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  1. Minecraft

    http://twitter.com/Wrestlevania/status/25157220102 Perhaps this has something to do with it?
  2. Good Old GOG

    GOG Old GOG
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Please be sure to stick to the accepted format for that, though (i.e. make it look the same as other posts in that thread).
  4. I beat it yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. The scary old computer buzzes and clicks and drones mixed well with the established underwater creakiness/leakiness/creepiness(?) of Rapture. Nice job on the goddamn DLC, Steve.
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Nice to meet you!
  6. Life

    Jokes are fun, but maybe it'd be better to avoid a written log of these quips in light of your upcoming legal disputes.
  7. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    Why would I need to play that? I lived it.
  8. Spaff wasn't present for the GDC conf grenades (as far as I'm aware), but I can vouch for his awesomeness. Also, he wrote this.
  9. Worms reloaded

    It did, thanks!
  10. Worms reloaded

    Isn't that where it was for Armageddon? I forget.
  11. Worms reloaded

    Ooh, excellent, the release date snuck up on me as well! I'm gonna have to install this when I get home. I'll probably be trying to squeeze in time to play this very soon, so hit me up on Steam if you see me, thumb-types (Might be limited to playing on weekends for the near future )
  12. Life

    Sweet countryside, it looks quite lovely What is that by the road, there? A shrine?
  13. Epic Mickey

    Please stop derailing this thread. Please talk about Mickey Mouse.
  14. Epic Mickey

    Please stay on topic.
  15. Worms reloaded

    Man, worms are so delicious you guys I'm flashing back to several years ago when I made my own audio pack for Worms Armageddon out of Domino Hurley* sound bytes. Loads of classic matches occurred with Jake, Thrik, Dogman/Huz, et al. I wonder if I still have those files lying around somewhere, or if my hands remember how to ninja rope on a keyboard. Very excited for this game. * Domino Hurley is one of the primary antagonists of Grim Fandango, a computer game you should have played.
  16. And I just needed an excuse to use this face again: :scary:
  17. To be fair, he hasn't revealed what he'll be doing, just where he'll be going.