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  1. It was a thoroughly disappointing episode. It was so disjoint, and uninteresting. How many scenes of Vince Vaughn extorting money do we really need? I also couldn't believe that they killed W Earl Brown's character. My friend and I were discussing how he was the best part of the show literally a minute before he was killed. What a waste.
  2. What can you tell me about Seattle?

    I haven't spent a ton of time in Tacoma, but I like it. Has a terrific contra dance venue on third Saturdays.
  3. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Thankfully, they claim they're fixing a lot of the inventory problems with the next patch, adding stashes too!
  4. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    No, diagrams and recipes that you already know will not appear in stores.
  5. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    There's a herbalist in a hut just north east of Oxenfurt. He should be able to fill in most of your missing basics.
  6. Yeah, I did the same thing with "apoplectic".
  7. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Ah, yeah, I was more or less there. Pro tip, finish Following the Thread and The Last Wish before picking up the weird creature.
  8. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    I really want to get the wolven armor set, and am considering just focusing on the main story till I can get to Kaer Morhen. I'm at the point where I've followed all of the leads, and now need to go back and investigate that weird creature. How much more do I have till Kaer Morhen is accessible?
  9. The scene at the end reminded me a lot of that house from The Big Sleep where Marlowe finds Geiger and the hidden camera.
  10. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    I think the play time thing is broken. Last I checked it was grossly under counting how much time I've lost to the game.
  11. What can you tell me about Seattle?

    I've lived in the Ballard/Greenwood area for the past few years and enjoy it a lot. If it wasn't for friends and activities that I've become involved with in the area I'd probably move to West Seattle though. I love West Seattle. It's gorgeous, laid back, and currently more affordable than Seattle. It's also not that hard to get downtown from there thanks to the Rapid Ride. Personally, I'd avoid the east side if you're interested in spending time in the city and don't have transportation. Travelling east-west can be challenging with public, and driving is a nightmare at rush hour.
  12. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    I don't disagree with that, and I have no problem with them existing. I just don't like all of the faces the characters make and verbal chastising I get for not pursuing someone. Geralt looking befudled and making a pouty face every time I avoid an encounter is unnecessary, and makes it feel less like I've made a choice and more like I've forced Geralt to do something he doesn't want to do.
  13. Apparently there are multiple Western Books of the Dead.
  14. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    I've almost finished everything in Velen and Novigrad, and am about to head to Skellige. It's really fun, but, god, I hope I'm over halfway through it. I haven't spent this many hours on a video game in years, and it's eating my life. I've been on the whole disappointed with how choices are handled. Has anyone successfully played as neutral and had an enjoyable time? It seems like if you were to stick to the Witcher ideals you'd miss out on a ton of quests. Likewise, for a game that's supposedly all about grey choices, it's annoyingly opinionated about "correct" choices at times, though not always. I also find it difficult to determine what I'm actually picking based on the brief dialog synopsizes that are marginally related to what Geralt says. Last complaint, I really dislike how much the game pushes me to romance every woman. I'm not interested in having sex with any of the sorceresses. Why are you making me feel bad for this choice? Why don't I get an equally rewarding subplot? I guess, I'm just assuming that I don't, but I think it's a pretty safe bet.
  15. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    It really sucks that there isn't a better way to manage the inventory, and I don't just mean weight. You can't filter anything, or change the item ordering. There's no way to stash things you want, but don't want cluttering up the impossible to manage active inventory. Even just having separate Geralt and Roach inventories would have help a lot. You can't one-click mark everything seen. You can only have two consumables active at once, and you can't consume anything from the inventory. It's a nightmare, and probably my biggest complaint against the game.
  16. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Where do you guys stash your stuff? I dumped a bunch of stuff in that main market square, and was surprised and dismayed to discover that it'd disappeared by the time I returned after a long series of quests.
  17. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    It's left-shift plus left-click for heavy. Right-click is parry.
  18. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    Yeah, that game was the best.
  19. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    I completely agree with this sentiment. I was disappointed by how simple Broken Age Act 1 was. The "puzzles" essentially solved themselves. The most egregious instances of this was in Shay's world. Typically, I like to explore everything before I start solving puzzles so I don't miss anything. I was in the process of doing my first pass through all of the rooms before "breaking out", and accidentally "broke out" without realizing what I was doing just by clicking on a random thing on the screen. It was so disappointing. Act 2, on the other hand, was significantly better. Yes, there were a couple of bad puzzles and a couple of puzzles that needed better visual cues, but, on the whole, the puzzles were enjoyable and incredibly strong. It was great to experience the thrill of playing an adventure again. It's not even that I think that the simple, streamlined, Telltale-style adventure is bad. It's not an all or nothing proposition. It's fine for there to be cinematic interactive adventures like Telltale's, and it's fine for there to be more traditional puzzle-heavy adventures. I think the problem here is that both types of adventure fans were interested in Broken Age, and both wanted the game to be made for them. The result was a schizophrenic game that didn't live up to anyone's expectations. Personally, I think the entire game should have been more like Act 2, not only because that's my bias but also because I feel like it's in the spirit of nostalgia that the Kickstarter was founded on. I also think it would have been better off as a more focused, modest game that didn't take three years to complete.
  20. Grim Fandango being remastered for PS4 and Vita

    And it's downloadable now!
  21. Grim Fandango being remastered for PS4 and Vita

    Has anyone heard if there's going to be a physical release?
  22. Nintendo 3DS

    Yeah, I've all but finished it now (haven't spent the time to fight the final boss). It plays well, looks good, and has fun mechanics. That said, it never seems to use what it has going to its full potential. Some of the abilities you get are barely used more than a couple of times. The game is really short, but doesn't take advantage of this by having concentrated, varied content. There's a fair bit of repetition, and you fight the exact same boss over and over again, but with slightly different moves. All in all, it could have been great, but was only mediocre. Makes me want a good new Metroid even more.
  23. Nondescript Adventure Gaming Topique

    Ha! I couldn't agree more. I think I'll give The Dark Eye a shot.
  24. Nondescript Adventure Gaming Topique

    Are Daedalic's games generally worthwhile? I've only tried playing Deponia, but couldn't get into it.