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  1. Yes.

    I must have missed something... what did Marek do?
  2. Yes.

  3. Psychonauts gets a publisher: Majesco

    Nope, I don't think that was one of the ones that I mentioned. Interesting... Thanks!
  4. Horsey!!

    "I'd never abandon you, pussycat."
  5. Horsey!!

  6. Horsey!!

    Hey! I never said I liked him. I just don't think he looks as bad as the green thing.
  7. Gmail invites

    Wow, six. I got three last week, but I've already given them away. I guess they like you more.
  8. Horsey!!

    Hmm... I actually prefer Barney to that green thing. Well, at least just a picture of Barney. He doesn't actually look that bad. It's when he talks that his annoyingness goes off the charts, for me at least.
  9. Horsey!!

    I think it's rather ugly.
  10. The LOL Deparment

    What version of Chicken Run did you watch?
  11. Entertain me with your news!

    Since we're playing idiot games, you could try this. Granted, it shouldn't keep you busy for long, because it's extremely easy to win. So, you could try this instead.
  12. Tintin

    Whoa! What's up?
  13. lucaswhat?

    Dude, that's Alien Hominid.
  14. lucaswhat?

    Hey, the Stormtrooper is even giving thumbs up just like your avatar. Let's bring this guy back into the fun.
  15. I feel bad for Ron Gilbert

    To bad Gayros or Phil aren't here.
  16. Web Addiction Gets Conscripts Out of Army
  17. Outlaws

    Yeah, I actually decided to download the demo after downloading the sound track from that LucasArts Sountracks site.
  18. Outlaws

    Yeah, no Best Buy here, but there are a ton more budget games in Europe than in the US. It's usually pretty easy to get an older game for cheap, but for some reason I haven't seen a LucasArts title for less than 4,000 HUF (about $20) here no matter how old it is.
  19. What's wrong over at Google?

    First it was Playboy, and now they might be denied use of Gmail. Are they out of their minds?
  20. New computer

    Well! Well, I've got a Celeron 660, or something, with 128megs of RAM! Eat that!
  21. I'm going to miss this guy...

    Bush on tribal sovereignty [mp3] Where are we going to get our kicks after he's out of office? Well, I've guess we've already got a pretty big back log. I love the most recent one,
  22. I'm going to miss this guy...
  23. Psychonauts gets a publisher: Majesco

    BigJKO is right. It was there, but the post was deleted possibly the same day it was posted.
  24. That's some zen shit. Ok, so it's about a different article, but, hey, it's one of my favorites.
  25. DJ Chris Remo

    remixor is the new spam