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  1. Your Animal Crossing Town

    Woohoo!!!! It's finally Spring in my town! I was getting really sick of winter and a bit burnt out. I had caught all of the fish and bugs possible during winter within a week, and I only have four more fossils to go till my collection is complete. It'll be great to have some new stuff to do again. I'm jealous of all your fruit, yuf. I just have apples, pears, and coconuts.
  2. Games Played

    Yeah, the quality of the cutscenes if they'd made them back then probably would have sucked. The cutscenes in Infinity Engine games are usually pretty bad. I was even surprised that the quality of the pre-rendered cutscenes in KotOR was quite poor as well. Cutscenes don't really seem to be either Bioware or Black Isle's strong point. Though, I love the intro to Planescape. I was just saying that I couldn't help but imagine how much more incredible the game could have been if it had had beautiful, cinematic cutscenes. That KotOR II mod sounds sweet. I never finished playing it, but I'll definitely check it out again once the mod's done.
  3. Games Played

    It probably just wasn't my cup of tea, because it seems most everyone else really enjoyed it. I guess I didn't think it was all that funny, and the combat I found to be repetitive to the point of tedium. Though, the later was probably my fault. I have trouble using items in games because I'm always saving them in case I could put them to better use later, so I ended up only using the Bro Items during boss fights.
  4. Games you ignore (licenses, kid's games).

    I haven't played the fourth one, but I think the third one is great. It has the best puzzles of the first three (possibly all of them, but I couldn't say). You can get the collection for cheap, so you might as well at least try it.
  5. Seen any good movies lately?

    I have no idea. Just saying what it says.
  6. Seen any good movies lately?

    Is Delicatessen available in the US? I checked on amazon and they only have a PAL version and a version without subtitles listed.
  7. Seen any good movies lately?

    No kidding. Best movie I've ever seen. Have you seen any of his other movies? I didn't like A Very Long Engagement that much, but it's a bit hard to follow, so I'm assuming I'd like it more if I were to watch it again. City of Lost Children is really weird, but quite good. Good old Ron Perlman.
  8. Seen any good movies lately?

    I thought the trailer for The Constant Gardener sort of sucked... Good to hear the actual movie may in fact not.
  9. Seen any good movies lately?

    Thanks largely to the most excellent Netflix (and too much free time) here's a list of all the movies I saw this summer (in no particular order). I'd recommend just about all of them. I'd say that Amelie was probably my favorite. Reservoir Dogs Pulp Fiction Jackie Brown Sin City Hellboy The Godfather The Godfather Part II On the Waterfront Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels Snatch Blood Simple Barton Fink Miller's Crossing The Hudsucker Proxy Fargo The Big Lebowski The Man Who Wasn't There Ed Wood Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Batman Batman Begins Memento Equilibrium The Machinist Bottle Rocket Rushmore The Royal Tenenbaums The Life Aquatic A Fistful of Dollars For a Few Dollars More Amelie A Very Long Engagement The City of Lost Children Unforgiven Million Dollar Baby Melinda & Melinda Manhattan Annie Hall About a Boy Love Actually Two Weeks Notice Chinatown One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Kung Fu Hustle House of Flying Dagers Dogma Good Will Hunting Austin Powers Goldfinger Moonracker The Pink Panther Leon: The Professional The Boondock Saints This is Spinal Tap The Graduate I Heart Huckabees Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Fight Club American History X Broken Flowers Lost in Translation Garden State Being John Malkovich Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Ace Ventura: Pet Detective The Sting Ocean's Twelve Maverick Braveheart Gladiator Touch of Evil The Third Man Sullivan's Travels It Happened One Night LA Confidential The Usual Suspects Blade Runner The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Taxi Driver Sideways American Splendor Before Sunrise The Shawshank Redemption Dead Man Walking 21 Grams City of God Oldboy Brazil 12 Monkeys I might catch some combination of The Sea Inside, Goodfellas, Maria Full of Grace, and Mystic River before heading off to college on Wednesday.
  10. Gmail invites

    I'm curious, to know how often you Gmail users get invites. I've had Gmail for about a month and a half and they've only given me one. It's not like I know a ton of people who want one, I'm just curious to know if this is normal.
  11. anger

    ah. I missunderstood what he wrote. I thought he was just stuck by the sudden increase in difficulty.
  12. anger

    I don't believe there's an invisibility cheat. What part are you stuck on? The part with the rabbit or the acrobatic part of the boss fight?
  13. anger

    huh? What's this psyconauts of which you speak? Sounds awesome.
  14. Prince of Persia 3

    Wait... so is that woman in the end cutscene supposed to be the sands of time? The prince humps the sands of time? I'd hate to see their hardcore, badass sand children.
  15. How did you lose your gaming virginity ?

    Hot Coffee That or King's Quest.
  16. Undeletable files

    Wasn't it Dr Delete?
  17. Spakster

    I was thinking of putting their heads on the end game Levern, Hoggie, and Bernard, but I don't feel like taking the time.
  18. Technical difficulties with Grim Fandango, life

    I have a feeling Chris is going to be laughing in your face.
  19. So as to not further polute the Psychonatus hate thread here's a new one for whatever Psychonauts randomness you'd like to mention. If it's a spoiler it'd be awesome if you used spoiler tags, and possible said what part of the game you're referring to before (I haven't finished it yet. I'm through most of it, but don't want the end spoiled.). Sasha's mind: Camp fun: clairvoyance:
  20. Suspect Advice from Suspect Characters

    wow, sounds like you've done this before.
  21. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    I just got a semi-decent shot of Milka's thanks to the prompting of Paul Du Bois and Bert Chang.
  22. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    I missed Napoleon, the zealots, and the keypad. Obviously they are now up. Also, I accidentally switched the crab's with the suckerfish's. That too is fixed.
  23. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    Thanks! I actually forgot to take that one. It's up now.
  24. Random Psychonauts Tidbits (possible spoilers)

    Yes, she sees you the same way Lili sees you. I just didn't feel like posting it, and didn't figure anyone would notice if it wasn't there. Apparently I was wrong.