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  1. If YOU have a FilePlanet account...

    What's with the new name?
  2. US 'may delay vote if attacked'

    I wonder what bill Bush is going to end up on...
  3. Bush Gives the Finger

    <- Click I got the link from this article which has a couple of other amusing stories. Man, I wish they'd gotten it on tape.
  4. Favorite DF Comic

    What are your favorite Double Fine comics? Of Scott's I like 7, 8, 9, and 60. There are probably others that I really like too, but my memory is going a bit fuzzy right now. I'll have to read them all over again later tonight. Of Nathan's I like... well, I'm not sure which of his I like best. All of Raz's rock and he is by far my favorite of the three. I think I like his latest one the best so far.
  5. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    He looks a little like Dracula to me.
  6. Stranger

    Check out this awesome fansite for Stranger (and Oddworld in general). Is it just me or does this game look extremely awesome? It's dripping with style.
  7. Ummm.....

    I confess that I'm not very good (read: terrible) at Hungarian, so I'd be pretty much useless in translating that page. Sorry.
  8. Ummm.....

  9. Scamming Scammers

    Any of you read this hilarious BBC story on scamming scammer? Now that sounds like a great job. Also and completely unrelated, check out this story.
  10. Favorite DF Comic

    Chris, have you gotten any Hickee yet? Also, I like Nathan's just fine, though not as much as Raz's. I just can't put my fingure on which of his like the best.
  11. Scamming Scammers

    I must have missed that one. Can you give me a link?
  12. US 'may delay vote if attacked'

    Out of curiosity, who would you say the worst was? Jackson was pretty bad... I don't know enough about all of them to pick one myself. has a great map of the 'wall' in this article. It isn't an actual up close shot of it or anything, but it does help to visualize the injustice of it.
  13. US 'may delay vote if attacked'

    Outfoxed - anyone planning on getting it?
  14. US 'may delay vote if attacked' and also [edit]I swear those are real links this time.
  15. US 'may delay vote if attacked'

    Well... they're pretty much the same when it comes to foreign policy, which is a big shame, but it at least appears that Kerry will be more competent domestically. Never really can tell till they're in office, but I seriously doubt that anyone could be worse than Bush. Hell, it'd worth voting against him if only to get his cronies out of office. BTW, Jake, the post id on your last post is 6666. I wonder what the 666th post was... is there anyway to find out besides going through every thread in the forum?
  16. US 'may delay vote if attacked'
  17. US 'may delay vote if attacked'

    hehe... That guy is actually currently one of my favorite columnists. Granted, he does get a bit carried away sometimes, but I enjoy the majority of his articles. I am liberal, and I don't support Bush in any way shape or form. [edit]BTW, have you guys seen the craziness of Kerry's Middle East Policy?
  18. US 'may delay vote if attacked'
  19. BitTorrent post of mystery...

    Uh... do you want to call this one, deadworm?
  20. Adventure Gamers...

    Sweet, they changed it and I didn't even notice. Now I've just got to come up with a title...
  21. Stranger

    I found an article about Ed from December of 2001, and it said that he was 37. So, he's obviously either 40, or about to turn 40.
  22. Adventure Gamers...

    What? You mean trep wasn't talking about cats? Also, how'd you get a custom title? Do you work here now too? Can someone post a list of who all's on the Idle Thumbs's staff? Or maybe it would be easier if you posted a list of who isn't on staff.
  23. Stranger

    Anyone know how old he is? 30s? Maybe 40s?