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  1. Intro Sequences in Games

    http://mojoart.mixnmojo.com/original-art/videos.shtml Intros! Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Sam & Max Hit the Road, The Dig Endings! (without the end credits) Full Throttle End Credits! Day of the Tentacle Yeah Baby!
  2. DOOM 3 GOLD!!!

    Doom III Beta 2 has been out for a while. It's tricky getting it to run though. Doesn't run on some graphixcards. I want a 1.540.000 polygon Max model (of Sam & Max) to Doom3. And a idlethumbs doom3 server. wooho.
  3. The movements of the main character in Splinter Cell 1 were handdrawn. I cant say it looked like a 3d model. More animated look but not cartoonish.
  4. Are you a demo whore?

    This is a good place to download demos. Click more for screenshots, info of your selected game. http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_downloads_demos.html
  5. Just what ARE you playing right now?

    1. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (online only) http://enemy-territory.4players.de:1041/ :gaming: