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  1. Curiosity: What's in the cube?

    Maybe there's a new sequel inside.
  2. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    There's a world of difference. I'm sorry if you can't that, but there is.
  3. This is the new (console) shit!

    Wow! I'm allowed to make my point without having to defend it any longer. Lucky me. Seriously folks, that was a passing observation based on years of following news and other developments. I have sound reasoning for what I posted, and I hope I've proved it is a valid opinion, even if you don't agree with it. I know I've got a reputation for being argumentative, but... what was that?
  4. This is the new (console) shit!

    I concur. This is an argument for the sake of an argument now. I've explained what I said, he apparently now understands it, and largely agrees with it. Now it's just arguing for the sake of arguing.
  5. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    He wasn't slightly off, it's a completely different thing! Self-regulation is not the same as government regulation. The bill specifically names the ESRB at the regulating body. Enforcing self-regulation is not the same as being regulated by the government. Jesus, not another argument over nothing.
  6. This is the new (console) shit!

    I shall hereforth refer to the next-generation XBox as the... Next-Box.
  7. So... Seven characters, seven deadly sins. Co-incidence?
  8. Aha! I just quit and reloaded the game... the Femur has magically appears where it was supposed to originally. PHEW!
  9. Yeah, as I said, the boat's on the other side of the island... there's no more barrels to roll
  10. This is the new (console) shit!

    So you might say they're reluctantly adding Blu-ray support?
  11. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    The bill does not require games to undergo "Government Evaluation". The ESRB is an organization run by the games industry itself. It's self-regulation. Therefore Chris's evaluation that it was "gross" to be forced to submit entertainment for "government evaluation" is completely wrong. (Unless he's referring to Dewar's preferred solution, where he suggested government evaluation as an alternative... Which is why I asked.)
  12. I wonder if they could have at least allowed you to teleport objects between characters? It seems like you've completed it using the same characters I have, except I'm currently stuck... Any help? Here's an example of what they've done with the artwork, too. I've no idea why they did this. It just ruins the awesome art. Original artwork on the left, screenshot on the right.
  13. This is the new (console) shit!

    I already answered this ages ago: http://www.idlethumb...140#entry220348 (and again for Thrik). Yep, this is where we definitely disagree. Everything I've posted supports the notion that MS were trying to strong arm the industry into adopting VC-1 (via HD-DVD) as part of a larger strategy to capitalize on the inevitable online market. (I.E., "Imagine if we could go back in time and patent the MP3 or JPG algorithms -- we'd have made a fortune! Maybe we can do it for the next iteration of online...?") Secondly, MS have a long history of trying to use one market to control another. Using the 360 to do this seems like a no-brainer to me. (Wouldn't you try and do it, in their shoes?) Creating an online marketplace for content is a way of trying to leap-frog Blu-ray, and get an early jump in the Online movie/TV distribution market. (You still haven't explained how you think MS could force their way into BD, btw.) Not creating a Blu-ray add-on for the 360 in 2008 seems like an obvious attempt to doing this: All their customers can watch movies/TV over their network, encoded using their standards -- and most importantly, in HD. It's like MS saying, "No need to worry about that Blu-ray stuff, we've got everything you want right here!". Again, this just seems like common sense to me. MS have such a poor history of playing nice with others that I'm actually kind of surprised that Durango (if the leak is real) doesn't support their own format for high-capacity games. They have the HD-DVD format to fall back on, after all. I'm surprised they didn't just rebrand that technology as "XBOX FILE FORMAT", or something like that, and insist that it was better for consumers in some way. Again, wouldn't this be better for MS? (You yourself seem to agree that high-capacity is the most important thing, and movies are secondary, after all.)
  14. Origin ID exchange

    Predictably, I'm ThunderPeel2001, but I don't think I have many MP Origin games.
  15. The sound was great. It seemed clear to me that they'd spent a good amount of time polishing it. Weird.
  16. Hard disk fail

    Was it an SSD failure?
  17. Jurassic Park 4

    Are they accurate for Utahraptors, then? Brilliant idea re: brothers
  18. That's way less exciting than I imagined! I thought there was maybe different solutions to the puzzles. Anyhow, this is still one sweet game. It might actually be my favourite DF game outside of Psychonauts. I don't understand complaints about the narrator or animation (unless there's some glitches I'm not getting on my system). It's a very charming game. Love the graphics and especially the sound. The stories are great and the humour is good, too. (Loved the future's interpretation of simple items like keys.) Lots of Mi references in this game as well: Getting a monkey to follow you with bananas. Getting a parrot to follow you with crackers. A hermit on a desert island. Although that was more surreal than anything else. On the bad side, yes there's far too much traipsing around. Exploration is fun, but solving the puzzles shouldn't be a chore. I keep thinking I've missed some teleportation option. Also, having to complete the same three "bridge" puzzles is a chore, too. The story cards are beautiful, or they would be, but they're partially ruined by the scaling algorithm they've used. It obliterates the artwork and makes it hard on the eyes. I really hope they fix that - why have beautiful artwork and then present it in such a poor way? In all, this is still a personal fave thanks to the concept and the stories.
  19. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    That's not the bill.
  20. BioShock Infinite

    News to me! I didn't know that FOV affected motion sickness.
  21. BioShock Infinite

    I was a first day player. *shrugs* What do you mean about FOV, btw? There was some nonsense nerd rage regarding widescreen losing the tops and bottoms of the screen compared to 4:3, but that was intentional: they designed the game for widescreen, and just added extra to 4:3 screens. (It was sad when they patched that -- people believed that widescreen ALWAYS means more to the sides, which of course, it doesn't.)
  22. Idle Thumbs Steam group and ID exchange

    Did I already post on here? If not, it's (inevitably) ThunderPeel2001