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  1. Things have gotten bad, and this is my attempt at sorting things out.


    Firstly, I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings. Yes, you. It's never been my intention to hurt anyone in any of the arguments I've engaged in. Really.


    Secondly, with this in mind, it's probably time I gave this forum a little breather. It's gotten to the point where visiting it can literally ruin my day (like today). A certain double-barreled PM from someone here ruined my Christmas, and now it just seems hit and miss as to whether I'll feel like shit for the rest of the day when I visit. Clearly I've managed to rub a lot of you up the wrong way, and clearly this isn't doing me any favours either.


    Cards on the table time:


    Yes, I'm highly opinionated. Yes, I don't see any point in backing down if someone tells me I'm wrong. Yes, lately I've been feeling too sensitive and have taken things too personally. And, yes, unfortunately, that is really not a good mix. It's a pretty terrible mix, in fact.


    Somebody made a post here a while ago about how they'd hate to be on a forum that reacts to how you say things, rather than what you're saying. Unfortunately for me, that's now the forum I visit each day. I honestly feel I'm making logical, impersonal statements. I never resort to personal attacks or insults, and try to stick to whatever is being discussed, but I'm still apparently managing to stomp over other people's feelings. For that, I'm sorry. It's not intentional, and it's not personal.


    Of course, assuming that other people aren't taking things personally makes me something of a hypocrite, or at least incredibly ignorant. (The silver-lining of which is that it means I assume that you're all much happier and well-adjusted than me, and so can take criticisms of your arguments better than me.) This is what low self-esteem looks like. When I'm criticized it feels a lot more painful than it should, even if it's just an opinion or belief of mine. Yes, I come with baggage. (Where's Raz when you need him??) And so (for the sake of my own self-worth) I find myself defending my beliefs. Not attacking you, mind. Defending me. That's an important distinction, even if you feel the end result is the same.


    If I've gotten your back up, just know that it wasn't personal. I wasn't attacking you, I was defending me. And yes, that's my problem, not yours.


    Anyways, the upshot of all this is that me being here isn't making me happy, and it's not making you happy. So it'd be better for both of us if I kept out of things from now on. At least for a little while.


    I'm terribly sorry for any pain I may have caused you. And again, it wasn't personal. Life is just difficult sometimes. I'm sorry!

  2. I played it for 2 hours yeasterday. I actually just wanted to install it, see the intro and then go to sleep (because I was tired as shit).

    I don't get the plasmids in this bioshock, why do they even exist? Or the handy man for that matter, I saw one during the non combat intro, but he feels out of place. It's a worker that it not really needed anymore?


    Mouse sensitivity sucks on the PC. I can select between slow as hell, just a bit too fast, and various degrees of faster than "a bit too fast".


    Just turn off "Mouse Acceleration" in the settings -- makes things MUCH better.

  3. Speaking of the music, I went into the game knowing that there would be modern songs redone in a turn-of-the-century style, and feeling very apprehensive about that fact. But then the first time I heard a barbershop quartet version of 'God Only Knows,' I wasn't that bothered by it and actually kind of enjoyed it.


    I wasn't sure if it was leading to some big twist where everything is actually set more in the future than you think... Guess not.

  4. I (fortunately) haven't followed 'that' topic, so I have no idea what this is about, but TP, I think at this point it seems like you're attracting this sort of attention, with you behavior (without judging either way whether you're right or wrong). Perhaps you should try to let things go, or become a little more mellow about stuff. 


    I guess I just don't like getting abuse. It hurts. It's unpleasant. It ruins my day. And for what? Because I simply responded to a PM I got from a total stranger.


    When you post things like these and get upset by them, aren't you just circling around in an antagonistic pattern of getting into heated discussions and then being hurt when other people gang up on you?


    I'm not sure how to respond to this. Should the community tolerate ganging up on people? Is it the person's fault for being ganged up on? Why aren't those that do the "ganging up" taken to task?


    I used to enjoy posting here.

  5. I guess I don't see anything sacred about a "private" message. I'm sure you'd all post an email you'd received here without giving it a second thought -- especially if it was from an absolute stranger.


    Also, I've purposely avoided posting anything relating to what's being argued about.


    Abuse is abuse, and just because it's done in "private" doesn't mean it's hunky dory. The closing of that particular thread was supposed to end such things, not just send it underground.


    I wish I could post what I said that provoked BFrank's response, but I can't without digging up old ground.

  6. Soon after that thread was locked (you know the one, it begins with "F"), I was contacted by the user BFrank (someone I don't know and have never talked with) who disagreed with something I'd written in it. I'd happily share our entire discussion, but it involves things that might get people heated, so I've decided not to.   


    Anyways, after I responded to his PM the venerable BFrank shut off our discussion with the following message:


    BFrank Sent Today, 03:12 PM
    You're so blinkered by your hatred of this Anita that you completely misread my (minor, and friendly) point.

    And it's made you behave badly. Don't message me again, you're nuts.


    And so the heated discussion and childish abuse continues... but in private where people are less accountable.


    With this in mind -- is it really better to close heated threads rather than let them run their course? (I don't know the answer, I'm just asking. I can definitely see pros and cons to both.)


    Either way, I'm glad someone finally called me out on my blind hatred of Anita.

  7. Does Downton Abbey really have a bad reputation in the UK?

    No, it doesn't. CS is exaggerating. ITV isn't the "mum" channel, it's a huge mainstream channel like the BBC. As such, its programming is very mainstream and "safe", but it's not like the Hallmark Channel or anything like that.


    I think a lot of British people write it off as "yet another period drama" without actually seeing it, and so are surprised when it's well-regarded, but as soon as you watch it you realise it's much better than that.

  8. Lol! Sorry, ColourfulStuff, but that's simply not true. It may not be aimed at people in their teens, but it's not aimed at middle-aged mums here, either.


    It's enjoyable schmaltz  but it got too soapy for me in the fourth episode where they were carrying a dead body around the mansion in the dead of night. Before that moment I found it a fascinating portrayal of the differences in classes -- but then it turned into Dallas with butlers.

  9. I agree with you that's it's impressionistic in that sense. Interesting theory about the Ego and Id, but I personally don't buy that PTA would do something as literal or planned as that.

    Both the scenes you mention make perfect sense to me from a character study point of view. (And again, I think that's no small feat! Making characters that are both compelling and relatable is, for me, one of the highest praises I can think of.)

    But thanks for engaging in this discussion, I'll certainly be looking at the films with slightly different eyes next time I watch them! :tup:

  10. Hmm. There's no dead ends in Last Crusade, but you could miss a fairly important clue to the description of the real Grail if you did something really dumb... like refuse to read the descriptions in the game at the point they're revealed.


    You can die, but then you can die in Fate of Atlantis, too.

  11. One of the characters in your party.  Meaning: Avellone will write much of the dialogue for a single major character that he will also design.  (Obsidian and Bioware both often break up writing duties by character this way, to keep the voices consistent.)


    Cool! I did not realise they did that. That's actually pretty exciting then.