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  1. Kotaku internet fascism

    Both of those are pretty hard to read though. Blue's News, and Shacknews to a lesser extent, could really use a redesign.
  2. Dark Messiah Demo

    There was a joke in Space Quest IV, where you went to a mall on a space station, and you'd find King's Quest XXV or something in one of the stores. The game was "12 GB long", which was of course ridiculous. Not so funny now (unless you distribute it on floppy disks) are you, Sierra?
  3. Bully Trailer

    Yeah, looks much better than I was expecting.
  4. Kotaku internet fascism

    I think that the only time an invite system would work was if those invited were very few and took the job of commenting a bit seriously (not excluding humor though). The thing is that then you don't really have a comment system anymore, you have something that functions in the same way as the Thumbs "Screw that guy"-feature. I'd think this was a good thing in most cases, but probably I'd feel like there wasn't any point in calling it an invite-only comment system any more, since it's basically just an extension of the article. Maybe I'm not making sense here though. Reading all that makes me wish I hadn't written it in the first place. Oh well...
  5. Dark Messiah Demo

    I think the Company of Heroes beta/demo-thingy is something like 4,38 GB and that's without any singleplayer content. 5 DVD's blows everything I've heard about away though. Either they have lots of extras planned or they're not reusing any content (or perhaps the game is just really long, but the chances of that feel slim).
  6. Kotaku internet fascism

    Since I can't really say I disagree with anything, I'll just go ahead and post what blog-type sites I visit too! Of course, everyone goes to the Thumb (not saying that the Thumb is a blog, just that the news sort of functions like that), but besides that there's also GameSetWatch which has some very interesting links and columns from time to time. Then we have 4 Color Rebellion which, aside from having the coolest name, does exactly the same thing for me as it apparently does for Jake.
  7. Bowling for Zombies

    Do you keep your character stats after the three days are over, or is each round independant?
  8. DFAN

    Yeah, I know the movie and I read the blog too, and apparently just missed that single line. Must have blocked it out, for some indeterminate reason.
  9. DFAN

    Oh man, you're keeping all the cool stuff away from the masses. What's that about a Burton-esque game though? Can't say I see anything about that anywhere. Do you guys have access to a secret newsfeed too?
  10. Bowling for Zombies

    Even though many expected it to be some sort of über-game, this is exactly the kind of title the 360 needs more of. I know it has flaws and some things that will annoy me, but it's still a strong force behind me wanting to get an Xbox.
  11. Post You Pic Thread

    It's probably that time of the month, but she handles it with style.
  12. All this 'new leaked info' about Wii...

    The Wii's advantage probably lies more in how it's built on the same SDK so programmers with GC experience won't have any trouble getting things up and running right away, rather than the other two being impossible to figure out.
  13. Trauma Center? Hehehe I'm UnGHgn :)

    Maybe you should see it as playing a bullet hell shmup or something similar? Those can be pretty fun, even though you know you'll never be able to best the game. Ikaruga is one of my favorite games and I fucking suck at it. Can't even beat it on easy, but for some reason getting my ass handed to me is fun when I don't go in there to win.
  14. "Super Photosnap Magic Universe" would have been much more apt.
  15. I wouldn't consider Psychonauts as an especially complex game. The mechanics behind it are standard platforming stuff, but yeah, I can't really find a good one-liner for it either. About Eve-Online: one aspect to notice here is that they have people paying every month for a game that is exceedingly hard to get in to and has some pretty intricate gameplay systems. Most people who try it never make it past the tutorial - or so it seems. The thing with both you and me having trouble with finding a tagline for Psychonauts, for example, is that we're not in marketing. We also already have a great fondness for the game (you better have!) which makes us want to bring all the positive aspects to light at once. I'm sure you could work out a nice sales-pitch with enough time and will to only show a few things about the game that might make most people interested, perhaps even hiding some unique aspects that don't have much positive impact on sales. Of course there are still problems; I've seen a lot of people complain that they didn't want to play Psychonauts because they didn't think the main character was cool enough. The same people probably had trouble with Jade being the star of BG&E and a big pig getting that much screen time.
  16. It certainly isn't. A lot of pretty complex strategy games and RPG's sell decent amounts. Even though there are a lot of simpler games that sell more, they manage to push some units, just as it's sometimes books on the strategies of World War 2 and not always the detective stories and the Tom Clancy novels that people buy. There is a market for more complex games, examples such as Eve-Online prove that, and it's just a matter of finding your crowd and getting them interested in your product and maybe attracting some new people over time.
  17. Trauma Center? Hehehe I'm UnGHgn :)

    Yufster, I was going to post this earlier, but I didn't want to seem vindicative: Get crushed by a pony. No one smears foodstuff on me.
  18. All this 'new leaked info' about Wii...

    It's people on the internet who are either genuinely retarded or feel they have to react strongly to everything for their opinion to matter and get noticed. I hate shitbags like that, ARGH!!!
  19. Trauma Center? Hehehe I'm UnGHgn :)

    Nick? More like dick! No offense, I'm just trying out these new punning shoes I bought. I think they're working!
  20. Horse

    The horse appears to be dead or seriously injured.
  21. Arcade Revivalist Foundation

    I really just like lightgun games in general, so I'm hoping for some straight ports for the Wii. Any arcade action I can get my hands on is good though. As long as it's, you know, actually good. And not shit. So not any arcade action then. Right. Sega should port it's entire back catalogue, releasing the older stuff on the Virtual Console and pressing the newer titles for shops. A terrible business plan to be sure, but I'd like that.
  22. What are you listening to?

    Like always, I'm mixing things up without not really breaking any new ground, with a bit of hardcore and then some up-beat rock. Pretty much anything by Sick Of It All and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists is a good combo. Throw some Samiam and Blood for Blood in there and it's a decent soundtrack to the summer.
  23. I need some help with video editing / recording?

    Google Video uploads can be several hours long, so yes.
  24. Movie/TV recommendations

    I wish they did more episodes like "Three Stories" and "No Reason" on House, instead of throwing them on the air late in the season as a way of earning some awards. Can't wait for season 3 though (it starts in September, right?).
  25. Heroes in a half-shell

    I liked all three when I was a kid. Having somewhat recently watched them again showed how poor my tastes were in certain respects. I couldn't get myself to dislike the movies though. I don't know if it's because it's the Turtles, if I have a mental defect or if it's just some weird form of nostalgia that removes me from reality.