this a first?
  25. Rockstar Table Tennis: Website, trailer

    It'll probably be on the same renderer or at least the same graphical level. Perhaps a tennis minigame would fit? You know, being able to buy sport courts for you mansion or something, seeing as how there was a basketball minigame in SA, they could build on that.