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  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    The last several seconds of Season 2's opening titles, however, rank among the best recurring moments ever committed to television:
  2. Fargo (TV series)

    I recently watched through Season 2 of Fargo and I really really liked it. I think at times its ambitions and affectations outstripped its substance, but in general I think its shortcomings are justified by how stylistically appealing and solidly made the whole thing is. It feels lighter on its feet than a lot of "prestige" television that would accompany this sort of material with too much assumed gravitas and grit. It's basically the scale and scope that are entirely appealing to me in film when it comes to crime and thrillers: mid-budget made-for-adults taut stories that don't get too bogged down in utterly egregious violence.
  3. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    Because somebody made one!!! (Thanks for making one.)
  4. Idle Thumbs BONUS: Ruinations Online May & June 2017 Enjoy this special double-length bonus episode drawn from our Idle Thumbs Patreon Ruination Online! Each month, we do a livestream where all topics have been posed by high-tier backers of our Patreon campaign: In order to rejigger the schedule to make a bit more sense, we're packing the Ruinations from both May and June into this episode—which means next month's July Ruination will actually be released in July. Brilliant! We'll be back with a regular episode of Idle Thumbs next week! Discussed: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Far Cry 2, terrible entertainment things, the use of unlimited newfound wealth, classic Idle Thumbs songs, global nuclear war, ghosts in mansions in video games, ancient Idle Thumbs podcast memes, hypothetical game remakes, autobiography titles, Something True podcast, best meals, spicy meals, our child selves, making podcasts, the etymology of "robot", dreaming, board games, comfort food, Idle Thumbs Patreon postcards, game development, Spelunky, the Great Games, the purpose of robots, video game art, internet micro-celebrity, Not Discussed: Richard Linklater's "Everybody Wants Some!!" Wizard Jam 5 has concluded! Wizard Jam is the Idle Thumbs community game jam, and the latest one has just concluded. Head over to the Wizard Jam 5 page or the Wizard Jam 5 forum to browse all the entries and catch up on their development. Congrats to all the participants! Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
  5. At least for myself I can honestly say I was not aware this movie existed
  6. There's definitely more to say about each of these episodes than we can pull off in an hour, but I think you hit diminishing returns. I don't personally listen to many podcasts that approach an hour in length, and I've always like that as a rough target limit. (When we started Idle Thumbs originally, an hour was our intended limit and over time we did start to blow past that but these days I prefer not to.) I think it's also the case that with a listening audience, there's this issue: just about everyone is willing to listen to a show that errs on the shorter side, but not everyone is willing to listen to a show that goes too long. The longer you go, the more likely some subset of your audience simply doesn't have time for it, and I'd put myself in that category both as a listener and a host.
  7. Whoa! Thanks for doing that! That's Beethoven's Piano Sonata 14, known as "Moonlight Sonata," one of the most recognizable and commonly-played solo piano pieces in the canon.
  8. Re-reading this six years after I first read it, I found it just as gripping and compelling as I did the first time, but find myself less sure about what to do with the class angle. It feels brilliantly observed, but also so full-bore as to be practically malicious in its examinations, particularly with respect to the Brex (Grex? weird!) family. In some ways I wish the book had been written later, so I would be able to find a more widely available body of writing about it, but on the other hand I'm glad it wasn't, because I suspect that body of writing would be largely consumed by breathless takes. As far as meticulously plotted crime writing, man, Rendell clearly knows her stuff. I think in a lot of cases a story this tidily wrapped up would grate on me, but Rendell takes such a workmanlike approach, carefully laying down every brick and covering every seam, just like Teddy does, that by the time everything concludes, even my second time reading it, I was utterly rapt. It felt far more earned than one would expect.
  9. Oh whoops, it looks like the original edition is no longer available. I've replaced the link, the one there now is the one I recently bought.
  10. Yeah "orange segments" is definitely better. I've heard both, not sure if one is dominant here or if it's regional or what. I've actually never been to The Stinking Rose! It's one of those restaurants I've always been vaguely aware of but have never made the effort to investigate.
  11. Idle Weekend June 18, 2017: Madness Mechanics We survived E3! That's reason enough to do a horror-themed episode this weekend, thanks to a nifty demo for Distrust. We take a lovely tour through some of our favorite, terrifying game experiences, with a light sprinkling of film. Then, we move on to our mailbox and dig into two very exciting weekend projects. Note: we had some slight mic issues this episode. Discussed: Distrust, Alien: Isolation, It Follows, Alien, Lost, The Babadook, Prey, System Shock 2, Alan Wake, Soma, Her Story, Doom III, Gabriel Knight II, Xena: Warrior Princess, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Orange is the New Black Listen on the Episode Page Listen on Soundcloud Listen in iTunes
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  13. You're right, that's my bad. I should have vetted!
  14. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    Oh man I love it! I dont really consider it all that similar to Tina Fey shows. I would on balance take it over Kimmy Schmidt though. It's true that it doesn't quite have the consistency it should, and it would probably be better served by shorter seasons allowing less filler. But I think it's worth sticking with. It's ultimately smarter than it pretends to be, which is a welcome reversal in modern television.
  15. Terminology aside, I think we can all agree that @Kyir took exactly the correct approach here, and his instincts should be seen as instructive.
  16. Garlic cloves have to be individually peeled, though, which orange slices don't. I don't think "garlic slice" describes a garlic clove. A garlic clove is an entirely self-contained unit, which has to be peeled, and can from that point be sliced, minced, grated, smashed, or left whole.
  17. But they're not slices at all! They are naturally formed, unlike slices which are the result of...slicing.
  18. For what it's worth, my favorites are probably: - The Times Red Box (although The Times is right-leaning, they do a good job getting a good variety of guests from different angles and it feels pretty even-handed) - Talking Politics with David Runciman (I like how calm and measured Runciman is, and that tends to rub off on his guests) - New Statesman Deep Dive (this is a pretty new podcast; they choose a specific topic for each episode, which means there's less overlap with other shows) - The Guardian's Politics Weekly (it's shamelessly partisan, which can be annoying, but it's partisan in the direction I lean, and the people are smart) The BBC Radio 5 Electioncast seems good but I've added it more recently than the others and I'm not sure if it will continue indefinitely; I assume it's a limited series.
  19. Here's a list of the British politics podcasts I have been listening to during the campaign and in the aftermath of the election: - Deep Dive from the New Statesman - Electioncast from BBC Radio 5 - Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 (I mainly just listen when it's the News Quiz) - FT Politics from the Financial Times - The New Statesman Podcast - Politics Weekly from The Guardian - Pienaar's Politics from BBC Radio 5 - The Political Party with Matt Forde - Political Thinking from BBC Radio 4 - Polling Matters with Keiran Pedley - Red Box Podcast from The Times - Talking Politics with David Runciman - Week in Westminster from BBC Radio 4 - Westminster Hour from BBC Radio 4
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