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  1. Consolevania and VideoGaiden

    It has tons of charm. It is a gaming show. How this works, I have no idea. Anyway: GAS IN YA FACE !
  2. Try actually looking on the screen instead. Listen, I'm terribly sorry, but when you leave openings like that... [que new pun here]
  3. Connecting console to TV

    To combat this problem you could buy a switch box, so you can have everything hooked up and then just flip through your gadgets with a remote. There won't be any significant loss in quality, unless perhaps you buy the cheapest thing available. Something like this might be suitable.
  4. I'm rich!

    Though, it has a sense of style and elegance that only the French can bring to executions. Far more aesthetic than, say, a hanging.
  5. Connecting console to TV

    The premium version does, actually. You really made me doubt myself there though. Of course, packing a nice cable in with a hi-def system would make too much sense, so I changed my mind until I looked it up.
  6. Connecting console to TV

    So that one's out... Huh, that's very odd. You'd think the TV wouldn't care from where the signal was coming, wouldn't you? I'd say try it anyway, with a compatible resolution set on your laptop of course. I don't think that could possibly break it anyway (please don't take my word for it). For the 360 I'm using the VGA cables, which I've hooked up to my computer monitor and there's no way I'm going back to Scart on my SDTV. If you're not going to use the component cables that came with the console, please purchase a VGA kit.
  7. Wii heat

    This will end with your house burning down, mark my words (both of you).
  8. PS3 backwards compatibility glitch.

    I meant the Gamecube games. Even if the hardware is very similarly structured, it's not identical.
  9. PS3 backwards compatibility glitch.

    That was only a few games, this is more than a handful. For the Xbox, I've actually purchased Stranger's Wrath ($8 or something, new) and have it waiting if they ever fix that one up. The way Microsoft have handled it is frustrating as hell. Maybe we'll see some screw-ups with the Wii as well? Possibly? No?
  10. Children of mana is shit

    Yeah, I'm kind of regretting having bought it. Nice looking sprites and backdrops and not much else. The design is mostly terrible.
  11. PS3 backwards compatibility glitch.

    It's odd that they're not working, given that there's basically a PS2 crammed in there along with the new stuff.
  12. ELMUERTE'S Thread of LIESSSS

    The liar becomes the liee...
  13. Congratulations SPAFF

    Really, who the hell places a table like that? Anyway; happy birthday, Spaff!
  14. Lumines Live

    Just to keep the thread slightly alive: GODDAMNIT! I had a 600 or 700 or so long erase in the 10 minute time attack and with 1 second left I fail to place the last block, thus voiding my score.
  15. Idiots argue about next gen consoles

    Yeah pretty much. I think the 360 GPU has something like 10 MB of embedded memory (and twice the clock speed).
  16. Idiots argue about next gen consoles

    It's sort of true. It does have 3 MB of embedded graphics memory on the GPU but it also has 24 MB of high speed memory the GPU can use, besides the 64 MB of main memory that the GPU shares access to. Some of those IGN screenshots don't look all that great though, but that's not because of HDR in my opionion. AA would be really nice.
  17. Lumines Live

    My situation is much the same. I've gotten to the seventh stage, but even that didn't net me too much of a score. I'm having fun too, but I'm just amazed by how much better some people are. I downloaded the top guy and it blew my mind, slightly at least. I mean, I know how to do similar set-ups, but that run was so far beyond anything I've ever come close to, except for when I get a nice chaining block and clear out most of the screen in the subsequent wipe. I tried playing a lot more agressively, and while that was fun, it didn't raise my scoring at all.
  18. Sort of and not really. There is some light dungeon crawling that you do to progress the story (this is where you reach new tank battles) and gather scrap material for your tank. There are a few puzzles but they're all overly obvious. It does remind slightly of A Link to the Past, but I think that'd be the graphics.
  19. New PsP adverts

    Yeah that's pretty good. Shows off the gameplay concept quickly, has some humor to it and even throws in a millisecond of gameplay.
  20. Lumines Live

    I was playing the trial tonight and suddenly the game just clicked for me. It just became so much better in the blink of an eye, so I caved and bought it. I'm still not really good at it but that'll happen in due time I'm sure. Any tips for the apsiring Lumineer?
  21. Firefox 2.0

    That actually requires effort on the developers side.
  22. PS3 launch units drop a further 20%

    Dead Rising could have done so much better in Japan. The trouble it had was that it was rated Z, which meant they wouldn't/couldn't even put out boxes. If you wanted to buy it you had to get it under the counter, so to speak. It still broke top 20 if my memory serves me correctly, so that's a pretty good achievement for the game.
  23. Again, this speculation has been going on since day one.
  24. Innovation in the video game industry

    I'd agree that the console business is on an upswing with regards to interesting content compared to even last year or the year before that, for me personally. I'm seeing a lot more things that I'm at least interested in, perhaps even to the degree where I'll purchase it, which can't be said for the PC where there's maybe three or four games coming out in the next year that I'd even consider. What the PC industry has locked itself in to is exactly what they were drawing analogies to with the comic book industry. For me though, I think Capcom is going to plow ahead this coming console generation, under the sagely guidance of Keiji Inafune, because they seem to be trying much harder than most at bringing out new IP that they can build their business on. I'd agree with Marek though, that there needs to be a much bigger selection of styles and characters to make the new IP relevant. Even Capcom, who I think are doing as much as possible correctly right now, is missing out quite a bit in that sector. Anyway, that video is so much better than the usual stuff that ends up on GameTrailers it's not even funny. Very much looking forward to part 2.
  25. My exciting day!

    Progressively blurrier.