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  1. Limbo

  2. Crytek and the insanity of realism

    For me graphics are a bit like going and seeing a film that's been shot or printed on some film with really heavy grain. It's jarring and noticable at first, but then the mind does what it's supposed to and adapts. You don't really take notice anymore, because your brain peels all that surplus info back and looks at the core. Terrible graphics and photorealism alike, if they're kept on a consistent level it'll just become a vehicle for the gameplay (and possibly the story). Same with movies on hand-held cameras, unless something is done to pull attention to the presentation in particular, you won't think about it.
  3. Crytek and the insanity of realism

    That screen still looks fully acceptable, so it might not be the best example, but yeah Remedy are doing the whole phototexture thing again in Alan Wake. In one screen you can see the engine of a car, and it's a completely flat photo layed on the model.
  4. Titan Quest

    I don't have the game, but:
  5. Alan Wake

    It looks like someone shat on a piece of stale bread. Fantastic. I prefer a cheesy and at least memorable name - since I don't forget those, like miffy - rather than having to play as John Q. Spacemarine with a name like Quake 4's Matthew Kane (had to look it up). Those are cheesy in ways I can't really tolerate having to hear repeatedly. I'd much rather be a space marine if my name was Shooty von Grunt or preferably something clever along that line.
  6. Osu tatakae Ouendan.

    Honestly, for me the secretary level was way worse, on both hard and normal at least. On normal everything's harder than it has to be though.
  7. Alan Wake

    I get it. Where's my prize!?
  8. Know your game designers

    22 here, but I got a one or two repeats/variations on the same question for some reason. Missed Dragon Quest and Mortal Kombat.
  9. Alan Wake

    Even with Remedy's impressive track record and demo scene roots, there's no way that'll run smoothly on my computer. Another reason to get a 360, because holy fucking tornado.
  10. Actually, a common misinterpretation here in Sweden is that it's "båt" instead of "bot" (which sound alike). "Båt" means "boat" obviously. The guy who did the song has put out an album which, I shit you not, is called "LOL <(^^,)>".
  11. Phil Harrison busts out the doublespeak (again)

    As opposed to the 360, you can always have a buffer on the hard drive though, so that'll probably even out in the end.
  12. Sony: Nintendo to lose core audiance

    Without his beret he is nothing.
  13. Sony: Nintendo to lose core audiance

    Oh, we remember it, everyone was doing those jokes back then, so it engraved itself on our retinas and in our minds. I'd like to spruce it up by photoshopping that mustache in Marek's avatar over to him - it'd be perfect fit and add a bit of class. Hmm...
  14. XBox 360 videos from TGS

    Yeah, no kidding, all those games make me wish I had enough cash to grab a 360 right now (and still have enough to spend on the Wii). I wonder how much the extra features not yet shown in Lost Odyssey's battle system will help boost it from charmingly traditional to mindblowingly creative. Blue Dragon actually looks better at this point, but that's probably because we've seen more environments and variation from it.
  15. The Star Wars DVDs

    The Last Crusade isn't actually that good either, but Raiders is truly the best of all Lucas' films.
  16. The Wii's Launch

    I'm not sure if I'm reading this right, but uh, yeah there's online capabilities but not without an internet connection (which would require wi-fi). Online would be weather, news and multiplayer.
  17. The Wii's Launch

    Yeah, if NOE is intending on fucking us over on the release date tomorrow, I'll consider importing it from the US. Apparently Iwata got on a plane to London after the Japan show was finished, so it could be that they're holding back some final semi-large announcement, whether it be good or bad.
  18. The Wii's Launch

    At this point they could price the Wii pretty much whatever here in Euroland and I'd still buy it. Glad to hear about Opera though! Everyone should check out this little video with glimpses of quite a few Wii games. I'm guessing most people have seen it at this point, but a link never hurts.
  19. A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game

    Fallout is my favorite RPG ever, so yeah you could say I like it. I was never in to roleplaying games before, turn-based ones even less so, but Fallout clicked right away for me. It's something about the way the gameplay systems and the art mesh that makes it more than the sum of its parts for me. Number two is not as involving but still the better game. That's sort of the point though. You're all alone in the nuclear desert and everybody is out to fuck you over. You have no idea where to go from the start and you feel pretty lost at times, which is exactly what it would feel like to be in that situation. It sounds like it wouldn't work, but it did for me and a couple of other people at least. I think Bethesda will do a decent job, but I probably won't like it if I try to think of it as the third in the series. I just don't think they have the right touch to make it all come together in the same way that the folks over at Interplay did.
  20. Can the PS3 save Sony?

    The PS2 launched with 500,000 units in NA and around 1,000,000 in Japan so this is pretty underwhelming any way you look at it.
  21. Can the PS3 save Sony?

    Yeah, the 360 launched with 400,000 units for North America. Not sure about Japan, but I think it was 150,000 or thereabout. You have to factor in that Europe also got 300,000 units though. Anyway, that launch was nothing but shortages, expect for Japan, and considering the number of sold PS2s versus the number of sold Xboxes one would think that the user base is larger for a new Sony product.
  22. Can the PS3 save Sony?

    Well, it could be a lot worse for Sony... Oh wait, what's this? So fucked.
  23. Osu tatakae Ouendan.

    The thing that sets Ouendan apart from other rhythm games for me is that I actually get better at it as I go. Playing a lot usually solves any problem. Playing on a higher difficulty helps even more, especially if you do it in a multiplayer game where you can't run out of time. Even if you're doing shit you'll be picking up more advanced techniques and rhythm patterns.
  24. He acknowledges that here too, commenting that the extravagance of Ion Storm was kinda stupid. Since this feature at Gamespot seems to be picking off the San Fransisco developers, maybe Tim Schafer will be up next, seeing as how he's paid visits to them in the past. I like Kasavin, so that would be nice to hear.
  25. He sounds very likeable.