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  1. I've been (probably over)thinking about the use of straight-up Raisin Bran Crunch in the breakfast scene from this episode. For some reason, that one cereal box has really heightened the show-within-a-show vibe I've been getting from the Mitchums and a lot of the rest of the Vegas characters; like a frameless "Invitation to Love." It stuck out to me so much that it felt like a commentary on product placement in prime time TV, or possibly a device to tell us something about the space the Mitchums inhabit versus the rest of the Twin Peaksiverse.


    For comparison, I went back and scanned through the first pancake breakfast scene with Dougie, Janey-E, and Sonny Jim. Here, I believe all the logos for the flour, juice, and other food items are either turned away from the camera or otherwise inscrutable.


    Is this anything? Has there been any other prominent use of a real-world food or other product in the show to this point (original run/FWWM/return) that I'm forgetting?

  2. So are none of the Idle Thumbs guys aware that there is a new Bugs Bunny show currently running on television now?


    Granted, it's nothing like the old cartoons(it's actually like this weirdly mundane sit-com, and what little

    there is, is generally portrayed as taking place inside a character's head), but it doesn't really play into that image that they think the character represents currently either.


    Was not aware, either!


    The discussion on the episode reminded me of 

     and A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith, made by the Spümcø (Ren & Stimpy) crew in the late 90's.

  3. I got and watched the hell out of that Donkey Kong Country VHS, as well as the Banjo Kazooie tape that arrived a couple years later. Unfortunately, I was never able to buy an N64 and play it back then, so my personal hype level surrounding that game has only continued to build and build over the past 17 years, reaching an unhealthy stage.

  4. So you guys finally inspired me to finish this one I started when episode 70 came out, so probably almost 2 years ago at this point. I'm lazy.


    Coincidentally enough it's also sort of a Sean thing, but it's also one of those moments that both Jake and Chris also start riffing on. 



    I don't know enough editing to properly animate so it ended up being a very slideshow-y thing, which took up a lot of time for me. If anyone has some good workflow tips, please reveal (i use photoshop and premiere)


    I thought this was great! 

  5. From the comments on that story:


    "David Eggers says:

    (Metallus!, Idle Thumbs)

    I don't really know how Jaws got leashed in the first place. The developers should probably explain that in more detail."


    Love that that joke still had legs on today's episode.


    Not exactly a true comments section. Idle Thumbs features often included space for other Thumbs writers and friends to write second/alternate opinions. Many years ago, I chose to contribute that dumb thing to Ben's piece.

  6. The Smash Brothers is definitely the goods.


    Embarrassingly, after all the discussion and endorsement on the podcast, it took Flynn actually embedding the first episode of The Smash Brothers in a post on this very thread to get me to finally watch it. I'm really glad I did, but bummed at how low the bar had to be set for me to actually invest the time.

  7. Idle Thumbs is also pretty directly responsible for my having a job in video games, due to my hearing the reader mail where Jake talked about what a choreographer does at Telltale and thinking that I could do that. Thanks, Thumbs! (Thumbs.)




    Idle Thumbs: gettin' people industry jobs since like 2005, probably.