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  1. Psychonauts hate thread

    Kolzig, if that's number 64 then...
  2. Bann Monkeydang

    He was, but he appears to have been un-banned now.
  3. my fan made monkey island game

    wow, at least he's getting IdleT a bit more publicity.
  4. my fan made monkey island game

    uh... what the heck are you doing? [edit]wait, where'd your other post go?
  5. Psychonauts hate thread

    Dude, my name rocks. What are you talking about? Peter Alden Winckles Ok, so I don't like my first name that much. But I'll fix that if I ever have a son and give him the best name ever -- Raz Alden Winckles. So...
  6. Psychonauts hate thread

    ah, awesome. Thanks. Anyone know where Benny, Clem, and Crystal are?
  7. Bann Monkeydang

    Or how about ban koala?
  8. Psychonauts hate thread

    censors: hunt: waterloo:
  9. Psychonauts hate thread

    Edgar: Scavenger hung: censors:
  10. Psychonauts hate thread

    I couldn't tell you were that specific one is, but make sure you check behind all the buildings. The post office and the garden thing are particularily easy to miss.
  11. my fan made monkey island game

    Dude, syntheticgerbil, that's just mean.
  12. Psychonauts hate thread

    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I couldn't find them Benny, Crystal, or Clem (or is is Chem? something with a 'c' at least) either. I also hate how you can't see past Elton and Milkah's heads to see what they see you as. Bobby Ziltch's was hilarious despite only being able to see part of it.
  13. Psychonauts hate thread

  14. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    Dr. Loboto:
  15. Psychonauts hate thread

    ys, did you get past it yet?
  16. NES buckles

    A bit off topic but... do you think we could get a new Marek smilie?
  17. Psychonauts hate thread

    So does that mean you can't play it?
  18. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    Awesome, I'll call Ford a bunch my next time through. It's fun figuring out the boss battles, so I don't really want him to spoil them for me my first time through. Joe,
  19. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    Wait, how can you talk to Ford about stuff like that? Do you have to use the bacon? I never have because I figured it was always just the same old stuff.
  20. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    Boyd's mind:
  21. Yet another Psychonauts thread

    I felt that there weren't enough Psychonauts threads here so... What mind are you looking forward to playing the most? If you've already played it I suppose you could say what your favorite mind is so long as you don't give any spoilers. I think I'm probably looking forward to Boyd's mind the most. It just looks so freaking crazy. After that would probably be either the Lungfish or Gloria's mind. The Lungfish because Goggalor rocks, and Gloria's because the bi-polar concept sounds awesome and I haven't seen any screenshots from it (or have and don't know it).
  22. Psychonauts hate thread

    Yeah, it sucks when you miss one and can't find it, especially when it's on a big map like that one or Fred's. Exactly why they should have included a figment finder. I think I'm going to get everything once, but after I've seen the bonus cutscene I probably won't bother again. They're just too easy to miss.
  23. Psychonauts hate thread