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  1. New Half-Life 2 screenshots

    Alyx! postCount++;
  2. Blue Shift: postcards from Barney

    Blue Shift was more puzzly than the other two.
  3. The Lost Vikings

    No, but at least I have a basement full of mannequins and dead bodies.
  4. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    Who's Larry David? Oh, and: Dr Edison 007 - 2. Chepito - 1. Kingzjester - 2π/2. Erwin_Br - 1. RemiO - 1/2. (all scores are out of 2π)
  5. The Lost Vikings

    Well, do you really look like your avatar?
  6. Hitman: Contracts.. anyone played it?

    I didn't like Hitman 2, but I enjoyed Hitman 1 and Contracts. I don't think Contracts was too short, though, but then I didn't think Max Payne was either, so...
  7. Tell Us About Yourself

    I'm toblix from a little country I like to call Norway, and I found this site on Adventuregamers. I'm 20 years old, and try to spend my spare time studying computer science, playing the piano, playing computer games, reading books, listening to music and assembling jigsaw puzzles. Mostly I just end up playing computer games. Currently I'm playing Star Wars - KotOR.
  8. New Half-Life 2 screenshots

    I heard this rumor, but decided it was too good to be true. If it isn't, I'll probably end up digging myself an underground shelter where I can spend the rest of my days eating recycled feces and playing HL, Op4, BS, HL2, etc. That'd be sweet.
  9. Dreamfall blows

    I want to play it again, but I'm so annoyed Ati's FSAA won't work with it.
  10. New Half-Life 2 screenshots

    Yeah, one of the coolest things in Half-Life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift was the introduction parts. I also loved how the plots of both the intro parts and the rest of the games were intertwined, so that you revisited places and saw things from different angles and so on (for example, you can see the guy you play in Blue Shift in the Half-Life intro, and vice versa). I hope they continue that sort of things in the HL2 expansion packs.
  11. If you were a filthy rich developer/publisher....

    I'd make sequels to: - LBA2 - Beyond Good & Evil - Fallout 2 - Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - Carmageddon TDR2000 (and it would be just like Carmageddon 2, only with a modernificated engine)
  12. What's next for the GTA series?

    A country? Think bigger! Think of... The WORLD!
  13. The, "Oy fuckin' oy!" moments

    Just something I thought of regarding physics. If you're into physics based gaming, check out Chronic Logic's games. Pontifex (before it went 3d) and Gish are both great.
  14. The Lost Vikings

    Well, I guess it's hard to combine 2d and 3d. I mean of course the whole system of interaction, not just the graphics technique. In a 3D game there's a set of rules defined by three-dimensional space and in a 2d game there's one defined by the plane. If someone uses 3d graphics in a 2d game, by all means, go right ahead. What exactly do you mean by using both 2d and 3d? Of course, you have a point about Worms. They had used up the game system, but is 3d then the natural next step, or could they've done something different in the two dimensions they began with? Did they have to make a new Worms game? I agree that Broken Sword 3 doesn't look bad (I regret using it in my other post up there). In fact, I was surprised in a good way when I played it. I still feel it would've been better in 2d, though, because in games like these visuals matter so much, and with today's standard of 3d graphics there just isn't enough detail to fill the extra space 3d opens up. I'd much prefer a couple of detailed drawings or paintings of a flat, where the level of detail is up to the artist (and the resolution), over a room where, even though I can turn around to look everywhere, there isn't any reason to because it doesn't look good enough. And finally, you didn't like Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2? I loved them. Why didn't you enjoy them?
  15. The, "Oy fuckin' oy!" moments

    Yeah, Bontago's fun, but only the kind of game I'd bother playing against real people, and I there's only a direct IP connection option and no game browser. But it's definitely the kind of gameplay that only proper physics simulation can, uh... give?
  16. The, "Oy fuckin' oy!" moments

    This is what I(and probably many others)'ve been saying since I played Scorched Earth for the first time. The coolest feature that can possibly be implemented in a computer game is physics. Like the ragdoll moments you mentioned. The sequence right at the beginning of Max Payne 2, where you shoot some guy dead, and he is thrown, in slow motion into a bunch of shelves and boxes. It's something you can reload and play over again a thousand times. I think Half-Life 2 will include some great physics-based gameplay, especially with the physics guns. The next hurdle is simulation of liquids and soft bodies, which will be just fabulous. Can anyone remember how Volition pimped the fluid and gas simulation that would be all over in Red Faction, and then when the game was released it was nowhere to be found?
  17. The Lost Vikings

    Yeah, if I didn't know any better, I'd say it's deeper than a Magic Eye picture, the ending of The Sixth Sense and a Lynch movie of your choice, combined. But I'm not the only one here on this retro gaming forum who prefers most good low-res 2d graphics over today's usual crapaloni 3D, am I? And I'm not talking about the Unreal 3 engine or CryTek or whatever. I'm talking about the developer houses like Revolution and Adventuresoft, who can't make or afford to buy proper 3d engines. I'm sure Blizzard could've cooked up some neat-o stuff with their wads of money. It's sad that those who're not able to make decent 3d are forced to anyway by the evil market.
  18. The Lost Vikings

    Aw, crap. That's the last time I attempt to link to images from Mobygames. Well, instead of the first MobyGames image, imagine a screenshot from the terrible Simon the Sorcerer 3D. It depicts a wizard consisting of five polygons standing in a vast landscape consisting of seven polygons. The second image is a beautiful wooden scene from Simon the Sorcerer 1. It has beauty and charm, but is a bit low-res, hence the "in high-res" comment. The third image would be a screenshot from Broken Sword 2, hand drawn and detailed and wonderful. The third image would be an image from Worms 2 or something, with nice, cartoony graphics and fun for all the children. Now, with these comments in mind, read the post again.
  19. The Lost Vikings

    What, don't tell me my web cache has fooled me! Do the images appear all sucky? Here, let me reload.
  20. The Lost Vikings

    Well, I had to polarize it somewhat to make a point, so I'll try rephrasing. Oh, and for the record, I loved Broken Sword 3, but it still validates my point, which is: In almost all cases where a game series has gone from 2D from 3D, there either hasn't been anything gained at all, or there is gained so little it probably wasn't worth it. Take Simon the Sorceror, for example (sorry Screwie). The story could probably (I didn't even finish it, so I might be wrong here) be told using a standard point-and-click 2D interface. Instead of this: We could have this: In high-res Instead of this: We could have this: Instead of this: We could have this: Instead of this: We could have this: For the record, I think all the "We could have this:" pictures look a ton better. If you don't, I suspect you have no genitalia.
  21. The Lost Vikings

    Okay, so it could possibly work in 3D, but why risk it? When I make a list, off the top of my head, of which game series benefited from a 3D makeover, and which series were screwed long and far up into the ass by it, it looks something like this: Winned: - Prince of Persia (eventually) Reamed: - Lemmings - Simon the Sorcerer - Broken Sword - Worms And that's just off the top of my head!. Clearly 3D sucks.
  22. The Lost Vikings

    Isn't it about time someone made a really crap real-time 3d sequel to this?
  23. FEAR teaser

    Well, after the blowfest that was NOLF2, I hope this'll be good, which looks probable. It looks sort of Breakdown-y, what with the first person kicking and all.
  24. Beyond Good & Evil

    So, if they're not making a sequel, are they making something else?