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  1. the president really "has to go"

    Ah, that must be why we've recovered so well. I do understand what you're saying, though I don't think it is really that effective. Especially not with the deficite we've got these days.
  2. Awesome. I just went to check the PoP site to see if they had posted the official rating yet and I noticed this at the bottom of the screen, (bold mine)I knew that Mechner made the original PoPs, but I didn't realize that he owned the rights to it. That's really neat. Too bad more developers don't own the rights to their creations. It'd be great if Tim owned Grim Fandango if only so that LucasArts doesn't get any ideas to screw it over.
  3. I actually think that they're going for a Mature rating on this one for some reason. I don't really see their logic in following up a Teen game with a Mature sequal, but whatever.
  4. the president really "has to go"
  5. More Psychobabble

    Gamespot had those screenshots last week, but the videos might be new. I'm pretty sure that the interview with Tim is new at least, though I haven't watched it yet.
  6. the president really "has to go"

    I'm from Ohio, but I'm a couple months to young to vote. Damn it! Kerry better get Ohio. Check out Slate's election score card. Kerry has made quite the come back over the last couple weeks. Hopefully he'll out preform Bush again tonight gaining a boost to carry him through a couple more weeks.
  7. redesigned
  8. redesigned

    Is he taken?
  9. redesigned

    It's that time again that Trep's been waiting for. Moos's pixel by pixel analysis! Ok, so I don't really have that much to say, but here are a few of the more interesting things that I can think of right now. First, check this screenshot out. Now compare it to the chairs and room that Dr. Loboto is seen in in the trailer. Interesting, no? Either it's the same room or there is some other identical tent at the camp with the exact same chairs in it, which, I suppose, could very well be possible. I wonder what Milla and Sasha are doing there. Secondly, I have a guess as to what the third real world location is that they mention on the features page. I'm guessing that it's the lake floor, but I could be wrong. The concept are for it on this and this wallpaper look pretty cool. I love the "air desert" idea. It also appears from the trailer that the asylum is located in the middle of the lake. It's sort of weird, you remember that part towards the end of the trailer where Raz appears to be in a race? It's interesting because if I were to guess I'd say that he's inside Milla's mind (based on the really bright colors) there, but if you look at the top left where it displays what, I assume, is a little meter that displays where people stand in the race, you'll see Bobby Zilch's picture along with two others that I can't make out. So, I guess that it could be the inside of Bobby's mind, or something completely different. I don't know. They also seem to have two different ways of displaying Raz's health. There's the Zelda-esq brains, and the brightly colored health bar. Both are seen in the trailer, but I believe only the brains are shown in screenshots. I wonder which is the final version. Finally, this screenshot rocks. Oh, and let's make out.
  10. redesigned

    I'm still working on downloading the "small" Quicktime trailer, but does anyone care to explain to me why it is 20megs larger than the "large" trailer? This isn't some sort of crazy Starbucks sizing thing, is it?
  11. redesigned

    "Oh my god! Let's make out!" Brilliant! Bloody brilliant! All of the voices rock. It's interesting that there has yet to be a screenshot of Dr. Loboto, yet he's been in both of the trailers that they've released. You'd think that they'd publish a picture of the bad guy.
  12. redesigned

    Hot damn!
  13. Psychonauts going to PS2

    Dude, that rocks.
  14. Did anyone listen to the first episode? Was it any good?
  15. Happy B-day Homo!

    Happy Birthday!
  16. Outlaws

    I just downloaded the demo for Outlaws, and I thought it was pretty fun. The best part was that it ran really smoothly on my computer, which is great considering what I've got to work with. Is it worth buying? Is it even still around in stores?
  17. Advent Rising - the non-sucky RTX Red Rock?

    heh, nice edit, Chris.
  18. Advent Rising - the non-sucky RTX Red Rock?
  19. D'Artagan ¬¬

    I don't have time to write anything more, so I'll just quote what I wrote in the latest news update on Tim Fandango. Enjoy!
  20. D'Artagan ¬¬

    Sorry, Trep. The only reason it'd disappear is if Tim asks me to remove it, which he hasn't done yet (obviously). Kingz, what exactly are you quiting?
  21. BG&E Soundtrack

    Kingz was just asking me how he could get the soundtrack for BG&E, so I figured I ought to post where it can be found here as well for posterity sack. A while back Andy game me the link to a site that supposedly had gotten the music straight from Ubisoft. I don't know if that's true or not, but they do have 31 different tracks available to download here. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Enjoy.
  22. D'Artagan ¬¬

    Most of the screenshots that we have were unofficially leaked in 2003 with placeholder textures, so the final version should be looking a lot better.
  23. D'Artagan ¬¬

    I don't know... wasn't the leak in 2003? All of that stuff was put on the site in 2002 (some of the concept art is dated 2000 and 2001), most of it around e3 of that year. It was really odd, the site had a ton of concept art, but no screenshots what so ever. They didn't even have the original five.
  24. D'Artagan ¬¬

    A press site.
  25. Yes.

    Sweet. Good work!