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  1. Tim turns 37

    Where was that article that mentioned Tim's application to LA? Was it in that old interview with Garry Winick that Mojo used to have? I can't remember any more.
  2. H2g2

    I've only seen Mos Def in one movie, The Italian Job. Wasn't really the greatest movie, but he was pretty funny in it though. Jason Statham as Hansom Rob was the best though. Man, I can't wait till I can see Snatch.
  3. H2g2

    Because it appears that some people have a problem with him being darker and all. At least, they appeared to have a lot of threads about it on IMDb.
  4. New smileys?

    Kingz, you should upload that red fishy thing that you had as an avatar for a while over at Adventure Gamers. It rocked.
  5. H2g2

  6. Star Wars...

    Revenge of the Sith
  7. H2g2

    Uh... a really big bird?
  8. H2g2

    Yeah, that's what I meant. I just didn't know what to call it.
  9. H2g2

    Is Marvin better off CG or a puppet like thingy that he appears to be going to be? Thoughts?
  10. H2g2

    Why? Because, if he sucks at it then I obviously won't like him as Ford, but he could do a great job. Seems logical not to hate him until you've seen what he can do.
  11. H2g2

    I never much carried for the "smiling, tongue-sticking-out planet logo", as Jake put it. I much prefer the orignal covers with the colored spheres. Now those were cool. Also, have you guys seen the current cast listing on IMDb? Now, I'm not against Mos Def as Ford (at least not until I've actually seen him at the part), but Warwick Davis seems like an awefully odd choice for Marvin. Again, I'm more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it is odd none the less. Here's a link to a BBC interview on the casting. I actually haven't read it yet, but I might get around to it tomorrow sometime. As I was writing this I found this link showing a prototype for Marvin. It could be interesting... at least it's clear why they got Warwick for the part. There's also a clip of it in action over on the official blog. It kinda remindes me of this shirt design from Hmm... I'll have to read this tomorrow too. Sorry for the rambling.
  12. Adventure Gamers...

    I've only been stopping by and glancing through the forums over at Adventure Gamers at the most every two weeks or so... So, I have no idea what's going on, and I was afraid to ask there. What's up? Why are half the threads being locked, and filters, reputation points, and who knows what else being added? Did things get really dirty there or something?
  13. Do you play chess?

    There should be a 'pretty good' option. I used to be good at it. It's been a long time since I've played regularily, but I'm still decent, I guess. When I was in middle school I was on my school's middle school chess team. We had a meet for my school district and I got second place. I lost my only game to a guy from my own school. It was fun though.
  14. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    uh... I don't get it.
  15. Tim turns 37

    Ah! That means then that it was deadworm who was doing the lying, and on Tim's birthday too. Shame on you.
  16. Tim turns 37

    What?! Yufster lied to me?
  17. Star Wars...

    It did have that kick ass light saber fight at the end though.
  18. Andy Rules

    Check out Andy's update on Psychonauts over at Tim Fandango. It's great to hear that they've got a publisher and a release date now. Interestingly enough, February is my birthday month (Doug, isn't it your's too?), and Psychonauts is certainly one hell of a present.
  19. Dammit, Marek switches identities!!

    Let's settle this with a poll! Sorry, deadworm.
  20. Dammit, Marek switches identities!!

    It was the one armed man!
  21. Andy Rules

    Yeah, but the point is that they aren't developing it, and they can't really screw with the developement process much at this point because the game is near complete. Probably the worst they could do is release it to early and full of bugs, but even that seems unlikely considering how long Psychonauts has been in developement.
  22. Andy Rules

    Andy is Andy Mishler who goes by amishler in forums (including this one, but he doesn't post much here). He updates news and writes content over at Tim Fandango. Speaking of content... I need to get on the ball and finish up DotT... Actually, I think it might be better for Psychonauts if it comes out after the holiday season. Just look at what happened to poor BG&E, and you can't say that it didn't have the backing of a major publisher either. Like OftenK pointed out, this holiday season is going to be ruled by Halo 2, Fable, PoP2, etc. It'd be burried. I'd hate to see Psychonauts met the same fate as BG&E.
  23. Andy Rules

  24. Andy Rules

    Also, I just remembered that Tim's birthday is in five days. I almost forgot.