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  1. Tomb Raider

    That was very funny.
  2. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Man, I love these things... This one should become a meme for when someone gets over-friendly on a forum. More here.
  3. Good tips! I just remembered that The Monk can grab the Mallet from the Hillbilly's level, meaning you don't even need to worry about the fuse, too. What's this about The Monk "solo grab the treasure"? And I wasn't sure if the Monk's TK worked on the Knight's level? I thought it didn't for some reason. My tip is to save the Mine Cart Room that requires all three character until last. It's quicker when they're all teleported from there, rather than having to get them all out of that room (which is annoying) to the top level Room.
  4. Well they just fixed a big bug in the achievements system, so it's likely not to be completely accurate. I've done everything in the game apart from get through it without dying -- which seems like a really masochistic achievement to me. Edit: Actually, I suppose if we figured out what the shortest of cuts where, it might make it easier. You say you can use the bucket to skip most of the Time Traveller's level? (I forget her level now -- how is that?) Let's see: Gift Shop #1 -- You can use the Scientist to skip getting the bucket to take the fuse out. Knight -- You can use the Time Traveller to skip part of the Knight's level. The Hillbilly -- You can use the Scientist to to get the fuse quickly/You can take the fuse with you. The Mine -- I don't think you can skip any of this -- most annoying! The Adventurer -- I don't know any shortcuts. The Twins -- Take the fuse? Time Traveller -- Take the bucket? The Zoo -- The Monk can grab the Hotdog/You can take the Hotdog with you The Scientist -- Don't know any shortcuts The Monk -- Don't know any shortcuts The Island -- Maybe take the tape recorder to use instead of the parrot? Gift Shop #2 -- Don't know of any shortcuts Hmm!
  5. Life

    That sounds awesome! Can we see the scribblings?
  6. Don't you play with me... That would be awesome if it were true.
  7. General Video Game Deals Thread

    And, of course, no matter where you pre-order it, you get Industrial Revolution -- an exclusive game from the makers of COGS that reveals some of the backstory to the Bioshock Infinite universe. The GMG deal is here, for anyone who is interested: Personally I'm way more interested in Bioshock + X-Com than I am with any of the games on GMG's site... but that's because I really fancy giving X-Com a go.
  8. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

    Man. That blows. How long until game devs take the time to put a high-contrast palette into games? I bet its a tiny outlay for the number of people it would reach.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    I completely agree.
  10. Movie/TV recommendations

    Okaaaay... Let's see if you can create an argument about nothing. Again. I'm getting tired of your antics, Luft. (And you're wrong about Indy.)
  11. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Ok, so it's not your usual "deal" per se, BUT! It's kind of cool... If you Pre-order BioShock Infinite on Steam you can get: BioShock, some TF2 items, AND X-Com: Enemy Unknown... for free! (Small print: Enough people have to pre-order BioShock Infinite for everyone who pre-orders it to get all the goodies -- Right now you definitely get BioShock for free.)
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    Is anyone watching the Oscars? Anyone notice that Brave's co-director, Steve Purcell, didn't get an award OR even a name check from his fellow directors? Weird. Also, they turned off the VFX guy's microphone when he was about to talk about this: It felt pretty fucking evil
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    By John August's definition, Indiana Jones isn't a Protagonist, either. Neither is James Bond. What difference does that make, exactly? You said: "I argue that Cameron, Jeanie, and Rooney are all the protagonists because they all have a shared goal of thwarting Ferris because they all feel like it's not fair that he can get away with whatever he wants." How does August's definition back your argument exactly? Your definition is the agreed definition of an Antagonist.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    You think that Cameron is so jealous of Ferris that he wishes to thwart his plans...? Also, trying to stop another character from reaching their goals is the definition of an Antagonist, so by your definition, Cameron, Rooney, and Jeanie are all Antagonists.
  15. Maximillian Payne: Part Trois

    In theory the game is loading during those lengthy cinematics, but if you're playing on a PC I think it's been shown that the game has often long loaded before they're finished. Annoyingly. Secondly, yep, I believe each section is a level within itself. I think this is so they allow you to replay it and beat your "score".
  16. Getting into PC gaming

    I have exactly the same case, and I would agree with your assessment of it!
  17. Games giveaway

    I tried to enjoy Escape from New York immediately after watching Chinatown -- BIG MISTAKE! I think you've got to be in a very playful mood to enjoy Carpenter's "classics" (except for The Thing).
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    By definition the "Protagonist" of a story is trying to achieve something, and the "Antagonist" is trying to stop them... right? I remember Die Hard director, John McTiernan, talking about how John McClane is actually the Antagonist -- he's the one throwing obstacles in the way of characters getting what they want. With Ferris Bueller, he wants a day off -- and if you've watched the film a few times, you might come to the conclusion that he also wants to help save Cameron's life, and that's part of the reason why he wants the day off. This makes Principal Rooney most definitely the Antagonist. Either way, we don't always root for the Protagonist, as Die Hard shows.
  19. Life

    Who are you?
  20. Retro video game music quiz

    Pfft. Kids.
  21. Retro video game music quiz

    As I say, it was an arcade game first. And it was made by Atari.
  22. Getting into PC gaming

    If you're more comfortable with OSX, you could buy a Mac and bootcamp Windows onto it. I've used a bootcamped Mac and it worked pretty nicely. (More expensive than just buying a PC, of course.) The best guide for components is this one, though: "I need a new PC!"
  23. Retro video game music quiz

    Lol. If nobody has played it, then I guess no one is going to get it. One final clue: It was one of the first "extreme sports" games. (Although not very extreme by today's standards.)