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  1. That's the other thing I was wondering about. I didn't see any evidence of that relationship between the two of them before their brains were stolen, but as soon as you rebrain Mikhail he's all "I have to find the boss". Before that, he was always just talking about bears. I'm thinking I missed something...

    You did indeed miss two scenes before that with them...

    One they're throwing a ball, and you get a "sides will need to be chosen!" speech, which is great.

    A second scene involves them torturing Benny.

  2. Think about it, though: it's Official Xbox Magazine. Just like Nintendo Power, they're not going to give any Xbox game bad reviews with their 'Xbox is the bestest!' attitude... it's just a magazine to get good publicity.

    EDIT: And I completely didn't see the next page. Shut up. :hmph:

    Well, they did give some poor scores in that very issue, so they do give bad reviews. Not that I'd take their scores as gospel or anything of course.

  3. The last cut-scene was short, yeah, but... so what? The final scene in Casablanca

    with Rick doing his little speech and then walking away - if this is a spoiler for you I pity you... :mrt:

    is short too, but that's still one of the more famous movie endings of all time.

    Everything in the game needs to be viewed in context of every part of the story, so I don't really see why the last cut-scene needs to be superbly large.

  4. Man, I loved Z, I thought I was the only one who bought it. I think a lot of people were all :deranged: about if because it was so slow moving, but for me that was part of the intensity.

    Also, uh... Dogman... is right, it didn't really look that dated for its time. Even had some pixel scaling (or whatever they call it) in it.