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  1. Lois Lane? More like Lois LAME

    Obviously, yes.
  2. Girls and Games: Some Statitsics

    I would drive that, no doubt.
  3. My exciting day!

    A Thumb weather update: hurray, a blizzard, just what I wanted!
  4. PS3 launch units drop a further 20%

    There will be no profit, only suffering.
  5. My exciting day!

    There's a storm brewing. It's chilly as hell. I hate November, and it hasn't even started yet.
  6. I hope it turns out well. Still haven't actually played Stranger's Wrath, but I like the other Oddworld things. I remember watching the demo of Abe's Oddesey (was that the first title?) when I got my original Playstation and being really astounded for some reason. I think it was the setting that just grabbed me straight away. Please make Stranger's Wrath backwards compatible, Microsoft.
  7. Awards for potential? They really couldn't come up with better filler than that?
  8. Lumines Live

    Would the two of you say it's still worth buying, I mean in terms of available content. I've seen a few people state the contrary but the reasoning there always stop at "fucking demo version". So yeah, expand please. Also, to whine a bit, it's more like $23 if I buy it here in Sweden due to fucked up points conversion rates.
  9. Girls and Games: Some Statitsics

    Girls football is pretty popular these days. Of course not every girl plays football, but not every boy plays video games either. The thing about games is that it is such a flexible medium that it differs greatly from your football story. It is more along the lines if films were only made for men. And every other movie was a porno.
  10. Jack Thompson is back....

    Yeah, that's pretty much what started playing in my head when I read the Thompson quote.
  11. XBox Live gamertag exchange

    No it's completely full. I couldn't add you because Live requires a space on your list, which wasn't gonna happen just like that.
  12. Way fucked up. Legal bullying to break a company's economy sucks.
  13. XBox Live gamertag exchange

    Whoa, full friendlist, loony. How did you manage that, or rather, how many people would that be?
  14. Jack Thompson is back....

    Motherfucking Joe Pesci vibes right there.
  15. Contact Delayed?

    I had it preordered from YesAsia, but they listed it as stocked well before the release and then removed the order when they couldn't fulfill it after a week. I guess I'll hold out and get it later, but Atlus has a history of shipping too few copies and never restocking so I'm slightly nervous I won't get it.
  16. Link's "Wii" Adventure!

    Looked like it was done in an external 3D program to me.
  17. XBox Live gamertag exchange

    I'm having trouble getting some of your gamercards loading. Maybe it's just me. How do you set your picture to something non-standard anyway?
  18. DS Games

    It's much better than you think, whatever you think. Really well designed, you never feel bored because new things are going on all the time and the whole experience is very streamlined - in a good way. The only thing I would say is that it's very easy, except for the tank battles at times.
  19. DS Games

    Yeah, I've got Phoenix Wright 2 preordered as well as Children of Mana and I have no idea when I'm going to play those. I'm still playing Rocket Slime and I'm sure I won't be completely done with that any time soon given the on-and-off pace I have. I just also got a 360 (yay) and I'm loving the hell out of it, so the DS has some serious competetion from that as well. Perhaps a gamertag thread would be worthwhile, since I have no friends with the machine?
  20. Kotaku: Go to Hell.

    That's a really extravagant way of telling him to shut the hell up.
  21. chain letters

    woke up stabbed, not suffocated, very dissapointed. also bleeding...
  22. chain letters

    chain threads
  23. Where's the FF love?

    Just gonna jump in here and sidetrack this topic a bit. Rocket Slime is fucking fantastic. I get happy every time I sit down to play it. So cute. That is all.
  24. Time to burden you again!

    If you turn your head ninety degrees counter-clockwise, it'll look like a donkey blowing a German tourist on holiday in Italy. Really dude, it says everything you need to know right at the top of the image.
  25. Movie/TV recommendations

    Looks killer enough to make want me pay for a ticket.