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  1. What's the worst you've done in a videogame?

    LOL, that's classic. The poor guy.. poor guy..
  2. Gamecube or Xbox

    I recommend Nintendo 64 with Mario64. I seriously have missed out on the Gamecube Mario, since I've heard about no hype about it, or no cheers. Is it any good? Is Luigis Mansion even compareable with Mario64? I suggest you find a game you REALLY have desire, regardless plattform/console and then just buy that game and its console. It will give you more worth, and more gamevalue than selecting plattform/console first.
  3. What's the worst you've done in a videogame?

    I wanted to explore the area outside the station in Doom 3 so I used 'god mode' and walked outside where there is very little oxygen, so I let the guy choke for minutes. He didn't die though, just made choke sounds, and some painful sounds when oxygen level reached -15. Is this the worst I've done? No? I've hit, well run over "few" people and cops with car/truck/bike a in Vice City. Oh, I recently played "Kid Icarus" on NES 8bit. I jumped so he got killed on purpose. Oh oh oh, I've mutaled Lemmings in the Amiga Lemmings series. You know, the button where there is a "boom" symbol. Or, better described, a "pop" symbol, cause they go: "pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!" oh no! I killed the Lemmings!
  4. Your best xbox game.

    I don't know if this is the right forum for this. What's your best xbox game? I want to buy a new one, a real good one, a 9.something at gamespot, or better. Gamespot game Halo 9.7 and I agree with them. I've checked out high scored xbox games at gamespot, but I tend to spot their flaws sooner or later after have watched 5-6 movied on each game. Like Burnout 3 for example. It seemed really fast and good looking in the beginning, and seemed to be varying in gameplay, but after much closer look, it fell sort of flat. A game that wouldn't be fun for a long time, due to the repetitive gameplay. Then you could say that games like Halo and Splinter Cell1, are also repetitive, but I don't know what to answer to that.I guess they are not, or are, but I like em anyway. I don't know what makes a game fun, and fun to play still after many hours straight. I don't know. Anyway, write down your top 3 or 5 xbox games, and it would be interesting to read how you motivate why you think they are your top 5. My top 3 xbox games are Halo, Splinter Cell 1, and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Now I guess I like simple games with good action on my xbox, but that can't be all.
  5. Quake IV in PC Zone

    Bah, stop scare us ID. I want a Simpsons game where all are homers and dancing like sissies on green fields. How casual is that? I want some crasy stuff. Like the stuff from Psychonauts. I want a layed back game also where you just don't have to give so much effort to play the game. I'll go play pong in 256 colours. ........
  6. Your best xbox game.

    You can play Soul Calibur 2 for hours? How do they change the gameplay so it doesnt become repetitive. I like fightinggames, but they last for 30minutes to 2 hours of play. And after a month you really can't get more out of the game in singleplayer mode, ever. (I get so sick of the game by then) I'm not saying I pick up Splinter Cell and replay it all over, but I can play it for hours without getting tired of the gameplay all. If Soul Calibur 2 is fun, and somehow is also made for lasting gameplay enjoyment, please motivate how.
  7. New Psychonauts screens..

    That is not the box art. Well, This I know: They have taken the art from the now gone psychonauts page on the xbox.com site. I even have the art in the background on my site.
  8. Your best xbox game.

    I guess I want an action game, that is narrative, or somewhat gives a storytelling feel and you're in the story right now. A litte bit atleast. And it should probably be a story emerged into the action. Like, people tell me stuff, but not in a Zelda 2 fasion talking to folks in the town. I want the story little by little, in nice cinematic sense. I'm basically talking about the same thing as in the first 3-4 levels in Halo, or even GTA3. I've checked out Fable a bit, but however it seems like the Zelda 2 fasion of talkin to people, making me do the work. I guess I just want the action, and be the explorer in an amazing world, and I want the game to tell the story for me, and present it in an amazing way. However, does such a game excist? Well, perhaps many of them, I dont know. With this thread of "Your best xbox games" I mostly want to know what games you think are compelling enough so you can play for hours, and hours and not be bored with. That's what I want to know. (I might give Fable second, chance. I'll check out some more videos)
  9. Your best xbox game.

    I just want to say that I think Halo is repetitive, but in a good way. That fun action moments are regenerated, over and and over, and then nice 'other' gameplay moments 'relieve' the action moments. And repetitive moments or sequences of action, are somehow regenerated in new ways that makes the moment not feel the same as the last one. And I guess that Halo had a very nice continuity through out the game, which is probably the reason I like it so much. With the continuity and regenerated action, the game becomes an action story game. Atleast I think so. I don't expect you to like Halo now or anything, dont worry. The 'flood-maps' or flood-levels, the three or four (or perhaps five) of them, lacked something, and the game was not beautiful anymore, and it was harder to recognize your self in the story, and for short weren't as good maps/levels as the other ones. I guess there only were 10 or something levels in Halo and 5 were half good. But, there were 5 amazingly enjoyable levels. It's all about taste also I guess. I like the theme of the game. Now lets forget the halo discussion if anyone don't wanna say something about it.
  10. Tribes 3 Beta

    Can I buy Tribes 2 which costs below 10 bucks, or even 0 bucks if you have any luck here: http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/tribes2_cgw/ , and then to use that cd key from Tribes 2 with the third installment of the game? Like is this Tribes 3 an expantion of some kind? I haven't played any Tribes 2. Is it more fun that UT2004? Or what makes it better? Edit: I just read on the site: http://www.tribesvengeance.com/us/ that is includes a single-player mode. That doesn't help me much know if it will need a new cd key or not.
  11. Sissies club that is =P LOL! Watch two guys, 14-18 something, playing Doom3, one watching and the other playing. You won't believe how high tone the guy screams. He really is afraid, and later on in the movie he not only is afraid, but is also not feeling so good what I see on his face. It's not too much of a fun movie to watch, but is interesting. http://www.energyradio.fm/anm/templates/ftf.aspx?articleid=92&zoneid=5
  12. Afraid of Doom3, join the club

    LOL nice story. I know what you are talking about. I'm too scared to play Aliens vs Predator 2 in Marine mode. I bought it years ago and played Marine. I stopped playing in the first level, when 4-5 aliens were on crasy-rampage to kill me. I couldn't handle that, and just forgot about the game. No griefs about wasting money or anything. When I hear the sound from the Marine guns, I get the same feeling I get from Alien. That sense that only the first 2 or 3 Alien films deliver. The total thick fear, and screaming lack of control and panic. The sound is so freaky and scary because whenever it is heard, the Aliens are present. I played the game just a few days ago, but chose Predator. The company who made that game knew what they were doing. Sierra, Monolith and Fox Interactive.
  13. Afraid of Doom3, join the club

    I have a genuine own story to tell here. But it's not about Doom3. It's about getting scared though. Here's there little story: I was pushing my senses to the limit, so I could survive and frag on the hardest mode in Unreal Tournament 1, god mode. The nerves were getting "itchy", click-itchy, to as fast as possible frag my oponent. Then after playing in that mode for about 20 minutes, something happened. My g/f sneaked into the room, walking slowly behind me, and reached her head slowly to mine, without me knowing or suspecting anything, she touched her tongue on my neck. I fucking jumped my seat, stood up from chair, grabbed her arms and was scared shit. Lol. She got scared too.
  14. Afraid of Doom3, join the club

    The last 20 seconds where the other guy plays, makes me *evil-JBRAA*. He almost piss his pants believing his gonna die in the game. MU-HU-HA-HA-HA, MU-HU-HA-HA-HA
  15. Afraid of Doom3, join the club

    Yeah I noticed he didn't use the keyboard, and only the mouse, but he could just be reacting a little wacko.
  16. From: http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=138237 If you click on the link above and scroll down a bit you'll see what you need to change to get more frames per seconds. For ease, I've done the work for you. Do these changes: ********************************** In your DOOM 3 directory, find "DoomConfig.cfg" (x:\Program Files\Doom 3\base). Make a copy of your config first. Then open DoomConfig.cfg in Notepad. Find the lines: seta image_cacheMegs "32" (May be "20" on some computers) seta image_cacheMinK "(Not sure which number thats supposed to be here" seta image_useCache "0" anyway, change the settings to the following: seta image_cacheMegs "xxx" (xxx - Half the number of you RAM, so if you have 512 mb RAM, you should put 256 here, 1024 - 512 etc..) seta image_cacheMinK "20480" seta image_useCache "1" ********************************** I did what that guy wrote, and I get about 60 instead of 30 FPS. Works great for me! NVIDIA FX5200 128MB card 512 RAM AMD 1800+ Running Doom3 on Medium setting with all advanced settings on, except AA
  17. Doom 3 Ultra performance boost

    seta com_showFPS "1" Put that in your base\DoomConfig.cfg and you'll see FPS in your top right corner.
  18. Wooh. I hope this will be the game for xbox that gives the xboxmachine a buzz likewise the Amiga has. Amiga had some unreal great games of its time. Hope this will be the same but in this game era. (I'm assuming it's for xbox) Edit: Oops. oh yeah. It's for xbox. Wasn't thinking about the logo in the end of the video. Edit2: Oh, and it reminds me a litte of these things: 1) The Dig (some of the first videos from the site does that to me) 2) Phychonauts (the colour scheme) 3) Halo (the HUD) or what you call it, the shield and health symbols 4) Final Fantasy, the awesome smooth graphics. Wow. Glyfx, or what they are called are good. Just checked out their illustrations.
  19. Doom 3 Ultra performance boost

    You don't want to buy a NVIDIA FX 5200 128 MB card if you want real high quality from Doom3. I didn't mention above that even with the Doom3 config change, the game still framedrops to 20 in an heavy battle. 30 FPS in Doom3 isnt the same as 30 FPS in Quake3 for example. Doom3 is "easy on the frames" or something I've read. Meaning it looks/feels good even in lower amount frames per second. Just buy the better more expencive card if you want to be sure to
  20. Doom 3 Ultra performance boost

    I'm assuming you don't have money to upgrade. So dig into this game I recommend. For me it's the best online multiplayer game there is. This game is great, truly great, and doesn't require much PC hardware PIII 600. Read how great it is here: http://internetgames.about.com/library/weekly/aawolfeta.htm Download it here, and the patch: http://www.3dgamers.com/games/wolfensteinet/
  21. Assorted movies and trailers

    I'm going to mention Duke Nukem Forever here, cause back in XXXX (when?) I saw the trailer, and was impressed, especially with that "Vegas view from a building". Looked amazing. Take a look again: http://www.gametrailers.com/gt_vault/t_dukenukemforever.html Oh man, I'd love to ride that bike, kick doors open, and shoot those aliens. Looks like Half-Life 1½ or something, but with Duke Kickass atmosphere and incredible environments and vehicles =)
  22. BUY games? what are you, stupid?

    I know you don't agree, and that cool. With my above statments I have a very good case. And that's period.
  23. BUY games? what are you, stupid?

    Why don't Idle Thumbs make a feature out this? It would be interesting. If I had paid for all my games, I couldn't afford to continously upgrading my system, and then I couldnt buy anymore games. Also, many people have more important things to pay for than high priced games. Those people probably wouldn't ever have bought the games, therefor if they download them, there is no loss in sales!! Period. People with the urge to help out the gamecompanies, are just fine, but it's their money. The gamesbusiness won't die if you stop paying so much. You are not a leach if you don't pay. They are the leaches for their seriously high prices. Period. Also, non-game programs like Adobe Photoshop. A person who downloads that program, learns it, eventually get a design degree, get a design job, and wants to work with that program at work, is making a good thing for in this case Adobe, cause the designfirm pays for their licenses. In that case downloading, not paying in the first step, will get the softwarecompany sales in a later step. There is never a loss in sales, if you never would have bought the game. Period. And there is not a loss in any other way either from downloading. And those who compare downloading games with cartheft, you are a hillbilly.
  24. BUY games? what are you, stupid?

    Oh noos. I never download. I pay. I pay. MUHHAHA. PFFFFFFFFF LOL