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  1. Actually the whole Subway franchise closed in Sweden a few years back, due to lack of business. True story.
  2. Hi everybody

    Oh, I know people alright.
  3. Hi everybody

    I just passed your request along and the industry, while a little grumpy, agreed. Honestly, it sounds more like you enjoy boardgames. Hi though.
  4. It'd have to be a hell of a sandwich for over ten bucks... Ah yes, I can see it before me now, glorious slices of bread the size of a school bus, with little children carved out of cheese riding along!
  5. Hate to tell you after the fact, but you could have gotten it for $39.99 from YesAsia (with a coupon). The game is worth the money you paid, so just a heads up for future aspiring cheerleaders.
  6. Things the Internet Cares About

    29. Really cute animals
  7. Sweden. I salute you.

    I think there's a second song out now, Anna II or something. Can't vouch for it though, haven't actually heard either of the songs.
  8. Warren specter interview

    Warren Spectre! Yeah, sorry, but that's about as much work as I'm going to put in for an idea that crummy. Notice how his glasses glow!
  9. Warren specter interview

    Yeah, spotted the Eurogamer interview earlier, and while it contains some very well expressed opinions on Spector's part, it really suffers from not being longer. I wish they would have emailed him a batch of follow-up questions and also gotten him to type up some lengthier answers.
  10. I'm starting to dislike used game stores.

    Just going to fall in line and agree that I've never had any trouble getting someone to take money for a product I wanted. Something that has been bothering me however, is the real lack of used games. Ever since the Dreamcast went out of stock, no store has been handling used games for it. Games older than PS2 just can't be bought outside of online auctions, for some reason. I guess I could complain about how there's barely ever any good games available either, but that's more due to the customers than the stores (please trade in Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner, someone in Sweden).
  11. Daily show segment on violent games

    Celcius or fahrenheit? This is important. Honsestly though, I'm not sure whether to take your statement as to include almost everyone or if it's just a swipe at the average American.
  12. anime

    I'm not much for anime, especially not series as they tend to drag out, but everyone really ought to check out the movie Mind Game. It's both beautiful and entertaining as well as one the best movies I've seen in 2006. The pacing is a little uneven a few times, but I didn't really mind too much. Here's a few screencaps of the everchanging visual presentation to win you over:
  13. DS Lite

    Wait until you see what's inside...
  14. Consolevania 2.6 released

    Hah, the feature proposal for the Rockstar game is great (and the title is too!).
  15. On the word Gamer...

    Just kids man, and they're small and move around a lot.
  16. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    Surprisingly good, yeah. Great voice especially, but overall a bit too repetitious for my tastes.
  17. "Rockstar’s Table Tennis Eye-Opener"

    It really isn't. I think you're right though.
  18. Exactly what George Lucas would say!
  19. Half-life 2 - episode one

    It hasn't been updated in forever since there hasn't been a new Half-Life release in forever. Like you say, if it isn't in the game it isn't certain yet. Maybe what you're saying is right, but I'd really, really like to see some links and perhaps another compilation page that's similarly exhaustive so that I get the full picture. For now I'm sticking to the Saga Guide, it seems reasonable in most aspects and even though the story might have been slightly revised, there's a note on the main page saying Mark Laidlaw thinks it's "pretty darn accurate for the most part".
  20. Half-life 2 - episode one

    To the best of my recollection the Vortigaunts were enslaved by the Combine in HL1, thus the weird things they had on their necks and the fact that they were labeled "Alien Slaves" at the time. The actual enslavement would have happened before the game, obviously. Everyone who is interested in the HL story should check this out (I'm guessing most have seen it by now, but you never know): The Half-Life Saga Story Guide It's an excellent resource, even though it doesn't answer all the questions, because that's impossible at this time.
  21. Colbert Love

    Great speech, although the immigration-bit could have been left out.
  22. Sonic Rivals Gameplay Trailer

    Man, I remember playing the Klonoa demo quite a few times. Never bought it though, but I'm confident in saying it was great anyway.