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    That's right, baconian, I think you better leave the Tim interpreting to Kingz. He is Tim's prophet and all, so he's really the only one qualified.
  2. Gamespot's KOTOR II review

    Yeah, it's sort of fun how IGN's reviews are getting better reader scores than Gamespot's over at gamerankings. First it was HL2 and now KotOR2, hat gives?
  3. Arrr! Pirates! be mighty addictive

    I'll be getting it for the xbox. Can't wait. It sounds great.
  4. Preorders = Bad? You decide!

    The Gamespot review seemed to indicate that there was just as much puzzling as in Sands of Time. Is this the case, or is as bad as some people here seem to think it is going to be?
  5. The Giveaway 2: The Singles.

    But didn't he mean to say "else's"?
  6. Folding your shirts

    For some reason it worked once I restarted my computer. Don't know what was up.
  7. Old AG

    I was just thinking back a couple years to when I was glued to the Adventure Gamers forum pretty much night and day, and I realized that I still have some quotes from back then. I think I saved them because I was using them in my sig for a time, until Stinger told me it was getting a little long. Anyway, here they are. "D***it Moos, YOU ARE TOO FAST" - Marek [i can't remember if I censored the quote or it Marek did. Somehow I'm guessing it was me as I used to be concerned about that type of thing.] "My God! You reply quick............. " - Curt "With Moos around, I can't even edit a post ONE MINUTE after I've made it." - Marek "FOUR F***IN' MINUTES, MOOS? You are insane, like a manatee!" - twifkak [same goes for this one.] "Gee! you're fast! I couldnt even correct the typo!" - Jaf "Jees, that was fast Moosferatu" - Marek "Stop it Moos, you're too darn quick." - Curt "You'll become a legend in your own right, Moos." - Curt "Moos, I think you've just assured your place in the AG Hall Of Fame." - Curt "Moos, is it dark up there?" - Curt "Firstly, I think we should make distracting Moos an integral part of our strategy." - Marek "Moos: Don't worry. I know you're too nice to offend anyone." - Mira "You, my dear sir, should stay clear of cats and find yourself a healthy non-computer-addicted girlfriend to ply you off the damn thing once in a while... It is not healthy." - Kingz "The recluse's recluse - we all know that we're all introverted here. We are friends that have never seen each other - we hide behind a machine. We pretend that we're cool by quoting pop culture trash (such as mediocre white rappers and WWF clowns), or Shakespeare as our icons. We exchange pictures of our shabby cats. We have cutsy and cynical signatures. But you, my dear sir, you answer posts in ONE minute! You really should be crowned king." - Kingz I wish I had more, and some that aren't about me. Does anyone else have any good stuff to share?
  8. 1Mbps! Yay! (Happy dance!)

    Yeah, I actually considered using that one. I probably should've gone for both.
  9. Folding your shirts

    Man, for some reason the flash movie won't play for me. It just displays a black screen. What's up with that? I want to fold my shirts ninja style too!
  10. 1Mbps! Yay! (Happy dance!)

    Dude, you have a one to two inch penis?
  11. A riddle-y type thing.

    Yeah, I don't get it. Isn't it some sort of riddle? Why is it the wrong answer?
  12. The Incredibles sequel

    Right. I think I was a bit unclear in my wording. The "they" I meant was Pixar. How could they (Pixar) make a sequel if Disney owns the rights?
  13. Old AG

    I think they got pretty busy with their lives. Anyone know what happened to Twif?
  14. A riddle-y type thing.

    While we're talking about cats (well, sort of) I thought I'd mention this awesome cat theme that I'm currently using on Firefox. It's an excellent theme. I strongly recommend it.
  15. A riddle-y type thing.

    Wait a minute, now I'm confused. I thought that was the right answer... Was I supposed to make something implausible up?
  16. A riddle-y type thing.

    Next question, which of the three is worse?
  17. Old AG

    Marek had been making a few announcements about new features in the forums and I would, naturally, be the first to respond telling him how great of job he's doing, how wonderful the new feature is, etc. Either the second or thrid time I did this, Curt responded with that quote. He was saying that I had my head up Marek's ass, that I was sucking up to him. It probably took me a good week or so to get that figured out. ha! Remember the old suggestion box? That thing was great. I must have made at least 20 suggestions. Then when Stinger was going through them all Jaf was somehow able to pick out the ones I had made.
  18. Old AG

    Never mind, I can read it now.
  19. Old AG

    Really? Why? Where's he going? I just checked the site, and saw that there is an announcement about it, but I can't get the page to load in Firefox or IE. "Moos, is it dark up there?" - Curt I just remembered that running match joke we had. That was awesome. heh, not to mention how it took me the longest time to figure out what in the world Curt was talking about. Man, was I ever innocent back then.
  20. Viva la Revolution!

    Ha! That reminded me of the good old days over at Adventure Gamers. Trep, you once dubbed me the official AG voyeur, or something like that, because I was constantly using the "Who's Online" feature. heh heh, I actually had to go look the word up in the dictionary to figure out what you were talking about.
  21. A riddle-y type thing.

    I assume she was hoping he'd turn up at another funeral. Some people.
  22. Unlocking Half-Life 2

    I usually have my PC in safe mode when I defrag. It seems to work best.
  23. Viva la Revolution!

    Or you could use Wikipedia. If you use Firefox (like you're supposed to be) you can access Wikipedia from the search box on the top right. It really comes in handy when you're searching the web and don't know what something is. So, use it now!