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  1. Alien Hominid

    True... to be honest, I've never gotten along with little kids that well. They scare me. Out of curiosity, what exactly is that smilie doing?
  2. Psychonauts gets a publisher: Majesco

    Maybe... I probably won't get them both at the same time. Xbox first and then the PC one a bit later. Gotta be able to take screenshots and the what not.
  3. Psychonauts gets a publisher: Majesco

    Yeah, it'll probably play better on xbox too. At any rate, I'll probably end up with both versions, the strategy guide, and what ever else they see fit to produce with Psychonauts/Double Fine/Schafer on it. You know, I asked Tim about t-shirts once. He said he'd love to make some, but they weren't currently at the top of his to-do list. So, with any luck, we'll get some awesome Double Fine t-shirts one of these days.
  4. Alien Hominid

    Gee, good to hear you think so highly of your nephew.
  5. Alien Hominid

    Oops, my bad.
  6. Psychonauts gets a publisher: Majesco

    LOL, trep!
  7. Psychonauts gets a publisher: Majesco

    *faints* *recovers* That... *faints* That has to be the best thing I've read in ages. Man, Tim makes them sound like a rocking publisher too. I am so excited! Ah! There's also some interesting new news in the press release too. For example, three years ago they were saying that there werre going to be 16 different minds, and now they are saying 10 plus 3 real world locations. Let's see, real world wise we've got Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp and the Asylum. That leaves one unknown real world location. Anyone, besides Chris, got any ideas? Let's see as far as minds go there is Edgar's (black valvet), Lili's, Milla's, Sasha's, Lungfish's, Boyd's (conspricy theory watchman), Fred B.'s (Napolean guy), Dr. Loboto's, and some millitary guy. Hey, that comes out to be nine. So, assuming all of the above are still in, we only don't know about one mind. Again, any thoughts?
  8. Alien Hominid

    But wait, where's the stormtroopers gun!
  9. Alien Hominid

    Ha! Check out this one It's sort of funny. Alien Hominid on one side and Stormtrooper on the other.
  10. Copyrights

    Some of you may find this to be an interesting read.
  11. Copyrights
  12. H2g2
  13. H2g2 [They apparently even have a clip from the game on this on.] There's tons of more stuff about it on Google. So, I won't link to any more of it. If you want to read more just look here.
  14. Tim turns 37

    Today just happens to be Tim Schafer's 37th birthday. So, flood his mail box, I guess. Or something. Also, Yufster, I think it would be hilarious if that guy who you 'sold' a copy of Psychonauts to decides to look up more about it online, and stumbles upon your post on CoT.
  15. Beyond Good and Evil to continue?

    I remember Ancel saying that after working on the first two Rayman games he really wanted a break and to be able to do something new. It's nice that he got one, but it's a shame to tie him down to the series. If he is in fact working on Rayman 4, I hope it was his own choice to do so.
  16. Gmail invites

    Yeah, Gmail rocks. I especially love how fast it is, though every once in a while they have a few problems. The first day I signed up it was so slow. It took me over a half an hour to put about 15 names in my address book. Luckily, it hasn't been that bad since. Simon, if you have any really short e-mails check the ads on the side. Sometimes it generates a ton of ads and links, and since there isn't much space, because the e-mail is short, it'll run over the bottom border. Not that big of a deal, but I doubt they want that in the in there when they finally release it. Oh, and I'm lovin this. Is this one legal?
  17. Gmail invites

    If I were to guess, I'd say not for a while yet. They still appear to be having some problems. Most notably is the fact that their ads frequently runover the alloted space. They also have yet to implament some features like drafts and html formating in messages. Also, while they don't have it on their to do list, the address book could use a little work.
  18. Chris Sawyer's Locomotion preview

    You know, it's possible that those screens look just as crappy. I mean, Locomotion probably wouldn't look too bad if they were shrunk down to that size.
  19. Beyond Good and Evil to continue?

    I thought someone said that he was working on Rayman 4.
  20. New smileys?

    What's wrong with this one?
  21. Chris Sawyer's Locomotion preview

    Marek, I think you need a new avatar.
  22. Chris Sawyer's Locomotion preview

    Are those white things mountains? I just noticed this one . Awesome.
  23. Hitman - Codename 47 sucks ass

    Yes. I love that smilie.
  24. H2g2

    Yeah, I know. For some reason my dad seems to have some personal conviction against R rated movies, which is all fine and good for him. I mean, if he wants to miss out on some of the best movies, that's completely up to him, but I hate how he imposes it on me too. Oh well, I've onlyg got less than a year of it left to go. Since graduating in 2003, my brother acquired quite a good collection of DVDs inculding a bunch of R rated films that I want to see. So, next summer we're probably going to hang out a lot watching them. Can't wait.
  25. H2g2

    Well, two things really. One, I don't have it. Two, it's rated R. A friend of mine has it, but he no longer lives here. He actually did show me different parts of it though.