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  1. Star Wars: KOTOR II The Sith Lords GOLD!!

    Nope, they only published it.
  2. Star Wars: KOTOR II The Sith Lords GOLD!!

    You know, Black Isle made Fallout and Planescape: Torment so I think they have a fairly decent record.
  3. Star Wars: KOTOR II The Sith Lords GOLD!!

    I'm trying to decide if I'm going to order it now or not. My brother is coming over for Christmas so he could bring it for me, but I'm not sure how badily I want it now. I mean, there are other good games coming out after Christmas that I want too. I actually think I want Jade Empire more than Sith Lords, so I might just wait. For some reason I don't really feel in the Star Wars mood right now.
  4. Cows with guns!

    uh... why does he have an udder?
  5. The Bard's Tale

    While most of you were busy playing HL2, I was playing The Bard's Tale, and I just finished it. It was good, original, funny, etc. I definitly wouldn't go so far as to say it's the funniest game that I've ever played, like IGN did, but it does makes some pretty good jabs at old RPG cliches. Gamespot was right about the combat, it is its weakest part. It gets a bit repetetive and tedious at times. One of my favorite things was the songs. They're hilarious. I was surprised to see as the credits were rolling that apparently Michael Land, Peter McConnell, and Clint Bajakian wrote and sung the songs. I'm not 100% certian that they sung them, but I don't feel like going back and watching the credits again right now. I'll double check tomorrow. I think I know of a way that I can get a couple of the songs and upload them tomorrow, though I'm not positive if it'll work.
  6. The Bard's Tale

    I have the promotional DVD that has four of the songs on it (including the best song), and I tried ealier today to capture them using some program that saves, as a mp3, whatever passes through the sound card. It worked -- sort of. For some reason the recordings always turned out jumpy. I'm not sure if it was just the program that I used, or if it was my crappy computer's fault. I'll try again some other time with a different program and possibily a different computer.
  7. Stumble

    Have you guys heard of Stumble? I just discovered it today, and it's so darn adictive. I wonder if this is how Ron comes up with some of those crazy links on his site.
  8. Animated series with dinosaurs circa 1980-1990?

    Completely off topic, my cat was sitting next to the monitor when I loaded this page. Kingz's avatar was the first thing that popped up, and it completely captivated her. She rarely pays any attention to what's going on on the screen, but for some reason she found Kingz's avatar fascinating. Apparently she approves of your avatar, Kingz.
  9. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    Has anyone finished it yet? How long is it?
  10. Game Packaging

    It looks nice, but it's really hard to get the cds out of.
  11. Outlook vs Thunderbird

    Yeah, the only thing I could find is that you can put a master password on all of your passwords, but it does absolutely nothing for what's already on your PC.
  12. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    I read "Doug" instead of "Dog" at first, and was wondering what he had to do with anything.
  13. Outlook vs Thunderbird

  14. Outlook vs Thunderbird

    Is it possible to put a password on everything so someone couldn't just open up Thunderbird and read all of my e-mail?
  15. Game Packaging

    I prefer DVD cases, but I hate the sucky ones that you practically have to rip the cd/dvd out of. That bothers me. I don't know what PS2 cases are like, but the xbox ones rock and should be made the DVD case standard. [edit]Oh, yeah, and I also hate all of that impossible to remove tape that they seal DVD cases with.
  16. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    er... food, Marek? You've gotten some of that stuff too, right?
  17. Nooo!

    I just checked the Alien Hominid site to see if it was on scheduel for it's release on the 16th. I got there only to discover that it's only coming out for GameCude and PS2 now. That sucks. Now I won't be able to play it. Argh! Damn you Microsoft!
  18. Why you should use Firefox

    Ah, I installed them both at the same time so I was wondering about that.
  19. Why you should use Firefox

    I strongly recommend Flashblock. Flash ads are probably one of my least favorite things because of my crappy computer. But if you have a fast computer I can see how they might not bother you so much. All of the extensions that I've gotten I've found at these sites:
  20. Nooo!

    You're right, that does suck even more. Sorry.
  21. Playstation 2 Exclusives

    Ratchet & Clank (I'd give anything for Ratchet to be on xbox) Jak & Dexter I hear Sly Cooper is pretty good. Katamari Damacy um... more that I can't think of right now
  22. Why you should use Firefox

    If you want an RSS aggrigator for Firefox you could use Sage. I don't think it has all of the fancy features that Pluck as, but it should work alright. You can use Spoofstick to tell if the site is real or not. Granted, I haven't actually tried it out, but I'm assuming that it does what it says it does.
  23. Why you should use Firefox

    I thought about getting the Gmail Notifier, but I decided not to because I always have a Gmail open in a tab anyway and it auto-refreshes every couple minutes or so telling me if I have any new mail. So I really didn't see the point. The official one from Google doesn't work on ME. ME sucks, but hey, I'm getting a new computer this summer. Can't wait.
  24. Why you should use Firefox

    Oh, man! I'm sold. I love Firefox now. Why? Flashblock. Best extension ever. It blocks all of those pesky flash ads and displays a button for you to click if you really want to watch them. Brilliant. I love it. I love you Firefox! So, what cool extensions do you guys recommend? I currently have... --Adblocker --Homeland Security Threat Level (Totaly rocks. Now I can have the threat level displayed in the status bar at all times. Too bad Ridge is getting canned. Sucker.) --fineFTP (FTP client. Haven't tried it out yet, but the screenshot looked nice.) --Flashblock I used to have the view in IE extension, but then decided to unistall it because I thought it was pretty pointless. Got any good recommendations?
  25. Why you should use Firefox

    Jake, if you use that you should probably also do this. They have some other good stuff there like making the cursor change when it highlights a link that will open in a new window ( For some reason that one doesn't seem to work of me though. Also, they got an ad blocker. I haven't used Firefox enough to be able to tell if it actually works though. That reminds me, does anyone else have trouble viewing IGN using Firefox? Also, why can't I highlight worlds and click the add link button and have the word highlighted pop-up in box here like I used too, or insert smilies in the middle of text? Does only IE support that?