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  1. Seen any good movies lately?

    Yeah, I agree with ys and I even loved Ocean's Eleven. Ocean's Twelve was pretty bad, though there were some cool parts. The plot twist at the end was retarded, and there wasn't even any interesting/complex attempt to steel anything (that deal with Julia Roberts was stupid). But probably the worst part was its plot. It was so convoluted and unfocused. It needed a good editor so badly. I mean, the thing went on for over two hours, didn't it? They should have scrapped the cheesy sub-plot with Catherine Zeta-Jones entirely (as in taken he character completely out of the movie) and just had it as a caper movie between Ocean's Twelve and that French guy (I can't remember the name he went by anymore). Now that would have been a movie worth watching.
  2. Seen any good movies lately?

    Let's see, I think the only things I've seen over the past few weeks are Million Dollar Baby, Life Aquatic, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. All of them are excellent. Of the bunch I probably liked Life Aquatic the most. Hilarious movie. I liked The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, but I was actaully a bit disappointed by it because I was expecting it to be better than Once Upon a Time in the West, and it wasn't. Still an awesome movie, but I think it was as awesome as OUATITW (how the heck are you supposed to abbrivate this things?). Oh, I just remembered I borrowed Veritgo and Strangers on a Train a few weeks back too. Natrually, they were also excellent. So, has anyone here seen Sin City yet?
  3. Help With Feeble Files On Xp!!!

    Oh, man, I love the Feeble Files. If only I weren't so busy with school and the what not. bah.
  4. Yeah, I also love Tim's facial expressions throughout. It's pretty obvious that he thinks the show is pretty stupid.
  5. Time for a new Psychonauts thread

    Do you think ebgames will be giving out the playing cards to people who pre-ordered before they started the promotion? Not that I have that problem because I just pre-ordered today (yeah, I know. I'm a terrible person, but I live in Europe and had to find someone to bring it over for me, so I have an excuse.), but I'm curious. Also, was Yufster really Kingz all along, as Tim suggests?
  6. Time for a new Psychonauts thread

    Awesome re-design, Kingz. Though, Ashcroft will be sorely missed.
  7. Psychonauts gets its first review

    And here would be the link.
  8. Zork test 2

    hello sailor bah, the damn thing's too fast
  9. Zork test 2

    hello sailor
  10. Time for a new Psychonauts thread

    Man, I even love the way Majesco writes their newsletters. It's not the typical marketing crap. I mean, in the first one they were even going on with the whole "Tim is god" thing. I like how they started the most recent one, It actually did get caught by my spam filter. Happen to anyone else? It's unbelievably awesome that Psychonauts made the cover story of Play. That has to mean that it even beat out games like Jade Empire (nothing wrong with Jade Empire, mind you). So... anyone want to buy it and scan it in for your poor European brothers?
  11. First screenshots of Age of Empires DS

    Majesco kicks ass. EA better stay away.
  12. Kotor 2

    I still haven't got around to beating it yet, but did you guys play dark? If you're a dark side consular and you go to Dantooine as your first planet, then you're in for a butt hard fight with Vrook.
  13. Internet Jokes That Are No Longer Funny

    Ha! Remember that big fight over whether or not Jaero's avatar like looked duckman? Awesome.
  14. Time for a new Psychonauts thread

    If I were to guess -- large. After all, small people can always fit into big shirts, but big people can't always fit into small shirts.
  15. Old PS2 games

    The story is the best part of those games.
  16. Spore

    Awesome, we need that as a smiley.
  17. Seen any good movies lately?

    I just saw Million Dollar Baby too. Interesting movie. Incredible cinematography. I was wondering, does anyone know of a good movie analysis site? It drives me nuts, but I suck at analysing stuff and picking out themes.
  18. Time for a new Psychonauts thread

    $30. Good point. I'm tempted to buy it now, but I don't think I'm going to. I'm betting it will be large or something. I can't stand wearing large shirts. Though, it would be sort of nice as a collectors item, but, then again, I'm not really a collector.
  19. Time for a new Psychonauts thread

    Damn it! I want that shirt too. I was planning on getting the PC version eventually, but I don't really want to spend another $50 right now. Bah, chances are that once they start turning up on eBay they'll be going for $50 just for the shirt. Well, I hope the shirt is really ugly and not worth it.
  20. Seen any good movies lately? Is it true?
  21. A Scanner Darkly

    Check out the new trailer, if you haven't already. Interesting style. I hope it turns out well. I'm not really thrilled about Keanu Reeves being in it, but maybe they'll touch up his acting while they mess around with it. It also sucks that they aren't using Charlie Kaufman's screenplay.
  22. The Aviator

    Can anyone explain to me what was going on in that scene where he looks at the old guy sweeping right before he starts repeating "show me all the blue prints" over and over again? The first time I saw it I had no clue what flashed briefly on screen when he looked at the guy. I just saw it again and realized that they were actually a couple of shots from when he locked himself in his private theater. So, now it makes even less sense. Why would he being seeing flashes of something that hasn't even happened yet? Does anyone get what was going on?
  23. The Aviator

    Yeah, I figured it might have been something like that. Thansk! Practically impossible to catch that from watching it once since you hadn't seen those scenes before and they go by so fast.