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  1. Suspect Advice from Suspect Characters

    wow, this is getting rather amusing. Why has the dopefish been downsized?
  2. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    I finished the clairvoyance archive.
  3. The Bard's Tale - Beating Fnarf

    Yeah, unfortunately there's too much repetetive hack 'n slash in that game. The songs are great though.
  4. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    Here's the hidden clip that you have to reach level 100 to unlock.
  5. Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince...
  6. Birthday

    I completely forgot till I visited Mojo. It's Tim's birthday! So, drop him a line. heh, I remember a few years back when Kingz and I were trying to figure out when it was. Here's a hint, the shot with all the characters of Grim Fandango was made for Tim for his birthday.
  7. Birthday

    What's he doing? Jerking off to apples?
  8. Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince...

    I really enjoyed all of the "Chosen One" crap in this book. Couldn't help but think back to this most excellent song. While I was at it I got three other songs from the game: Beer Song, Bard Song, and the Tale of the Nukelavee. Best part of the game. I'm not sure why they seemed to pimp the beer song so much. I thought it was the least good of the bunch.
  9. Birthday

    It has arrived.
  10. Fahrenheit Demo Out

    I think the mouse stuff is pretty cool, but I just have trouble moving the guy around.
  11. Fahrenheit Demo Out

    Looks awesome, but is it just me or are the controls a bit hard to use? I wonder how it plays on xbox.
  12. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    This cabin cracks me up. Incidentally, that's the cabin Lili sleeps in.
  13. Why isn't Psychonauts selling well?

    I like what Tycho wrote about Gabe on PA today, Too bad they never did a comic.
  14. Seen any good movies lately?

    V for Vendetta Portman looks funny without any hair.
  15. Tim Burton's corpse Bride

    Awesome. When do you see it?
  16. woohoo!

    I was going to wait to post this till the page was completely up, but I'm leaving to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soon. This may be of some interest to a few of you.
  17. Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince...

    uh... first about Adams. Have you guys read Last Chance to See? It's non-fiction, but it's hilarious. It's one of my favorites of his. I just finished reading the new Harry Potter book as well. After the last book, which was quite terrible, I was pleasently surprised that this one wasn't. It seems Harry has finally gotten over TALKING IN CAPS AND KEEPING EVERYTHING TO HIMSELF. He was quite a prick, and is much more bearable. I also thought the same thing about the initials, and agree about Snape as well. At any rate, even if I'm wrong and Dumbledore didn't want him to do it, she's bound to work in some sort of cliche redemption in the next book.
  18. Intro Sequences in Games

    To be completely honest, while I enjoyed Psychonauts's intro I didn't really think it was the greatest. I think it was a bit too long winded especially the bit where where Raz is reciting the brochure. It's ending on the other hand was certianly one of the best out there.
  19. Intro Sequences in Games

    Planescape: Torment has an awesome intro.
  20. Cut Psychonauts stuff

    I've almost finished listening to all of the voice files from Psychonauts (I've still got Boyd, Raz, Ford, Sasha, and Oleander to go), and I've noticed some stuff that didn't make the game, mostly from Milla's mind. There are files with her screaming about the orphanage burning, some weird ones where it sounds like she's (and assumably you as well) in a house, some where she talks about getting cameras on you (this, I believe), and even two that sound like she's dreaming of making out with Sasha. Also, there are some voice files from a character that wasn't even in the game. She appears to have had something to do with the cut camera thing. Did anyone here see the camera part before it was cut?
  21. Double Fine Action News

    I like how that catch phrase actually ended up being a line in Psychonauts. I wonder if he wrote it for Psychonauts or the news first.
  22. Cut Psychonauts stuff

    Couldn't tell you exactly, but I'm sure it says somewhere here or here.
  23. Cut Psychonauts stuff

    You can use the xbox version...
  24. Cut Psychonauts stuff

    Ok, here are all of the files I listed in this thread. I didn't take time to convert them, so you'll still need to install the ADCPM codec. Tanukitsune, you can change the file format after you've installed the above codec.
  25. Cut Psychonauts stuff

    I'll try to upload some of the stuff tonight or tomorrow. There aren't that many files. Doesn't the Psychonauts Explorer support the xbox version?