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  1. Limbo
  2. Not knowing much about it other than what was in the video, it seems like a Gobliiins game, and, lord, were there some tricky puzzles in those games. At least, that's what my childhood memories tell me.
  3. Python or ruby

    Scala has a pretty steep learning curve. Out of the JVM languages, I'd recommend Fantom. I haven't done much with it personally, but the docs read pretty much exactly how I wish Java was. bd_monkey, just think of something fun that you'd like to make (a desktop utility, a web app, etc), and then start figuring out how to make it in the language of your choice. For example, back when I was first learning Java my first project was a small desktop application for randomly picking episodes of Futurama to watch so that my roommate and I didn't have to waste time figuring out which episode we felt like watching that evening.
  4. Python or ruby

    What kinds of things are you primarily going to be programming? Why not try both, and focus on the one you enjoy more? Personally, I think Python is a much more enjoyable language, with some annoying limitations, while I dislike Ruby's syntax, but it is very powerful and there are lots of cool projects that use it.
  5. Tex Murphy - Project Fedora Kickstarter

    I really want to play Under a Killing Moon and Pandora Directive, but I can never get past the controls. They render the game pretty much unplayable, or at least too annoying to play. Too bad this kickstarter isn't for fixing the existing games.
  6. Move to Detroit. The rent here is the best.
  7. Beyond Better & Evil!

    The same thing happened with the original. While I wouldn't go so far as to say that the footage that they first showed of it looked nothing like the final product, it was a drastically different game. It's completely pointless trying to guess what BG&E 2 is going to look or be like.
  8. Favorite early cancelled TV series

    I agree with you, though I disliked most episodes. The acting was unpalatable.
  9. Favorite early cancelled TV series

    Carnivale is such a beautiful, under-rated show.
  10. Most programming books teach just how various aspects of a languages work, and are less good at practical applications or best practices. Beyond just learning the basics, you should also look into a book that explains the stupid shit you shouldn't do. I can't speak for C++, but for Java you could checkout Effective Java and Clean Code (Actually, it's been a while since I looked at this book. It might be in Ruby. Regardless, the lessons are still applicable.). Additionally, programming books are dull. Don't be afraid to just dive into a project and learn as you go. Reading other's source is also an invaluable resource, just don't assume that it's all worthy of imitating.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Being thoroughly bored for 2 1/2 hours while sitting through The Hunger Games was completely redeemed when I over-heard this priceless comment while exiting the theatre: "Well, it moved faster than Tinker, Tailor."
  12. Linux Tycoon I haven't tried it out yet, but the premise is hilarious.

    Great news! Kangaroo Jack is available for streaming on Netflix. Anyone willing to discover what he does with the money?
  14. Fund Tim Schafer's next game YOURSELF!

    The new update is great. Ron Gilbert is pretty laid back dude.
  15. New Idle Thumbs Website

    This one? That's the only version I could find. It looks like I took it from an old Mixnmojo header thing.
  16. New Idle Thumbs Website

    I think I may still have it. I'll see if I can dig it up this evening if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  17. The threat of Big Dog
  18. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

    I haven't played Exoddus, but I assure you that doing so isn't a prerequisite to finding Oddysee frustrating.
  19. Oscars

    What'd you think? I agreed with most of the picks this year, but I was quite disappointed that Crash got best picture. It was a solid movie, but largely over-rated. I enjoyed Jon Stewart, and Rob Cordry little fake ads were great. Also, Jack Nicholson is the man.
  20. Movie/TV recommendations

    Perhaps I misses something, but the plot at the end of the new Sherlock episode made zero sense.
  21. Do any of you live in Iceland?

    The Norwegian cultural attache divulged the secret of glogg the other day on NPR. I think I'll give it a shot.
  22. Batman: Arkham City

    I had high hopes for it when it started, but it turned out the story was a flat and uninteresting series of cameos. It was fun playing Catwoman (despite her unfortunate attire), but man was her character pointless. However, I absolutely loved the gameplay. I felt like I was batman. Granted, I haven't played Arkham Asylum, so it was probably more novel for me. As an aside, I hate achievements like nothing else (50-something% through the game that I just completed, f-you and your green question mark), but if anything deserved one it was sitting through those ungodly long credits.
  23. Random Ramblings

    Also, the Top 100 Adventure Games brings back fond memories.
  24. Random Ramblings

    Oh my god, even Just Adventure redesigned their site.