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  1. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    Actually, it doesn't look like Double Fine has the PC version either.
  2. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    Not that this is any help, but I got my ship notice from ebgames yesterday on the xbox version. woohoo! Just another week and a half to go. Has anyone actually gotten their copy yet? And if so, what are you doing here?
  3. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    Team Xbox - 9.4
  4. Psycho Store

    Jake, here
  5. Psycho Store

  6. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    What exactly is 'value' anyway and why did it only get a 7 in it?
  7. Psycho Store

    Dude, I got the same thing. I'll take my part of the blame for putting it up on Tim Fandango, but I can't take the credit for discovering it. I'll be paying for it shortly, no less. Tim just told me that killer bees are on their way...* I feel really bad. :\ *Has anyone seen that MST3K episode with the killer bees? Great stuff.
  8. Psycho Store

    How the heck do you know that?
  9. Psycho Store

    You can get their names from the names of the jpegs. I wonder which Erik that is. Also, it's nice to finally see Raz. I wonder where Nathan was.
  10. Psycho Store

    Trep, for some reason I associate your avatar with deadworm. It's getting a bit confusing as I keep thinking he's talking to himself.
  11. Psychonauts PC Demo out

    Sweet! Is anyone doing that psychoportal thing, by the way? I gave up after finishing the cross-word on the first day...
  12. Psycho Store

    I got it from whoever posted it on Mojo. I had tried previously, but I didn't think to try 'sdfdsf', which it turned out to be.
  13. Psycho Store

    Yeah... I'm waiting till it's officially announced and pics of the shirts have been put up. Anyone else have trouble finding Raz in the character print? You'd think they'd make the main character a bit more visible it's like playing Where's Waldo. Of course, the thing is only a couple inches wide...
  14. Psycho Store

    Yeah, when I get the PC version I'm deffinitely going for a signed copy. But the posters aren't signed, are they? Isn't it just that super-special $100 print? I don't think I can justify getting that one, so I'll just settle for the $30 version and possibly have it framed later. It'd be cool if Campbell and some of the other artists signed the print too.
  15. Psycho Store

    There's just no pleasing the Thrik.
  16. Spaff, Chris, Jake, Stevan, Marek and I

    Sweet, I feel loved again. Now if I could only play that demo... Actually I don't want to. I have to study for my AP Calc test and write my senior thesis, so I really don't need the distraction right now. I just hope I can get all my work done before the end of the month when I get the game.
  17. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM
  18. new smiley

    :awesome: jeez, how long does it take Marek to eat?
  19. City of Metronome

    Looks awesome. When is it supposed to come out?
  20. Psychonauts = 9.5 from OXM

    I'm seeing gold.
  21. wow, Gamespot Live is painful beyond belief.
  22. Ok, to be honest, what bugged me the most about the show was the way the hosts talked. It just really grated on me for some reason. That Zach guy (I think that was his name) seemed to be quite a good spokes person and quite a knowledgable and interesting person as well. Granted he was answering the questions and not asking them, but I think the show might go a better if they had someone like him hosting it.
  23. PsychoPortals Any one registered yet? I'm not enterily clear on what exactly it's all about. Why does it matter what city we're nearest? Why do we need teams? If your team wins doesn't it just add everyones name on that team into the drawing again? So, just register yourself ten times on each of the teams...
  24. April Fools

    Were there any April Fools jokes that were even semi-amusing this year? Also, how much space is gmail going to have? I thought they were just adding another gig, but it's still going up. How can they do that?