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  1. Somebody donate me a PS2

    As I said, this thread is a work of art and would probably be the peak of the forums if it went through.
  2. RIP Crocodile hunter.

    From reading the USA Today article, it comes across as a complete accident. Terrible shame he had to go, but when you're living on the edge like that it's almost bound to happen.
  3. Somebody donate me a PS2

    This is your best thread yet!
  4. What's your favourite movie?

    I agree with a lot of the movies already posted, so I'll just post a film that no one has mentioned yet - and it always seems to get forgotten on this type of list for some reason. L.A. Confidential. I can watch that movie anytime and it never gets old to me. I think it's one of the few movies I like every single aspect about and I really admire how well-made it is. If you haven't seen it, it's a neo noir, detective type story set in the 50's with three cops investigating a case, each on their own.
  5. ...but they can DANCE!

    Firefox has some trouble playing GIF's at a normal speed, instead speeding them up, if that's what you're refering to. Nice work, though you should round off the top of the head slightly.
  6. Mother wins ban on violent porn

    I have no insight into the case, beyond that article, but censorship is always going to be bad, especially when censoring sexual fantasies. What would you say the consensus in England is about this ruling? Is there a lot of morality policing? Captain Planet is ok though, busting thought crime or not.
  7. Can the PS3 save Sony?

    I wonder how much legs the PS3 will have. Obviously it's going to sell out for the first year or whatever, but with a rumored price of 6700 SEK ($910) here in Sweden, I can't think of many casual or semi-casual gamers that would get one later on. Sony better have some sweet marketing up their sleeve to pull that one off. Obviously the slightly better pricing in the US might help some sales there.
  8. Man, this place is dead...

  9. Bargain bin bounty

    It's a rarity? I picked it up when I bought my DS to have something to fill the GBA slot, but that was only because of all the fancy studio names on the box (Treasure and Hitmaker mainly). Nice to know it's not worthless, since it's a solid title and probably deserves better than it - and I'm guessing here - did on the market. I also managed to find a mint copy of Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner a few weeks back, for $10 or so. Couldn't believe my eyes, as it has proven to be very elusive and expensive when I've tried to get my hands on it before. I had given up hope, but I still felt relieved when I picked it up, though my feeling obviously didn't quite reach the same levels as yours. Great game though.
  10. Man, this place is dead...

    It's more like a turtle on it's back, slowly dying in the sun, if you ask me.
  11. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    The last video has a great example of their cinematic physics. Videos also show a new tag-along ally (spoiled in screens earlier though), "new" vehicle, new enemies, some old enemies in some locales that spice things up considerably.
  12. Trauma Center? Hehehe I'm UnGHgn :)

    Check the Flickr link and the explanation is right there.
  13. Fight cancer by doing... nothing!

    To tie this in with gaming; the PS3 will be able to do this too, which is great.
  14. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    Portal is, according to Valve, "a three-to-four-hour experience."
  15. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    Whoa, good stuff right there. Thanks for the link. Only thing that doesn't seem completely perfect is that the Heavy's muzzle-flash is a bit tame. Didn't want to cover too much of his view, I guess. Loved the scout bit anyway.
  16. Kieron Gillen studies System Shock

    Does anyone know if The Godfather did well or not? The game was total shit, but that may not have held it back (360 version seems just as pathetic, if not more).
  17. Paul Stanley - Live to Win

    Imply THIS! *moves groin around and raises fist* Gotta stir up some drama to keep Idle Banter alive. Fight the power. I feel like an asshole for doing that thing with asterisks though.
  18. Sexy Japanese Video Game Girls

    This character in Disgaea has the physique of a nine year old (actually, they all do) and wears scant little clothing. That's not creepy though, she's 1500 years old or something! Yeah... I predict this thread will bring lots of new visitors once Google goes through it!
  19. Exam Results!!!

    Not really an exam per se, but I passed both the math courses I took this summer so I'm all set for a second year of university. I needed to score a few points to get moved up a year as well as to continue to receive student welfare.
  20. Next Gen ... is it worth it?

    Next Gen is always worth it. It might sound melodramatic, but the human race would be nowhere without the will to move forward, as would gaming. Even if costs are ramping up both for consumers and developers, what we get in return during this coming generation and the generation after that makes it all worthwhile to me. Even if it seems like the jump from the current generation to the next isn't much more than a bit of spit and some polish, DOA4 would be a prime example of this, we'll be getting a few shining examples of why it's worth purchasing a next gen console. And after that, we'll reap the benefits next time a generational shift rolls around, with the increased developer experience that they'll hopefully earn and perhaps that generation will be a bigger jump or a more progressive one. My point is that whatever happens, the industry's building towards that big leap. Besides, we're getting the Wii now, which to me is a fine example of what the will to progess can yield.
  21. Movie/TV recommendations

    N-noooo, this cannot be... a differing opinion on the internet?
  22. Movie/TV recommendations

    I just watched Crash a few nights back and I've gotta say that I was really underwhelmed. It was pretty decently shot, but the script just couldn't be saved. It didn't evoke any emotion at all and basically went nowhere. All the main characters are extremes that learn a lesson about racism in the end or get fucked over, except the locksmith, I guess. It wasn't terrible or anything, just not that great of a movie either. Flags of our Fathers looks genuinely interesting though, but I kind of like war movies in general.
  23. Wii / DS voice recognition

    Yup, those things always work. Seems like a pretty unnecessary feature honestly, unless they go the way of Final Fantasy XI and have some limited automatic translation built in. Slightly Wii-related: this thread over at NeoGAF. Some rumblings about a lower retail price than expected, 19800 yen instead of 25000 yen. One can only hope.
  24. Chris Remo Podcast

    You'll always have your powers of deception. The Thumb should consider a hostile takeover of the whole Shack-network to get Remo back, so that you can do some really extreme podcasts. I'm willing to donate $10 or so. If I get a t-shirt.