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  1. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    It was a good tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
  2. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    Story of my life!
  3. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    So here's what happened to me: I was determined to play this without looking up anything, and this worked for a while until I got stuck with both characters and spent almost two hours making no progress with either character. My attitude started at "oh boy, this is really working my brain! I can't wait until the next breakthrough suddenly forms in my mind!" and was able to keep that up for surprisingly long, but eventually frustration took hold and I suddenly realized I was super angry at the game. Then, of course, I looked up a thing and got super annoyed as I realized I would never find the solution, because I had spent hours exploring a possibilty space that did not include the actual solutions. With both characters I had at some point made an ass out of you and me regarding a thing, and, even though the next step in both puzzles was right in front of me, I had already excluded them from my mind. The two things were: Shay: Vella In both cases I passed through the relevant screen many times, trying everything except the right thing, and by the time I broke down and looked up the solution, naturally, weak as I am, I just continued doing that at every subsequent hint of challenge; which is natural, because obviously I didn't want to waste another couple of hours chasing wrong ideas just because I had mentally tagged some critical element as non-essential! I don't know what to take from that experience other than that your game should have a good hint system.
  4. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    Also it's an hour long! I hope they continue this trend going forward into the next episode which will also be the last. I've said it before, lots of times, but it's still really interesting (to me) that the documentary series about making a game is probably giving me much more enjoyment than the game itself (will). I really enjoyed the first part, and I bet the second one will be even better, but these episodes are so goddamn interesting, and the story of the studio and the people is extremely fascinating and gripping. I wonder if a ... "thing" could come out of this, whereby a documentary series is continuously being produced at all studios and about every game, and that you can buy either the game or the documentary, or both. Would that even work out financially? Why isn't some documentary team going around at Campo Santo with DSLRs and boom mics right now, recording every little thing and selling it to me?
  5. the Talos Principle

    It should be said that, if memory serves, none of the puzzles really rely on twitchy timing. A few of them may seem at first to have a solution that requires you to do a bunch of stuff really quick, like quickly grabbing a thing and running super fast through a door and place something, but it's probably not the case, and may indicate you're not quite on the right path. Most of the puzzles do have one specific solution, though.
  6. Is it the bayta or the beeter? Also, when is it out?
  7. GTA V

    This makes me feel bad. It's a PC Gamer article gleefully describing a video from GTA V of a guy stomping on a cat.
  8. This is so exciting! Apparently there's something amiss with my posters, and there will be an inquest!
  9. Maximum Axiom Verge Urge

    Yup, and also also, you can deploy the drone through a wall one tile thick! The things they don't tell you in this game.
  10. Maximum Axiom Verge Urge

    Damn it, I forgot to come back here and say thanks! The solution was, of course, to jump and use the drone. I had never even thought of deploying the drone mid-jump before – I guess it's my fault for not trusting the game enough.
  11. Maximum Axiom Verge Urge

    Well I fell down a ravine and can't get up. There are a couple of out-of-reach platforms, and nothing else dow here. Since it's 2015, I felt confident a game wouldn't put me in a hole without any way out, so I spent a good while trying everything I can, namely jumping around, shooting, drilling and disrupting, but nothing happened, and I'm wondering which of these are true: This shitty game puts the player in a hole with no way out other than to restart the game, This shitty guy is missing some obvious trick or technique, or is constantly ignoring some obvious visual hint in the environment.
  12. 70°C is fine for a GPU though, unless it's super old. And unless the fan noise is annoying you.
  13. Here's hoping it's a quirk of international shipping, and that the package arrives tomorrow.
  14. Sooo did anyone else order a Firewatch poster, and has the USPS tracking page progressed past the pre-shipment phase?
  15. Ori and the Blind Forest

    This game is out, and it's been really great so far (2 hours). It's an exploration platformer (metroidvania, I guess?) from Moon Studios, the studio without a Wikipedia page. It's really beautiful, sounds great and controls really well. You run and jump around in this wonderful, mysterious forest, firing glowing bolts at spiders and spiky blobs, and there's wall climbing and you unlock powers as you go, and you collect various kinds of items that gives you more health or energy or lets you unlock new stuff in a little three-pronged tree, and you jump on plants and there are secrets if you look closely! I guess if you like games like that and you also appreciate them looking beautiful as fuck, you should get this. It's out for XBONE™ and WINDOWS™ (on STEAM™ and probably on MICROSOFT™'s own store; they have one, right?) and will be out for XBOX 360™ later, so anything non-Microsoft is probably not coming ever or anytime soon. edit: Oh, I just remember the reason I was looking to post about this game in the first place: The game has this weird and quirky retro game mechanic in that it does not auto-save, so: REMEMBER TO SAVE REGULARLY.
  16. Hotline Miami

    This game is coming out October 23rd: 6OJ51PG0swE Apparently it's amazing and Twitter cannot wait to play it. Watching it myself, not know anything other than what the trailer tells me, makes me supremely uncomfortable. Does anyone know what kind of game it is, and what makes it so interesting? The massacre motif seems really gross – I guess they do something interesting with it? edit: Okay, how do you embed Youtube again?
  17. Cities: Skylines

    The more I play this, the less I enjoy the traffic management. I find myself out in the boondocks making scratchpads of crisscrossing roads of different types to see which ones get traffic lights and which ones don't, and it's so frustrating not being able to undo my way back to try different paths, having to bulldoze over and over to wrangle overlapping parts into place. It's really satisfying when it all comes together, but I feel like building more complex traffic structures is a lot more work than it has to be. I almost never bother with the curved roads anymore, as it's such a pain to avoid kinks and achieve symmetry (or at least I haven't figured out how it's done). A shame, since they look so fantastic when they're done well. It's amazing how well their assets look in all sorts of different angles and constellations! Anyway, it's still super fun, despite my traffic frustrations; it has been a long while since I last played a game that seemingly swallows hour after hour just like that.
  18. Cities: Skylines

    Oh cool, I'll check that out. I didn't know they could mod in new tools.
  19. Cities: Skylines

    I'm forever doomed to restart at the first sign of trouble with my infrastructure, which I'll be doing for a while, I think. My biggest issues at this point (taking in to account that, in total, I love this game): Upgrading the roads is so destructive and unpredictable, I feel like I have to have this wide apron of available space around every road I build, and because of how zoning works, I feel like there's no way to take later expansion into account. Once you need to upgrade a road, you have to bulldoze everything around it. Of course, this is very true to real life, and I don't really know if tearing down a few blocks actually is as terrible as it feels. Road architecture is awkward. I don't know how people get these nice intersections in the screenshots, mine are bulky and bloated and have weird kinks everywhere, and I still haven't figured out how to transition effectively between the different types of road. I see that off ramps let vehicles leave the highway without slowing down, but apparently there's no way to make them merge onto another type of road without doing a full stop first, which seems weird. This should be possible, yes? I would like a drawing mode that let me specify start and end points, and then define curve control point(s). Doing it the current way is so imprecise. Hey, remember in EA's popular video game franchise SimCity™ when they made roads also carry water, sewage and power. That was such a great idea! Having to place power lines is bad enough, but then going back and remove them and repair zoning scars is the worst. There's very much repetition of buildings, which looks weird in my lame screenshots. I guess I'm mostly concerned with road traffic ... I would love a tool that let me select a car or some points or whatever, and see how it calculates that it shouldn't use my brand new asphalt and concrete pillar knot of wide-open road, and instead line up in the dirt road traffic jam along with everyone else.
  20. Ori and the Blind Forest

    I just finished the second fleeing sequence, and After finishing it, I was mentally exhausted.
  21. Movie/TV recommendations

    Oh, man those two Community episodes were great! Every time they've disappeared and come back I've worried they've lost it, but they still got it!
  22. Movie/TV recommendations

    The new season of Community has started on – get this – Yahoo Screen. So if you love to watch television in shitty region-blocked Flash players, you can do so at
  23. Ori and the Blind Forest

    Oh yeah, for some reason the choice of font is super weird. Everything in the game is super polished in this one style, and then the text is like out of Microsoft Word or something. lso I was looking in the game directory and holy motherfucking shit; this game is made in Unity! I know I should at some point stop being amazed and blown the hell away by discovering all sorts of different great games being made in Unity but holy crap.
  24. New Forums! Post feedback, notes, etc here

    What URL(s) exactly are you guys loading, and which domains try to load scripts, and which of those do you block/allow?