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  1. Wasteland 2

    Well I'm someone who likes to experience everything the game has to offer, and I'm pretty sure these clues lead to areas that you wouldn't necessarily see. Playing the video fullscreen, I really found it distracting having to switch my eyes between the two. Has anyone else tried watching it fullscreen to see if they felt the same?
  2. Games giveaway

    Dayum... I would love it, but maybe someone else would, too?
  3. BioShock Infinite

    Yeah, didn't youmeyou just say exactly the same thing? I hardly ever pre-order games (never?), but I got sucked into this one because I loved Cogs so much.
  4. Wasteland 2

    Well surely you'd have the ability to turn off pop-ups, too? I think part of my problem with the box in the corner is that I believe it's essential. As in, turning it off would make the game pretty unplayable...? You certainly get the impression that it offers important information watching the video.
  5. Games giveaway

    Nope, provided all your items are in your inventory, it doesn't.
  6. Wasteland 2

    I got this in my email today: "After about 190,000 views our original video was deleted by Vimeo. After two days of back and forth with them they apologized for the mistake and put it back up, but the link that went out with the last Kickstarter update is still broken." Nice going, Vimeo! Here's a 1080p version of the video from YouTube... Watching the video again, in full screen 1080p, it seems like the game might have some serious UX problems :-/ Having clues appear as text in the bottom right hand corner is very annoying. It's not immediately clear what the text is referring to, and it forces you to look away from the action. Surely it would be better if a speech bubble appeared over the things it was referring to? So instead of this (NOTE: the clue in the text box in the bottom right hand corner): You'd get this:
  7. BioShock Infinite

    Still nobody has pre-ordered this game and played Industrial Revolution (I can't be the only one...?)
  8. Video Game Trailers

    Ah, the video games industry once again displaying the one thing it's known for: Good taste. *sigh*
  9. Video Game Trailers

    Here ya go... Ugh. That made me feel nauseous. Here's a slightly less annoying advert...
  10. PL4YST4TION 4

    Lol. This cracked me up.
  11. Happy Dishonored Valentines Day

    Merry Christmas! Happy Valentine's Day!
  12. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    It's System Shock Portable -- A free modification of the original game that runs on modern machines. The link worked when Tycho originally linked to it. Strange that it's changed now.
  13. Obligatory Comical YouTube Thread II: The Fall of YouTube

    Now watch this (or the first few minutes, at least): Then click here (look familiar?): Now here: http://www.diginextf...-and-keith.html Mindblown!
  14. Rock Band 3

    Yep, I'm glad I picked it up when I did, but it's sad that the apparent (I've not played it yet) best example of the entire genre is the one that sold the least.
  15. Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Wow. That's some difference. What a disappointment! I guess the demo was what they were aiming for...?
  16. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    I found the first was to be completely impenetrable myself. (Even though the voice acting was excellent.)
  17. Brütal Legend on PC!

    Oh great! I was wondering about the DLC. It's nice that it's included.
  18. Wasteland 2

    Keywords worked great in Sam and Max: Hit the Road, too (although they were icons, not actual keywords). It seems really silly to throw an unreleased game under a bus for something like this.
  19. Games giveaway

    Still haven't put your items on TF2Outpost then?
  20. Brütal Legend on PC!

    I'd be happy if they switched out the songs, I got pretty bored with the old setlist, so having some new tunes would be great for me!
  21. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    I watched an episode of QI being filmed, and one of the guests (can't remember which one now, unfortunately, possibly Rob Bryden) claimed that he'd met the creators of Morph and that they'd told them they were inspired by drugs: Morph was morphine and his friend Chas (short for Charlie) was cocaine. I find it a little hard to believe, but it wasn't in the broadcast version, so I thought I'd share it
  22. Aliens: Colonial Marines

    From that review: "Colonial Marines isn't satisfied with borrowing, though. Rather than work around existing fiction that most licensed games follow, Gearbox has instead taken it upon itself to play the part of revisionist. Aliens: Colonial Marines actively rewrites the film canon, and they do it in the most hackneyed way possible: by bringing back the dead. The Alien films aren't averse to reviving the dead, but even Alien: Resurrection provided a plot-driven, logical motivation for doing so. Colonial Marines can't manage even the thinnest justifications for its actions — the character in question isn't a plot device. It's a fifth wheel on a car that doesn't have a working engine. I couldn't tell if Gearbox didn't know how to provide a functional explanation for the revival or didn't care to — said character literally brushes off this specific question by insisting they don't want to talk about it." Yikes.
  23. Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Of course she'd try and save a defenceless child(!) -- remember she famously rescued the cat in the first movie? Do you really think she'd leave a child? Their resulting relationship just resonated more because she's of what she's been through. That's all.
  24. Rock Band 3