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  1. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    Maintaining the current level of black representation is an important Imperial objective.
  2. So they're releasing the first Sonic again...

    You could do this in Sonic 2 as well.
  3. The Amazing Screw-On Head

    I just found the way he presented the character really predictable and sometimes annoyingly over the top. I think it would be better if he held back, just slightly (as it's still an animated show about a magical head that sockets nicely into premade bodies).
  4. "Pepsimaaaaan!"

    Hah, I love how there's only one track (the jingle) and it doesn't even repeat in levels.
  5. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    Right, managed to find this: Looks a bit like Evil Genius, doesn't it? Fantastic style anyway.
  6. The Amazing Screw-On Head

    WHOA !!! Well maybe not that good, but it was still great. David Hyde Pierce went over the top a bit much as Emperor Zombie, but besides that the voice acting was fantastic. His voice is a good fit though. The visuals are definitely the best part, with some simply amazing work at bringing Mignola's art to life. Potential avatar material throughout, pretty much.
  7. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    The games will probably be a bit rebalanced for the consoles, perhaps slightly reducing the number of enemies and the pace. Some things are harder to do with a controller, some easier. If they don't change anything, it could be just right or maybe it'll be way too hard. I guess we'll see, but I think it could be a definite problem.
  8. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    Dude, their games are very well tested and balanced. The sort of thing I'm talking about is stuff that's hard to catch or plan for in-studio. It's not like they rebalanced the whole game, just reduced the difficulty slightly in one minor section.
  9. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    One thing that will be interesting to see is how Valve handles user input on the consoles. With a PC user, they have full control. They can see where people are having trouble and reduce the difficulty (which they have done) and balance the game more effectively. I doubt neither Microsoft nor Sony will let them track user data from their platforms, which kind of leaves console players a bit left out.
  10. Old Consolevania Episodes?

    Hah, that was great. Bestest parts: Ask Kenny, Danny Glover-joke, whole NSJ/NGJ bit.
  11. Old Consolevania Episodes?

    I guess it's mainly that it's much more concise and to the point, due to time restrictions. Consolevania is very funny and has many enjoyable aspects, but would definitely benefit from being shorter.
  12. I honestly can't tell whether you hated or loved it. Serious stuff: It's really, really depressing and I find both sides at fault. Israel for running some deplorable tactics against Palestine and being general assholes at select times and the Palestinians for continously striking back (I guess the same should be said for Lebanon. Didn't they learn from Egypt's mistake the last time around?). In short: disco sucks, fuck everything.
  13. Uhh.. Maybe you should focus more on the forums and less on "news".
  14. Old Consolevania Episodes?

    When is the new season of VideoGaiden going to be downloadable aired anyway? In some aspects it's a lot better than Consolevania (not name-wise though).
  15. Old Consolevania Episodes?

    The skittish Scottish draw ire from the Irish. Or something... This is about as low on content a post can get, really.
  16. On Stranger Tides

    Well that sounds vaguely interesting, but how about some more info? Is it humorous, is it very fictional and so on. Not looking for a plot summary, just a sense of what kind of book it is.
  17. The World Cup hate thread

    Yup, Zidane sure went out with a bang there, what with winning the Golden Ball and everything. The Italian probably deserved it though.
  18. What are you playing today?

    The other day I found a cheap, brand new copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (Lucifer's Call in Europe for some reason) and started playing it. It's been really long since I touched a turn-based RPG, much less a japanese one, so it's all very refreshing for the time being. It's a pretty cool game, even if a little hard. I'm still at the start since I got distracted for a bit, but I'll continue playing later tonight. I guess I really shouldn't have bought a game that takes a two-digit number of hours to complete. I have so many games still left over, half-finished, used and abused, left for dead or any other way of saying "abandoned".
  19. Uh oh, forum drama intersecting with real-life drama!
  20. I liked your original answer better, had more emotion.
  21. Self-deprecating fat joke, Yufster?
  22. Sorry, I have a bias against people who live on islands.
  23. MaChe?

    They pretty much publish whatever and start a lot of rumors. Some of their writing is ok, but the site overall doesn't hold up. To answer your question: they have really low credibility, which is saying something since it's an internet gaming fanzine.
  24. MaChe?

    That shit sucks, but nobody should expect Kotaku, the National Enquirer of the gaming world, to have any integrity.
  25. Hi everybody

    Things got real harsh real quick here.