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  1. I never thought I'd see the day...

    I know. That's way I'm so shocked. I'm on his side for once. Marek, while it's quite possible that Bush really doesn't care that much about renewable energy sources and it just doing it to improve his image, the very fact that he's just talking about it will probably have great effect. Americans who've been eating the Whitehouse's bullshit about global warming not being a problem and there being no issue at all with the way we're using fossil fuels will hopefully start waking up and thinking after seeing an old Texas oil man speak out against his own intrests, regardless of his sinserity. After all, who else will hard-core, Christian conservatives listen to on the matter?
  2. high system requirements

    Sweet. I played the FEAR demo back when it came out, as well as Psychonauts cracked up (I can't remember if it was all the way though), so I'm hoping Oblivion will run. I just downloaded the demo for Ubersoldier that I'll try out tomorrow. Not that I think it'll be any good, but it has some decent requirements.
  3. Viral Market in this thread

    tasty bacon?
  4. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    It always surprises me just how dark the DS screen looks in pictures. It doesn't seem that dark in person.
  5. Games Played

    What games have you guys been playing while Thumbs was down? I picked up a DS recently: Animal Crossing Phoenix Wright :tup: Zelda: The Minish Cap Metroid Fusion Mario & Luigi Partners in Time I also finally got around to finishing Planescape: Tourment, and Icewind Dale. Planescape was amazing, but I can't help from feeling sad while playing it because of all of the missed cinematic opportunities. While the writing the was top-notch, I think games should do more showing than telling. The memories especially were just begging to be realized in subtle cutscenes.
  6. Interactive hint games

    Dosbox is a program the emulates dos. You might also want to check out this front end for it. The site looks like crap, but it's actually a pretty good program.
  7. Who are you and what have you become?

    I just thought I'd mention this for the benefit of anyone else wanting to replay a specific level without going through the whole game, you might want to check out Benny's save game editor. I haven't tried it myself yet (and had actually forgotten about it till a couple minutes ago), but I'm sure it works wonders like the rest of Benny's programs.
  8. Contact

    Anyone know anything about Contact? The screens look like it could be interesting.
  9. Who are you and what have you become?

    You can go back to any mind through the collective unconscious, but there is no way to reset them to their beginning state. However, if you're playing the PC version I could send you a save at that point if you wanted it.
  10. Interactive hint games

    You'll have to use dosbox, and even then it takes some fiddling. If you have a high end PC then you shouldn't have as much trouble though. I managed to get Pandora working pretty well, but then I never ended up playing it... one of these days.
  11. Interactive hint games

    I believe the Tex Murphy games also have built-in hints.
  12. Oscars

    Does it include the film noir montage?
  13. Oscars

    You don't even want to know. Just run and hide.
  14. Oscars

    youtube seems to have a good number, but I can't seem to find the montage of noir movies, which is the one I really want.
  15. Your Animal Crossing Town

    meh. I've played it everyday for over two months now. I think I'm going to give it a break for a while. I was afraid to because then the villagers would leave without giving me their pictures, but I just realized that there really is no reason for me to want all the little bastard's pictures. ha! For the first month or so I'd also write all of them a letter a day along with a present because I thought I had to to get their picture. That got old fast. I don't recommend it.
  16. hickee

    It's a hilarious anthology of comics by various artists including Razmig Mavlian, Nathan Stapley, and Scott Campbell from Double Fine and Graham Annable from Telltale.
  17. Metroid Prime Hunters

    Gamespot has a great new preview. It's sounding even better than I had hoped. Who's getting it? What with Worms and Oblivion (possibly) coming out this month as well I'm having a hard time deciding what to get first. Has anyone heard yet whether or not Worms is going to be wi-fi enabled?
  18. Metroid Prime Hunters

    hmm... I just watched the new interview over at gamespot. His description of the single-player part of the game actually made me want it a bit less.
  19. Metroid Prime Hunters

    I was just thinking about it, would the controls of this game inherently give right-handed or left-handed people a distinct advantage or disadvantage? I don't know how the controls are set up, but if the d-pad is required for movement and the stylus for aiming it seems like left-handed people would have a harder time with it.
  20. hickee

    Project Superior appears to be out of stock just about everywhere. There is a new Hickee coming out soon. It was supposedly going to come out this week actually, but it looks like it was delayed.
  21. Games Played

    woohoo! cheapest gold!
  22. Metroid Prime Hunters

    Anyone read German? What does this say about wi-fi?
  23. Your Animal Crossing Town

    More bugs should be out now. In the last 15 minutes I caught 6 butterflies, 2 honeybees, and a ladybug.
  24. Your Animal Crossing Town

    argh! I hate it when those little punks harass me into picking catch phrases for them.
  25. Your Animal Crossing Town

    Certain bugs (and fish) are only available at certain times during the year. Check out this list. During the winter I only saw pill bugs (hit rocks with a shovel to find), mole crickets (dig when you hear a buzzing sound), and cockroaches (sitting on tree trunks), though supposedly there were dung beetles as well. The winter sucks for bugs.