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  1. Adventure Gamers...

    Man, there are to many good smilies to choose from. These would have also done nicely:
  2. Adventure Gamers...

    Love the avatar, deadworm. 8)
  3. Adventure Gamers...

    I have no idea what it takes to program games, but learning programming itself isn't that difficult. There are plenty of excellent books out there, and lots of good stuff on the Internet. I'm not sure how good they are, but I know you can download Thinking in Java and Thinking in C++ for free from the author's website. He claims that they're really good. I'm probably going to try to go through his Thinking in Jave sometime this year in an attempt to get ready for the AP Computer Science exam. I don't much care for Java though. Oh, how I wish they haden't just switched it from C++.
  4. Adventure Gamers...

    Cool. You're working on The Curves of Danger too, right? Have you been to Europe before? I haven't been up to much either. Almost all of my friends went back to America or on a missions trip to Brazil this summer, so I've been mostly hanging out here at my house. Been doing some weightlifting, working on learning C++, watching movies, and other exciting things like that. Finally, on my senior year so I'm quite excited. One more year till I'm off on my own! Completely unrelated, I just gave myself a sig, but for some reason it isn't showing up. Anyone know why? [edit]Never mind, apparently it one shows up on new posts.
  5. Adventure Gamers...

    That's one thing that I do miss, hearing you guys' stories. Oh well. Does he not have any better games for xbox?
  6. Stranger

    Did the Oz game fall through, or is it still in production?
  7. Stranger

    Nope. *nervous cough* Um, I don't think my parents would probably think to highly of it. It looks interesting though, so I might give it a try someday.
  8. Adventure Gamers...

    Dang, I need to come around more often. Gotta stand up for cats' rights and all. For the record, the reson I'm not around there as much anymore is because I'm all adventure game discussed out. Feels like I've discussed every aspect of the things at least three times now, and so I thought I'd take a break for a while.
  9. Stranger

    Dude, what are you talking about! I'm so stoaked over Blinx 2. It's crazy! Trep: I've heard mixed things about it. I think it's supposed to be very puzzley while not that platformy. I've never played it myself, but I've always been drawn to the Oddworld series for its awesome visuals and atmosphere. I have yet to actually buy any of the games, but someday I know I'm going to cave. Probably next year at college when I'm looking for a cheap game.
  10. Adventure Gamers...

    It's ok. I was just curious. I think I came off wrong, and implied more than I meant to. My apologies. I will shut up now. [edit]Do we not have a frying pan? Bummer.
  11. Adventure Gamers...

    What's casino spam?
  12. Adventure Gamers...

    Sorry, like I said, I haven't been around much lately. Usually when I go there's around 7 pages worth of threads in the 'new posts' thingy. When I went there today I don't think I saw any closed threads, but last time I went there was at least one closed thread listed on every page. So, yeah, I was exaggerating either way, but it's still a lot more than there used to be. I remember when I first joined (only about a year and a half to two years ago) that I didn't even see a closed thread until maybe a half a year after hanging around there. Again, I'm not trying to be offensive. I'm just curious as to what brought about the change.
  13. Stranger

  14. What's your favorite kind of soup?

    If I were to guess, she's probably busy with her new job, and learning Macs. Maybe...
  15. What's your favorite kind of soup?

    Yeah... You might as well hire Yufster to keep with the trend. [edit]Or is she a young hooligan?
  16. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    I thought about using that one too, but then I realized that my current one already plenty cool.
  17. Amusing News Stories

    I don't know if any of you read Reuters Oddly Enough but there has been some really great stories on it recently, and I thought I'd share them with you guys. Judge Suspected of Masturbating in Court Muslims Flock to See Messiah After Web Hoax Mobiles Phones May Damage Sperm? Suspected German Rapist, 81, Fights Potency Check German 'Samurai' on the Loose in Woods Near Berlin Boy Writes Apology in Blood for Dozing in Class Crooks in Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Heist Also, Terry Jones wrote an extremely funny satire for The Guardian about the prision scandal. It's a must read. Does anyone else have any funny news stories to share? Whoops! I almost forgot one on Colin Farrell. I read the following over at IMDb a couple of days ago:
  18. Amusing News Stories

    I think he was refering to the article I linked too...
  19. Raz?

    This is probably more of a question for Yufster than anything else, but how many Raz comics have there been? I know of seven. and two others that aren't up any more Did I miss any others?
  20. I think I started posting on Adventure Gamers around November of my Sophmore year. I'm now a senior, so that would be about a year and a half. Kingz, I'll elaborate if you so desire later today. I currently have no time as I'm supposed to be helping with an English camp shortly.
  21. Why thank you. I say a good bit less than I used to too. But yeah, my views on life in general have changed a good bit since I joined the community about a year and a half ago. Maybe that's what you notice. Who knows.
  22. I haven't seen the movie yet, but this article says pretty much what I currently think about the movie, though I don't even think his stunt with asking congressmen to enlist their children was to terribly witty.
  23. Maybe Jake will enlighten you...
  24. fat cat. no reason.

    You know, that is oddly pleasing to look at.
  25. Raz?

    I've thought about it some more, and I retract the dopefish. Isn't what you just said blasphemy? I mean, you do claim to work at the Church of Tim and all. Or have you already changed it to the Church of Doppelganger Rex? Or was it the Church of Stevan?