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  1. I always figured that "AAA" means for games what "blockbuster" means for movies, a certain level of overwhelming critical and financial success. The terms also go well together because they both started out describing effect and ended up describing cause.

    "Blockbuster" just means financial success. It's got nothing to do with what critics think. (Although Wikipedia claims that Jaws redefined it to a genre too: The big budget action-adventure/thrilling movie that's a huge success.)

  2. I don't know about Cruz, I don't think I've ever seen her in a film. Considering her eyes are going to be hidden throughout the movie, provided she can act (which I believe she can), and provided she never smiles as Molly -- maybe it could work...?

  3. Warner Independent Pictures

    Who what now? (They closed down in 2008, sadly.) A lot of folks in Hollywood have been saying that since the financial crisis it's been pretty much a AAA business model. They just want Transformers, and it's impossible to get smaller/mid-sized films made. Recently things seem to have been changing, but maybe that's just my impression. (And: Thank goodness for Fox Searchlight!)

  4. If he's cast, I will literally not be watching that film. I'm not usually so precious about book/film adapts, but that's among the worst casting I can think of. Case is the prototypical cyberpunk/hacker -- he's in love with virtual reality, and uncomfortable in reality. He's more likely to have deep vein thrombosis than he is a muscle on his body, nevermind having a body that was sculpted from spending three hours a day with personal trainer.




    Liam Neeson would do a great job as Armitage -- but I doubt he'd agree to be cast to play guy from the book: Inscrutable, insular, unsettling, and just generally incapable of being personable on any level. He's most definitely not going to hunt you down and kill you for spoiling Batman (well, if he was, he wouldn't announce it first). You don't need Liam Neeson to play a part so simple.

  5. Yeah, there's this exchange:


    Doctor Fred: “Does he have any experience with electronics?”
    Bernard: ”Uh…I once saw him take three thousand volts directly through his head without batting an eye.”
    Doctor Fred: ”Didn’t he pass out?”
    Bernard:”Well, he was already passed out when it happened!”




    Also, on a DOTT note: I watched Mel Brooks's "High Anxiety" recently, and Cloris Leachman's Nurse Diesel really really reminded me of Nurse Edna. I'm pretty sure it was an "homage".

  6. That's a little harsh, guys. If you have an issue with a design choice, that's totally legitimate to bring up, but it's equally legitimate for "the fans," as you say, to bring them up. Assuming that any decision made with "fan" input is a bad one is frankly an obnoxious kind of elitism.

    No, you've got the wrong end of the stick. I don't want them to be guided by ANYONE. Not me, not you, not them. I backed a game by the *developers* -- not the most vocal members of their forum. It's nothing to do with elitism, or issues with the fans, per se, just that the developers seem to be lacking a strong voice of their own, and only seem to be following what loud people are telling them to do. Even if I agreed with the loud members of their forum I'd still be very concerned for the quality of the game.

  7. Wow. Okay. Asking a dude to chill out is apparently a grievous sin, now. TP! WHY! JUST WHY!

    Just calm your beard man.

    I vastly preferred Brave to Wreck-It Ralph, almost entirely because of the setting. It's not really fair of me to prefer it for that reason, because I think it's a much weaker story than most of their other Good Stuff, but I did and I do! I think it's the best-looking movie Pixar has yet made. I did quite enjoy Wreck-It Ralph, though.

    I hear Wreck-It Ralph is close to Toy Story 3 in quality, so I really wanted to see it. Sadly I missed it. Brave was fun, but it sounds like Ralph was better.

    Still no idea why Purcell wasn't even MENTIONED by the two winners, though. Sounds very messed up.

  8. Did you know that you can do the same in Google images? I'm pretty sure it's better than Tineye, but a lot people don't realise you can drag images and search by them?


    Edit: This photo was taken a second later...




    Thrik is a Bond villain!

  9. Twig, the very fact that the film so split regular cinema goers (and not due to it having any shocking content), is the best endorsement for a film I can think of. I don't think the people who didn't like it are automatically "morons", but the fact that it caused enough of a stir to warrant that notice is wonderful in my books.

    Also, I loved The Lord of the Rings films. Just wanted to add that.

  10. Damn, that's a great review. I really have a sense of how they succeeded, and how they failed. They really wanted the player to care about her, and it seems they managed to do that, but then they undercut their aims shoving the camera behind her ass, or down her top. What a shame!


    The whole review is great, but these are a few of my favourite bits:


    "I don’t want to see the camera behind her backside as she crawls through tunnels. I want to look ahead of her, through the tunnel. I don’t need to see down the front of her shirt as she falls from high places or drowns. Worse than that, I don’t want to see the camera linger for a long while on Lara’s death scenes. I can relate to Lara Croft in this game enough that I want her to pick up a coat when she shivers or rips her shirt."


    "This reboot ofTomb Raider, with its experimental juxtapositions of different kinds of play, as well as its attempts to redefine Lara as a human being rather than a caricature of a sexual femininity, feels like the first step on a shaky path towards a better franchise. It feels shaky because Lara still retains much of the trappings of her old self; she still seems to be performing, except this time, her brand of femininity is more Virgin than Whore, and it could use a bit more nuance than that dichotomy affords."


    I can't believe they apparently did such a great job with the character, only to needlessly sexualize her. It's like when I started watching Buffy -- I've never found Sarah Michelle Gellar particularly attractive, but I sure fell in love with her character. Which is it say that I wanted her to be safe, and I didn't want her to be needlessly sexualized (which, thankfully, she wasn't). Maybe some sort of "camera and coat" patch could sort things out. If it did, I'd definitely want to play this.