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  1. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    Aye, that's fair enough.
  2. elmuerte is right, that's a section you can't get to yet (although you CAN get your character stuck on the stairs if you really want).
  3. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    I'm not arguing for anything...? I started off asking what Chris was referring to (he seemed to be referring to the proposed Bill, but he described Dewar's solution -- I wanted to make sure he didn't have them confused). The only thing I care about with regards to this discussion right now is that people appreciate that there's a fundamental difference between government sanctioned self-regulation and government regulation -- and that's only because everyone seems to be trying to tell me they're the same. Even if you dislike them both, I think it's important to acknowledge and understand their differences -- even if it's just so you can complain about the right things!
  4. As I said before, you get ALL the bridging levels: Trinket #1, minecarts, zoo, island, and trinket #2.
  5. Hard disk fail

    Yeah, that's true... I was just referring to, you know, Hard Disk fail.
  6. Yep, I know. Being forced to solve (what I've deemed to call) the "bridging" puzzles every time is pretty annoying
  7. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    I appreciate we're into semantics here, so I'll keep this brief: I think you're getting the definition of "policy" confused. If a governmental regulatory body was created to give ratings to video games, Congress would not have to agree on what games were given an "E" rating, and what games were given an "AO" rating. No policy changes would be necessary for the Executive branch to order them to become stricter with their ratings. To get back to what's being discussed... Here's a good discussion of the pros and cons of what we're talking about, that doesn't devolve into "censorship is bad!!!!11" knee-jerk reactions:
  8. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    From The Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science: "'The Government' usually refers to the rulers, that group of people who are in charge of the state at a particular time. Terminology is not universal, even in the English speaking world. In the USA it is usual to call them the 'administration'. (Thus (in 1996) one would write of the Major Government in Great Britain and the Clinton Administration in America.)
  9. Hard disk fail

    Buying a second harddrive and setting up a RAID 1 array is also pretty secure. The chances of losing data then are extremely slim.
  10. Disney buys Lucasfilm

  11. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    Hmm. Maybe we're talking at cross purposes, here. When people complain about their government, it seems to me that they're referring to the Executive branch -- the electable, policy-making, part. As in, "Woo! We just got a new Government!" or "Stupid government! I can't wait until the next election". I've never heard anyone complain about the government and be referring to civil servants...? I've heard people refer to "Congress" (the legislative arm), "The Supreme Court" (the judicial arm) and "The Government". I can't say I've ever heard any American refer to their "Cabinet"...? Edit: Indeed, my dictionary defines "government" as: "the executive policy-making body of a political unit, community, etc; ministry or administration" It does have the other, "technically correct" definition, but I don't think I've ever come across people using that in conversation...? Hmm!
  12. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    Oops. Double post.
  13. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    It's still self-regulation, even if it's mandated. The ESRB could rate every single software release "E" and there's nothing the government could do about it. Yep, that's an argument for government regulation. (Some people say that "self-regulation" is as good as "no regulation", given the obvious conflicts of interest.) Unfortunately there's downsides, too: If the government controls the body that regulates things, then there's still the chance of conflict of interest. Any President, even one with a lack of understanding of games, would have the sole power to essentially kill the "Mature" games market -- pushing everything into the harsher category of "Adults Only" if they wanted to. There's pros and cons to both systems. I personally think government mandated self-regulation (which is what we have for films here in the UK) works just fine. But that's just my opinion. This is unrelated. They're publicly controlled. Again, there's pros and cons to privately owned and publicly controlled public services. Here in the UK, our government is trying to privatise everything (they even did trials for privatising the police -- eek). London's public transportation system is also privatised now... and we're considered to have one of the worst underground train systems in Europe. Privatisation isn't the answer to everything.
  14. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    Seriously? Is this just an American thing? The fact that the policies of that office would change with every administration, that it would be used as a political pawn, is a minor difference? Industry self-regulation is a minor difference to government regulation? I can't believe I'm (apparently) the only one here who understands how massively important that distinction is. PS - Tycho, if your police and courts were controlled by the government, you'd be living in a police state. The government could legally, and with no complaints, direct the police to arrest their political opponents. They could force the courts to find anyone they pleased guilty. The police and the courts are independent to the government -- and that's a huge and important difference, not to mention fundamental to democracy itself.
  15. Plug your shit

    I've updated my Raiders of the Lost Ark meetings e-book:
  16. A Song Of Ice And Fire

    This conversation is maddening!
  17. BioShock Infinite

    Oh man! Looks good!
  18. Damn it, but computers have become really complicated

    Yeah, it sounds like an application specific to your keyboard :-/
  19. Yeah, that well puzzle was counter intuitive. I think I solved everything else myself, though. I've completed it with all the characters (although my achievements didn't pop - annoying!) and it's the charm and personality that allows me to look past its short-comings. Although I do wish they didn't force you to replay the bridging levels (trinket, miner, zoo, island, trinket). And that the beautiful cave paintings weren't so distorted.
  20. Damn it, but computers have become really complicated

    Windows has never told me I have Caps Lock on... It's possible that that was a third party program?
  21. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    Thank you, Chris. (Also, I'm little worried that so few people think there's a difference...!)
  22. Have y'all been following this HR287 business?

    I can't believe you're seriously asking me that. Just think about it for a few minutes. Who would you want rating games? Some government office that will change policy with the tides of the politics, or an independent apolitical body that remains comparatively consistent? It's the difference between having the armed forces taking care of law and order (owned by the government, changes policy depending who is in power), and the police and the court system (independent apolitical bodies which the government doesn't control). You really don't see a difference?
  23. Disney buys Lucasfilm

    *** puts fingers in ears *** La, la, la. I can't hear you! La, la, la.
  24. Disney buys Lucasfilm

    I guess Lucas did a poor job of explaining his intentions, plus Knights of the Old Republic manages to put up a decent argument for being a Sith -- even if every one of them is pretty much evil. The fall Annakin Skywalker was supposed to illustrate that you can do evil out of a desire to do good. There's that conversation he has with Padame in the grass in Episode II. He talks about how there needs to be more justice, and she points out that no-one really has the right to appoint themselves as judge, jury, and executioner... even if their intention is to only be fair. Anakin isn't so sure, and clearly thinks he could do a good job. Being a Sith in the KotOR games simply means not shutting yourself off from aspects of The Force. They see Jedis as only using part of their available power. Of course, the powers that the Sith develop also tap into baser instincts: Jealously, revenge, anger (which leads to hate), etc. I don't think either of them are particularly materialistic.